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you think i’m good at this you should see me f***

of all the places for a dust spore (mote?) to be when the camera flash hits.

flying to montreal tomorrow!

two nights at the W and vip open bar at bains douches (amazing name) for new years eve. i have never gone away for NYE. we are all stoked. i am totally under-packing this time not going to blow it. looking forward to my own suite. i don’t really know anyone in montreal so if you know any cool people who want to baby me, point them in my general direction thank you. i know drunken stepfather but he’s a scumbag hahah and i also know my ex boyfriend, who is also a scumbag, so, perfect. big pre-thanks to INQ MOBILE for making this all go down. it is going to be refuckingdiculous. excited to meet the contest winners and play walkie talkies with them and all our gay red phones. so fun. this is the winner:

and this is the french blogger who is also going to be on deck showing us how it’s done posh french style. uh maybe i should dust off my french dictionary. meh. i am pumped for the shopping spree at style exchange i am GENEROUSLY sharing with my party ambassadors melucas, stewart and maaaaaaaybe casie too if she’s lucky heheh. i may as well bring an empty suitcase. stewart and casie are sharing a room so it’s stewart and (casie)stewart. cute. already did my nails. tonight it’s an early sushi dinner then last minute obsessively staring into my empty suitcase and selecting which underwear to bring. i swear i always pack 300 pairs and they take up all my space. i’m being ruthless and cut throat this time no more hoarding or packratting or bringing unnecessary “needs” i won’t even touch. making a pit stop en route to lunch tomorrow to pick up another camera, thanks alen!

laundry folding time one of my favourite past times. seriously. do you think i am insane if i squeeze in another work out tomorrow morning? i am addicted. i’m on the new fliers too.

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