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Hi friendly fires. How you is? Good, great. Don’t care.

Lets take a journey through some normal shit that I do. Like cooking. This turned into a thai coconut fry but bf 86’d the kale cos he’s a dick. Beneath the zucc was green pepper.

Speaking of sickness ahmean thickness, this smoothie was wicked dense. But not as much as you, burrrn.

Prezzies for my aunt. Also a scarf you can see a bit of there.

Fired up the Q. I mentioned 40 times how we got burgers for a sweet discount. Cool story tell it again. Alright, maybe I will do just that. Wow funny pants are on today. I should be finishing my V-Spot with this steam instead of wasting it on my shitty blog. Not. Love you guys you deserve a chuckle. I have 40 viral videos chosen for this next one so I’m a it overwhelmed and going to wait til tomorrow to rip into it.

Auntie brought rum, we made yellow birds (oj rum lime) they were so good and perfect end of summer, start of Sept kick off. Also we watched her footage of the air show, super decent.

And these amazing tomatoes, I put the green ones on my burgs. I had one and a half. One burger is never enough it’s like the first beer, woah woah woah pass me another bottle of suds now would ya.

We’ve almost gone through our Guck. This is the hot stuff, hot stuff.

BF wanted another funnel cake, but on Monday the ribfest ended at 8 so we missed it and went to Kelsey’s instead. I had a beerita. I’m not a sugar fan at the mo. We had a race to make our dinosaur the fastest, bro’s gf won I was second. I invented this game to calm down the cray of the boys.

I legit raided the toy chest. I had my answer prepared in case we were scolded by the staff, those are for kids. Oh yeah, the paying customers that they are? Yeah sorry, I’ll be taking 40 more dinosaurs please and your beer is over priced who do you think you are the Spoke Club?

Then the shit show continued down the road at another local and we made a new friend whom I had a screaming Beatles trivia argument with and turns out he was right, I confirmed it with my dad lol whoops.

Wasters Raymsters.

Ohpe there I am again.

We Minxed Donna until we started annoying the hell out of her ahahah. Bf called the lush at the end of the bar hot lips cos of his rollingstones shirt I was like Hey Rollingstoner you, yeah you! He enjoyed my Lennon vs Harrison debate very much so and agreed with everything I said.

We walked home. Love suburban summer home walks at night makes you feel all mischiefy and stuff. Sure the neighbourhood loves overhearing it too haha.

Yeah um yes no maybe.

And this is what I woke up to. Decided not to go along this time. Had forgotten how many people check you out in a Hemi Challenger. SO wanna put this magnet on the side haha.

In Canada the Tim Horton’s fairy visits you in the night. Kind of like the milkman.

Hi again. Bf says why have the same boring car for a month when you can have plenty week to week. Yolo. They get cheaper the more we rent them too. In between our Ford rides we have to rent other cars, does this make sense yet? My brother’s friend lives around the corner and sees our ever-changing driveway car display and is like what the hell is up at your dad’s house man? Lawl.

Ready for lunch. Went to Plank. Too bad they don’t do brunch during the week, I am DYING to try their brunch menu.

Hydrate. Notice when you’re hung your lips feel so dry + parched. It’s like a desert on my face.

Chips n dip. Mmm. Gonna eat the rest of these when I hit publish.

Cauliflower fritters, serious bizness.

Glad you can make out that it’s a cauliflower and not an over battered glob. I’d say Plank is the foodiest place in all of the Burloak/Bronte and even Oakville to Burlington area, furreal. It’s why it’s always packed. I keep saying more foodie restos need to branch out there there’s a void, fill it.

And on the inside.

I could not finish my slider, I will also eat that in a minute.

So siu mei. Ha get it?

Siu mei is the generic name in Cantonese cuisine given to meats roasted on spits over an open fire or a huge wood burning rotisserie oven. Thanks Wikipedia.

Sorry (not sorry) but ah gotta let the girls out. That bra sure gets around.

Many thanks. Bye now.

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