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hi friends!

we’re all walking around like goony self-entitled spoiled asshole brats in it together on a killer ride.

i went j-lo today. i feel super greedy. i haven’t given in to such a self indulgent, selfish big purchase in awhile. bought this rabbit fur vest i’ll wear tonight with my bikini top tights and fryes. getting my roots done and an updo. keeping it raymi.

wearing this thing is a nightmare. such cut eye and admiration and when you go to a public washroom you huddle there naked hugging yourself in fear someone’s going to walk in on you shivering like a loser.

that thing looked crap on me. the shirt i am tugging on is small, too small. i’m not at tight t-shirt like simon cowell owning it bravery yet.

last nite in the lounge making use of the red wall.

andrew is the best.

made a scene in these us with stew in front of all these people in a huge line to get in to the club downstairs and all these dudes were like SWEEEDEN OH YEAHHH GIIIIIIIRL ahaha nice.

JOIN OUR BLOG CULT JOIIIIIN UUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSS. stew is feeling the blogging now, it all makes sense to him. the contest winner boys are like now let me get this straight, this is your JOB? yup.

i’m the only one who didn’t get a bath. no worries i have a glass wall view into the shower. so far no bed warmer locked down. i get shy. i am a wiener. this is my game OK GOODBYE GOOD NIGHT SO LONG aaaaaand run away. cool.

only one mick jagger costume change. three if you include airplane outfit which i don’t think counts.

oh don’t worry we ripped him good about that outfit. this is not theholiday inn and then tally came out in a robe and ray bans. dude what is this risky business? we do not know you right now we are going to the lounge and you are going to your room to change. oh yeah i won a dance off against a dude. it was epic.

we got a noise complaint in my room. was like oh yeahh tell you can tell my neighbours they’re loud f–ing and they f– shitty. kidding about the last part. but it’s a new slogan i’m going to paint or put on t-shirts. YOU FUCK SHITTY. actually i am making that the title of this post. so we move the party to casie and stew’s room. then lucas opened a beer that was pure water and called the front desk and we were all like BUZZ KILLL no more trouble and they gave him two beers. this hotel is the best.

that’s right.

one of the entourage dudes of the contest winner. he’s cool.

hahahaha this made me crack up when i saw it after going through the others. my brains are frizzle frazzled right now some of these sentences are super hard to piece together.

this morning after breakfast at the crack of dawn after our collective two minutes of sleep.

my entourage and some of the french blogger’s entourage. they are awesome and stylish and just as spaced out as we are i wonder what they got up to last nite i could barely understand over he accent and the stupid what is me right now i’m so dazzled by the enchantment and self confidence, it’s sexy and inxoticating. self assuredness. i really like john’s brand. total diva. he got the fred perry bag i wanted but i can’t wear a bag so i bought doc’s and a jumper and that vest.

walking to style exchange.

we were all hilarious wrecks. casie was throwing shit over my dressing room door. i had piles of clothes. we made it out alive. the music was super loud and gino techno it was like way too seamless a segue from last nite/morning’s party.

tried on the same shirt as mel. she chose that one.

stew hates my camera. i’m going to switch to my new one for tonight.

bought this. trying to do the math for multiple people and my greedy self, dividing my $500 style exchange card (my diva gift) in this state of mind was not easy. i was overwhelmed and insane.

covered a shirt for stew it is so cute and i coined it the jonathan taylor thomas shirt. jtt. that look is making a comeback.

sigh. partially got them in homage to my brother. nostalgic. i’m so gay for family what am i italian? james at the motion room and i were doing our session and ribbing one another and i’m like man can you imagine trying to talk if we were both italian and he goes if we were both italian we’d be talking at the same time and not hearing what the other was saying at all ahahaha.

lucas. wrst navigator ever AND with the aid of an iphone gps map.

realised i haven’t seen the sun in days.


nella bella bag is back in action.

gotta go get my hair did byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


5 thoughts on “YOU F-CK SHITTY

  1. You are a pleasure to be around and a Joy to work with. Thank you for being so Awesome.

    ;0) xo


    btw: best moment… Texting across the dinner table

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