a chat with raymi the nana



hey raymi

need to ask u something


can i get your opinion on a naked pic i took? just like to hear what u think

if you’re a woman yes, dude, no.

i am a dude. but the picture came out great. i think it was really well done. can i still show it to u?

if you are naked in it the answer is no

im sorry. i was just proud of the pic and wanted to share it.

find someone else i am practically married i don’t use the internet to look at pictures of naked guys.

it’s not so much for the sexual element. i just think it’ s a nice photo. i see it for the art value i guess.

ok well judging by your empty flickr account i call bullshit on this alleged artistic element, you are one of a million dudes on flickr perving out collecting pics with empty accounts.

no i just enjoy sharing my pics, i just dont like them made available to the general public in case someone is offended by the content. so i ask somebody first so then dont get hit by surprise.

id like to show you if u can get back the sex of it.

no thank you