To be a Modstylist

If you know me then you know I love my cardigans and sneaky chic layering techniques. Perhaps ModCloth noticed as well, as they’ve selected me (along with other bloggers) to see how I could play modstylist for a day by creating a style board a la fall fashion layering. So without further ado, here is how I a-did.

“Stockings, short shorts and boots have always been my thing. Paired with warm layers up top, you can rock shorts all year long.”

I don’t know what to say other than I will always have Peter Pan syndrome and dress like, well, Peter Pan. I’ve been after a pair of chunky low-cut boots since I was in Holland and there’s something just safe feeling about wearing boots when you’re wearing teeny pin-up shorts. You’ll need a long coat when you wear a long sweater, and once you start to sweat from all those layers a cute top is there for all to enjoy while you cool down in whatever hipster cafe you happen to be at. You don’t always need to wear boring pants to keep warm in the winter, a nice thick knit stocking will do to jazz up your week – I don’t know why, but short shorts and live music were just meant to be for me. Thanks for playing along with my style know-how today. If you want to see all the deets on my fashion selections check my polyvore board out here. Love cardigans too? Check all the ModCloth selections out then! :)

Ps. I want this hat.

Because I can’t wear baseball/equestrain hats 24/7 I mean.

But I will try!

To tree or not to tree

I waited for forever for a photo of how camouflaged I was amongst nature. It didn’t ever really happen. Cool joke bro!

Christmas man was the best though. Time to cash out to some tv I’ll make a blerg post for ya tomorrow all about the all abouts kay, thanks, bye my babies are here :). Gonna watch the Bling Ring. I watched it a few days ago already but it’s one of those watch again type of things.