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all biz for my plej

I went to dinner my last night in Canada last week at Bar Isabel and had an amazing time. You gotta be somebody to get a reservation there (otherwise sit at the bar) cos the place is so hot right now, good luck to you (call for a table). Luckily “I am a somebody” and colleague rocks the foodie scene too so we got a table no problemo. Recognized scores of other foodie peeps, chefs, elites, Toronto’s who’s who of who. I tried not to stare holes in to the side of one of Top Chef Canada’s head, colleague did that for me while I sucked on octopus tentacle.

Grant van Gameren is Bar Isabel‘s chef. He’s part of this year’s #FOC13 (Festival of Chefs) and will be at Cheese Boutique May 12 so if you’re “not somebody” or are a day person go sample his delicious makings at CB on MAY 12. I love when Cheese Boutique does Fest of Chefs because you have the opportunity for a more intimate encounter with your favourite chef(s) there. It’s hard to gab with ‘em during dinner service (impossible more like) and they’re typically shy, bashful, humble or bitchy so you don’t even bother saying hey no matter how full of yourself you are. We didn’t disturb Grant cos I had a case of the shy’s but now colleague is all why didn’t we? #FOC13 is in its 10th year so you need to check it out before a potential revamping read between the lines. I say no more.

All you little rascals out there are gonna love the lighting in Isabel. The dark atmosphere is great for people watching and the people to watch are well worth it. I most enjoyed watching other people at the bar watch the diners at tables, comprised of chefs with their own restaurant empires and other misc. industry persons.

I love new restaurants when the service is top tier, when they layer on the courtesy and friendliness. I’m just so addicted to nice. It makes you feel like you are all in this together.

Nice hang-out nook in the front and in the back too.

Always something to see out there from within 797 College.

Teeny tables leave more room for more people, smart.

I bumped in to Nick at the bar the second I stepped inside. He about fell off his chair at the sight of me like a freshly Aruba tanned ghost I was, boo. Hadn’t priorly spent much time in TSnot or seen him since winter so it was nice to run in to him. Damn I miss that tan and is this hug extreme enough or what haha.

Alright down to business, what is mommy going to drink? A woman scorned OBVIOUSLY.

…A Woman Scorned

Devil’s cut bourbon, amaro averna, campari, cinnamon/clove tincture, deathwish syrup, snake oil bitters.

Pretty gangster and who doesn’t love a huge ice block just for you. Nothing like bourbon to um, do things to your everythings lol and if you like to get gassed you’ll love the entire cocktail menu.

Round one. Chicken Wing Escabeche (SO GOOD) and an order of Grilled Green Onion & Romesco Sauce – super delicious. The wings are juicy and plump. I’m a wingaholic.

I enjoyed the fact that my shirt looked like my napkin. It’s the little things.

Party in the back. Not an empty seat in the place.

Spying I mean, life inspecting.

Oh my god this mixed meat plate was so good I can’t stop thinking about it all the way in Holland, seriously. Melt on your tongue meat sliced so thin, my absolute favourite.

**special treatment time** :) Grant sent over Sobrassada and Honey Crostini it was delectable, sweet, a bit spicy, perfect.

Of course I wanted to try the octopus, so I did and wasn’t disappointed I only wish we also ordered the horse because I’ve never tried it before. If you have it tell me how it is please thank you.

We got the Octopus, Chorizo & Stewed Peppers instead of the WHOLE Grilled Octopus & Potatoes because a whole octopus seemed insane and too much, I like to have a variety when I eat out when possible. I also love chorizo, it’s so versatile you can do so much with it and put it with anything so there you go bro.

Salted Chocolate for dessert. Wow just wow. Salt with sweet is ridonkulous and after a meal like that, the perfect ending along with a glass of red. I was good and nursed my cocktail throughout dinner.

There she is again by candlelight. I always make sure to get everything with flash and without and I seriously do not give a shhh about who I offend with the flash I think restaurant snobs and bad attitudes need to can it.

Be sure to follow @BarIsabel797 on twitter ah duhhhhhh. ps. I spy Shinan with a Top Chef.

5 thoughts on “all biz for my plej

  1. Horse, are you serious?

    Even the look and texture of octopus, ewww

    I would die on survivor, for sure

    I’d say just take me now, let me loose

  2. On the homefront, its been very boring
    went to coach & four Wed night with Lois & Phil
    Its a gravesite full of fossils playing their tambourines at the tables and old men letting gassy farts go because they can no longer hold them in

    take me now already

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