ok i’m back

ugh and we have to go back AGAIN cos the shower rings are too small.

i got shit for taking pics in this stupid little winners in the middle of nowhere “sorry we can’t have you taking pictures of the merchandise” oh whatever you blond boring ordinary twat you were just dying to come up to me to say something after watching us all drunk scavenge through shoes and clothes. in the oakville winners i spent a good half hour taking pictures of every single toy and not one word was said to me, so bullshit on that. put camera away anyway though, those are jessica simpson heels, v tall and actually comfortable too rich for my blood though went with more practical standby black pumps by bcbg instead.

thanks sass <3.

brb shower curtain switcheroo fun time, laundry, mail, coffee, feed the fatty etc etc

accompanied fil on the road yesterday so he wouldn’t be lonely then had an impromptu visit with the cousin/in-law was fun, more to come!