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i will try to behave myself, define behaving though.

hello and welcome to the catch-up.

i can’t clean my head out until i get out all my photos no matter how socially irrelevant or half a week old. i have issues.

the bender began last week, the exact moment was when casie declared she was on one til new years. in the back of my head i was thinking uh oh, now she’s done it. maybe my new year’s resolution will be giving up drinking. profusely.

need to stock burlington massive with bottles of hot sauce, jerk, mados, everything. i have so many needs, so many cosmic needs to fulfill and satiate there is only so much weed you can smoke or wine you can drink, sometimes you just gotta see through time.

i’m in that resigned state presently, where i don’t care, where i care too much, and where i have given up caring, or trying to change things. or want things. expect things. anymore. what can i do more than i am already doing? i don’t know.

someone said i am the biggest cunt on the internet, if not, the universe and they ended that sentence with a smiley face emoticon.

Dear Raymi

I wandered into your blog last week, via your flickr account, via “the
known universe”. Amazing discovery! NOBODY posts 50,000 photos to a
flickr account (20,000, maybe, but not 50,000!). You have invented a
new photographic art form. It is better than Yousuf Karsh or Ansel Adams.

It will take a long time to finish looking at all 50,000 photos, but I’m
sure I’ll be able to do it by the end of next year. Then I can start on
the older blog entries.

Since you now seem like an old friend, I want to wish you a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am standing by to see what happens to
you in the next couple of hours.

Your friend forever,


the lemon and the salt was unnecessary. i drink my tequila like a true mexican, according to an artist i saw once. how does a mexican do a shot of tequila? then she threw the lemon onto the floor with gusto and pounded the shot. i mistook this glass of milagro, wait, not milagro it’s the orange bottle sister to the blue one whatever that is, but anyway after all the hot sauce i was putting back i mistook this glass for my little tumbler of water. whoops. made no difference i lost all sense of taste by that point.

this isn’t a review so i’m not contractually bound to tell you what the hell this is i will tell you though that it came out on fire and i asked if we ate the fire because i am a smart person like that.

melodie and i always have a synchronicity going. actually i try and co-ordinate outfits with every girl i hang out with. i always have photos in mind.

mom you are not getting these boots.

i speed-ate that. i am a pig.

oh hi matthew. doesn’t take long for the chef to be lured out to me, by me, for me. me.

mmm mmm mmmm.

oh hell yes.

i kept accusing that of being whole milk. i think i got shrill about it. was it?

may as well of been a martini based on how fast i put it away.

i look like crap.

hello boyfriend.

totally boring outfit. boring picture.

followed by a snoozer replete with blinking. obviously i am scoping out my skinny progress. saving the shirt raised abs-revealing ones for my reference library.

still not finished. cheese boutique round of dessert.

spoiled gorgeously.

darling eh.

trying to be ladylike.

talkin’ big game about what my deal is as he turns to mush.

he’s like is she for real. hell yes.

everyone loves the rich girl headband.

gotta go, places to be.

alright fine one more. why not.

tickle trunk room party. where it always ends up and why my room is constantly trashed. they said they’d help me this time. i wonder what shape my room will be in when i get home to it in a couple hours. a trashed bedroom museum that’s colder than siberia. lucas put my heater on!

stayed up pretty late and then i packed for the burbs and here i am now ready to go back again then off again to montreal for new years eve. one day i will look back at this life and be amazed by how much i did in a year. late january will be a year of me living in adventurehouse.

movies at jean reno’s.

i am not looking forward to getting up off my ass to collect all my stuff and pack it up for the drive home but i have an afternoon late lunch bohemian date and then an f-ton of catching up to do.

half of what i wore for my boom party. i like how outfits can evolve throughout the day into more bullshit or more magnificent.

C U L8R.


Hello Lauren/Raymi,

I was going through my tickle trunk of rock memorabilia, when what do I find but you in one of my autograph books. It was at the Travis concert, sometime in 2000, during the dreary wait to get in. You stole Fran Healy’s cigarette butt and gave it to me, and I never forgot the gesture. That butt is encased in an M&M Minis tube within another tickle trunk.

Anyway, if your youth interests you, I’ve scanned the page for you. Sorry about the size, I haven’t been properly acquainted since I updated my OS.

Kind regards,


Actually he gave me a cigarette (a silk cut) I smoked it and saved the butt for you. Awesome memory keepsake! Wow just opened the attachment! Holy crap what year was this? (i think i was in grade ten). CRINGE. this is a quote i stole from prozac nation, likely. i’ve met all of travis again since then and told them this story backstage. have photos too, in blog archives.

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  1. You should have your hair dyed PINK or TURQUOISE. I know I have already mentioned that but I will keep insisting. I am bored that’s why! LOL

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