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on the road part two

i’ll try to make this as spirited as part one.

watch oot hoser just on my way to get some smokes, eh.

look it’s you.

this is a DO.

town hall Perth County Court House, v nice.

i remember thinking this is so arty but now i’m just bored out of my mind by it we had time to kill so we tooled around and i manically took photos of stuff from the car and this is one of the many pieces of shit from that.

then we hooked up with these two.


then on to buzzed shopping at winners cos fil has a bunch of gift cards (no ulterior motives here) but poor guy couldn’t find anything and was the only one who emerged with nothing, that’s the second time now.

we got to see the cute new digs.

sean claimed this in the inheritance lottery, lucky sod.

red breast is jameson’s fancier relative.

they’ve just moved and are still unpacking nice tape ha.

Phillipino barbie collection.

feeling it.

fil always has to dial his old house in mississauga hahahah.

guys am i getting jowls? i think i am, is that from aging or losing weight or both?

stupid flash washed this out i have fifty pictures of it.

we all need some space.

at this point i was thinking i am going to be hugely embarrassed if i drop this drink down the stairs.

old homes they just don’t make ‘em like you anymore.

no comment.


lewd cookie break.

fetus cookie.

how much do you want to punch people who do “the point”? can they do it ironically though? sorry i have so many rules who am i fil? god can you imagine if fil was actually cool combined with his rules. he just said so you don’t think i’m cool? ok stopping now this could take hours. when did people discuss the concept of cool like how they won’t shut the fuck up about hipsters these days? what’s next something about how nerds will rule the world, revolutionary concept guys!

emm said ok lets get this bottle in here so it looks like a real party i mean WE TOTALLY DID LOTS OF SHOTS.

abortions are delicious.

bai bai.

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