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relax relapse

Just sigh. Commentary actually entertaining. We fed these ducks for about 3 months, watched them grow. They run to us when we arrive, an anti-social laborious daily project of love. We built up to getting to this stage in the duck-friending/feeding process and close with them which created a sort of pecking boundary issue coupled with my overall fear of being pecked. By any sort of thing with a beak.

Anniversary dinner at the Dutch Apotheek, The night I cut myself. bf and his mates used to terrorize waiters with their translated insults lol.

This night :) ha.

It’s Sunday blog movie night special, yeah? Uploading some classics from abroad, check back at will.

Here we are driving into the city for a spontaneous food drink bite nibble and sis dropped in on us. It is always most usually raining for short spurts then stops.

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