These vagabond shoes are longing to stray

Ready e-world!

This makes me very happy. Each time I look at it.

Props of Raymi Luhren!

View out resto window.

Things were getting messy at this point and it was time to eat again thank god for this Mexican place near Pianos.


Rockwood bathroom I believe.

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Leslie gave me an awesome purse. We had a great time catching up. She is very mysterious.

Watched the night turn in to day. Haven’t done that in ages. Power drinking. yeeh. I’m going to dry out this month a lot.

Baked eggs shakshuka. Kale, with feta. We were making fun of a girl who had a tag hanging out of her shirt that wasa purchase tag you know MEANWHILE my entire shirt was inside out unbeknownst to me. HA. It was the first morning after our first night. Things were a bit shaky.


Super gotta go work out now I’ll add craptions + more pics when I get home xox bye.