PUMPED for pumps

can i show you my new shoes?

ahh brings me back to my “modelling” days.

orgasmic shoe high apparently.

your face is gratuitous and nothing i do is.

stunned, waiting around for that timer to go off is B-O-R-I click.

doods do you think tonite’s the nite or what!?

i wore these socks yesterday (yes they’re clean now did laundry today pay attention) with my new mental illness pants and topped it off with a different plaid shirt.

just makin’ sure they’re the same size you never know with winners.

somehow scarier in shadow.

the double point just felt desperate right.

supes cheese way to get the shoes in there.

ugh fil why is that vacuum attachment in my shot stop embarrassing me on the internet!

ok get the point now i think we do just one more butch for the road…

take it all in folks doubt i’ll be cruisin’ around in ‘em much.

oooooooooooh finally someone linked to my blythe tattoo in a blythe forum i was too lazy to join thisisblythe.com anyway check the my little pony arm sleeve in the post below the one where my tat post is linked to, it’s amazing.