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i am holidays that you choose to ignore

BEFORE PROCEEDING FURTHER PLEASE VOTE FOR ME THANK YOU haters are voting against me for this chick who, i’m sorry, is a terrible lazy blogger who has no right to go toe-to-toe with me. doesn’t rank on alexa. hasn’t updated her blog ONCE since the contest began. pfft better blogger? yeah i know it’s people’s choice, whatever. if she wins it proves my haters outnumber her actual readers. what her blog stats are from the beginning of her blog is only a minor fraction of hits that i get in ONE DAY. when this began her blog statcounter read just over 1000. 1000? cumulative hits? i get double quadruple that in a day. how is it that you a-holes aren’t voting for me then?

great great christmas.

welcome to the other side i guess.

i have this other life i don’t wildly share with the internet. it’s not a consistent other life but it is still tangibly there and i let worlds collide last nite. adventurehouse, i am their new addition. we made aventurehouse together. in reality television world, big brother to be exact, they said people have short memories in reality shows, who dogs whom, backstabs. adventurehouse knows me only from day one of moving in. you don’t realize or see the baggage ever until you are physically plunked in to it that i actually had an entire life, half a decade of a world prior to my parkdale mansion roommate date machine world.

they’re very protective of me and used to the revolving door turnstile of dates so they don’t know who, like weed, is kind or not. actually a friend. so they give me advice i didn’t ask for or protection that’s not required, i love it, it’s great. it was just funny to let them see me operate on my own bubble world turf. i wanted them to experience suburban raymi world lifestyles.

they don’t even know the amount of gossip and drama that’s going to surmount in me blogging these harmless christmas cheer good time loving photos. this post is a work in progress so keep refreshing for more. we’re drinking port and having pizza at my dad’s now me and lucas, mel and my pa are watching tv down by the fire. happy boxing day.

so happy to have these folks.

melodie and i have the craziest bond. it’s like, she and lucas would kill for me, or we would kill each other, but we would much rather kill others. once in awhile we have to put each other in check. but then i just disappear for a bit and we reconvene and it’s love and honour all over again. she likes when i lip her cos she’s supreme alpha. when i get a good zing in i follow it up with another barb and we collapse in laughter. friendships are work. female friendships most of all. what i love about us is we deal with our problems as they arise and don’t build up resentment too much. it’s like yeah i’m pissed and here’s why and the other is oh really? well fuck you now here’s why! done and done. we keep it punk. on the level.

back to work out land tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “i am holidays that you choose to ignore

  1. Its sad the drama created by the situation with the blogs. It doesn’t make sense that a recent blogger would get this many votes who doesn’t have the same traffic you created over ten years.

    It should be in the hands of the weblog awards to figure out a way that this doesn’t happen again.
    It sounds more of an “Fixed IT computer nerd scam”

    This happens alot with photography contests too. It becomes about the amount of votes an IP counter can scam, not about the talent of the blogger.

    Anyway, keep voting raymitheminx readers, its not over until the New Year!!!

  2. You, and your blog, are clearly the best. Have you seen those other blogs competing for the People’s Choice category? VOM. Boring and safe and terrible design and boring. And why are all the others mommies? Nothing wrong with mommies, but they’re no minx. Give me minx. Plus you have better hair. You win on that merit alone.

  3. Those polls are just tests to see who can harass their readers more. I always click on them, though, because otherwise I’d feel even dirtier when I ask people to do the same thing.

    I think if you have a lot of readers people ignore links like that figuring everyone else will do it. Except they’re ALL thinking that. Lazy asses. Shit ton of free content and entertainment means indulge the creator now and then, I would think. But yeah, I see clickthroughs of slightly less than 1% on that kind of thing.

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