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whimsy viddy time

Euro music driving at night from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

I wussed out on the rabbit accident on the way back from Germany video cos because, but this one above is muchos arty and nice. Sentimental to me so that might increase its alleged awesome a tad but what is life and things without meaning, nothing I tell you. It is nothing. ps some nice person on vimeo sent me a message:

I found your videos via Aethelred Eldridge and I must say I think
you are a genius. Look forward to watching them all! -Matt

You know it’s legit cos it was from vimeo.

Obvi this is one of my favourite video games to play cos it’s so fucking emo. Don’t even get me started on the one where you’re a flower either.

Didn’t get much of a chance to delve deeper into this one we have way too much ADD plus these were just demo downloads, works for me.

Just beauty. I’ll get back to you on the name of it tomorrow.

So pretty.

And the one where you are a flower. You start as a seed then you float around pollinating shit on the breeze it’s so cute you’re gonna blubber like a psycho when/if you play it.

German mannequins.

Yeah Fritz, yaaaaaah.

It was European grey like 80% of my time there.

Who cares it’s Germany. We might have to move there.

I had a drink called Jungle Juice and got jungle drunk blastered. I became a lightweight abroad cos I stopped drinking (a lot) so no kidding or wonder a drink entitled JUNGLE JUICE was a night game changer. We had a very adorable fun time in this German resto lounge, bathed in purple.

I seriously just wish more things were going on with this drink.

A very little person was in a very little rush. I dropped a Canadian dime at some point in time and left it there permanently as it was not needed.

One of our favourite trees in a huge field, the owner/farmer of which built a little outhouse/podium/hang spot of sorts. Awesome.

You can check up on that very tree from this long skinny dirt road/path, which is private but we did it anyway to get better pictures. When it is sunny this field is just a lot nicer.

Me today.

3 (or 4 depending how you look at it) more days and he’s back. With sister! :)

Lotsa MYBFISANGRY UPDATES btw great therapeutic time killer.

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