In Nuuuu Yaaaaaawlk

This is one of my fav vantage points from the top of the Empire State Building. I shot this one.

*tip: play these together for less boredom.

That was like sick yo (if you actually did it).

There is so much to see and look at from up there I didn’t notice this strip of cars and white light til just before we left, we watched the sunrise turn to night and it was like a Hollywood reminiscent kinda feeling. Quite magical.

There’s a funny story about a fight we had with a guy on our way down. For later for later :)

These vagabond shoes are longing to stray

Ready e-world!

This makes me very happy. Each time I look at it.

Props of Raymi Luhren!

View out resto window.

Things were getting messy at this point and it was time to eat again thank god for this Mexican place near Pianos.


Rockwood bathroom I believe.

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