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if my personality wasn’t abhorent you wouldn’t read this blog

it’s fun to read things about yourself on the internet sometimes from people who have never met you yet have been obsessively haunting, stalking, harassing, watching you for years and through what they have seen on your blog decide they know you. they have no idea how i operate in real life, how i talk to people, listen to them, attend to their needs, flip out on them when necessary. if i am so terrible why are they so obsessed with me? is it because i am “so terrible” or is it something else they just can’t admit to themselves? i am past caring i just think people’s reactions to me are funny sometimes when i’m in the right mood.

i was blog spotted at the lcbo yesterday in line as i was showing off my swarovski bracelets to the cashier who said she liked them and as i was saying i didn’t have a boyfriend so i have to adorn myself with this crap cos no one else is going to the other clerk turns to me and says do you blog? as i am stuffing two bottles of wine into my gigantic steve madden purse, yes, i do. do you blog? he asks again. my girlfriend reads it. she is obsessed with it. doesn’t that mean HE reads it too if he recognized me? heheh anyway it was flattering and i said hey thanks! and whizzed outta there and now i have to whiz outta here. had a great vest-wearing work out today and sweated profusely. naively thinking i can just dirtbag princess not shower after i air out a bit. no dice. i totally have over packed and i know i won’t even wear a quarter of what i bring. i hope our rooms are connected. turns out one of my pieces of fish is also going to montreal tomorrow. things are going to be retarded with a capital R. charging my inq phone now no more huge phone bills for my blackberry when i get back. the last time i went to montreal was, hmmm, was when i toured with matt good. many years back. when next you ear from me i shall be doing the starfish on a beautiful boutique hotel bed. follow me on twitter if you want up to the minute voyeuring. the hash tag is #INQNYE to see everyone’s bantering back and forth since the beginning of this entire raymi party circus. cannot wait to be clinking a day beer with casie in half an hour. BYEEEEEEEEE happy new year.

my resolution is to be prettier, which would entail no more drinking or partying or dating. wah wah. gonna give’r one last hurrah. maybe i’ll start taking those hormones all the celebs take, whats it called again? you get it from people who sell steroids.

gah the cab is here no time to proofread this post hope there aren’t too many typo fuck ups.

look it’s me!

4 thoughts on “if my personality wasn’t abhorent you wouldn’t read this blog

  1. Happy New Year Lauren, and all the very best in the New Year! Be Good in Montreal!

    I like your resolution about giving up drinking, keeps you prettier inside and out:):)

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