thanks gill *sorry for talking through your jane austen marathon.

*not sorry

britt and serena were in town, britt’s moving back in fact and this would be the moment they informed us the el mo had no liquor license for the nite. great, cos you know how much i enjoy the el mo when there is booze.


way dead, felt bad for the bands, oh well you’ll get a do-over. mostly though, i felt bad for me.

why would you even bother opening? no one makes money from this.

yesterday’s hair would not co-operate.


so we went to red room to get sauced instead, they tried to lure us to the old man homeless bar next door but it smelled like sour vomit and other gross mysterious things.

oh i know you.

what do you want from me, it was a sunday. can’t win ‘em all.