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These vagabond shoes are longing to stray

Ready e-world!

This makes me very happy. Each time I look at it.

Props of Raymi Luhren!

View out resto window.

Things were getting messy at this point and it was time to eat again thank god for this Mexican place near Pianos.


Rockwood bathroom I believe.

Beer porn.

Cute pocket bar j’adore. I was naughty and had pizza.

When in Rome is the title of the next little portion of this post.

And, regression.

Girl DJ.

Not bad for the first night. New York will slaughter you if you let it.

That drank is from the after hours below the hotel woah bro time warp this ain’t your average after hours like in Toronto you have to watch yourself a little more that being said I was annihilated and thus invincible.

Prob why I have an ear infection right now. It was not warm out.

Mer mleh. haha. Doing quite a good job at ringing out my 29th year.


Original shot.

Like in a Braveheart kingdom you are engulfed in the LES contained within each many many a city block is some mysterious dark candle lit shit like this. I love it. Drawn to it, within. Bar porn.

Burg porn. I had a box of organic whole food slop and it was mega delicious. We went to WF lots.

Love this couple trying to get the wizard man in the blanket behind for rebeccugh.

I chose apple even though the other two were just as too adorable for words.

Puck building.

Christbreakfastmas at the grey dog I wish I wasn’t so hung at this point in time it would have been more enjoyable. Cute place.

OMG right. The building in the wind allegedly changes and ripples takes light from the sun, whatever, how mesmerizing.


Fennel mmmm. It isn’t for everyone.

Skate tacos. Macondo.

Kale, smoked herring, goat cheese. Intense.

Oysters too. How amazing is my phone’s camera eh?

Okay bye TGIF!

4 thoughts on “These vagabond shoes are longing to stray

  1. Could you possibly explain the stage hookers, the guy wearing the patchwork quilt and the picture of ur arse?
    on second thought forget it. although thats a pretty good pic of your arse.
    the italian word for fennel is also their slang word for fag… i mean flaming homosexual.
    just to let you know.

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