ok nerding out here a moment, i wrote to gina well here i’ll just copy and paste it:

hey there

just wanted to write to you to say i got a blythe tattoo – what a mental head?
i wrote you something dopey a long time ago when i was 19 (now im 25 wow) you were nice and wrote back
here is the post of all the pics, i thought long and hard on it for over three years
you are the reason i first ever discovered blythe and i still have your book
i wonder if i have one-upped you in the crazy dept.? ha
love raymi

and she wrote back this!

oh wow, this is just toooooo great! thank you for sending the AWESOME
photos. i’m just dumbstruck! i woulnd’t say you one-upped me in the
crazy dept, but i think you came pretty close. crazies unite!! this is
the best thing ever! hey, can i write about you on my TIB news page? i
would love for blythe fans everywhere to see you! WOW!

and in other news, you mentioned a big weight loss. how did you do it?
congrats! that’s a major feat.

loads of love to you. happy new year!


as well as commented on the post

just sharing is all, morning, it’s new year’s eve, gah.

hi mom!

saying bye to naked arm. these aren’t in order, sorry.

thank you for coming out, cameraman.


the cheeks aren’t that rosy, that’s my blooooood. i barely bled at all actually but just as i was bragging about how much i wasn’t bleeding a whole bunch of area pricked up.

oh fuck was i nervous, as she was showing me the needles i almost barfed and fainted then i had to use the loo. also, great day to get your period.

it definitely hurts more in your head than it does you if that makes sense, i mean, it hurts a fuck of a lot but you get over it, the pain comes and goes.


thanks renita!!

so this was my reward for not being a fat fuck anymore, i wanted this blythe tattoo for over three years but i didn’t want to be a chunky chick with a blythe tattoo, that’s just sad. kidding. anyway i worked hard at eating right, exercising, and now thanks to anxiety toning down the booze. <-- takes a bow.


Raymi Sings U2 from Phil Ogynist on Vimeo.

unrelated, from nacho nite with skidfanie.

today is the anniversary of john lennon’s death as well as my grandpa’s.