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Mo MTL mo probs.

Octopus salad happy Octoberpus! Not the same as squid or calamari. Try an octopus salad one time in your life, this was baby octopus it tastes differently to grown up which is more tender juicy and is maybe the steak of fish if we ruled out tuna steaks. Oh yeah that reminds me yesterday I said Canada is the Americanized Europe.

This dinner was insane and so fun. Thanks Spaghettio! He never tried Impasto yet so used us as a means to eat the restaurant, glad to be of help. Then the power went out while we had our last drink and dessert because around the corner a five alarm (eight alarms?) fire raged through an mtl apt brownstone. We got all of it on camera. Cool night. Oh yeah the kitchen Instagrammed everything we ordered too so our food was like a movie star, famous food. Movie star of the internet. Blaha read that cigarette box disclaimer on the right.

See. I feel badly, these people were in blankets crying obvs it was their building. My bf is a disaster tourist, Euros get away with being inconsiderate so by default? THIS GUY.

What did one enabler say to the other? Drink up. Another good toast is to honour. Can’t come in ‘er come on her BAHAHAH gross. Also, true say.

Sweet potato gnocci it just melted into nothingness. “I died”. And don’t forget the most expensive thing I ever ate. The boys were playing Russian roulette over the menu. We went all in.

A jar full of delish evil.

the jar full of pickled eggplant was damn good I would eat a major bowl full of that.

My friend has a crazy vintage/modern post-modern sunglasses collection amongst a bevy of other wicked treasures. He also had GTA5 and that made someone pacified for a good while, a nice couch sesh yeah.

After a roof shoot. Down the Raymi hole.

In Leon’s glasses.

One of my top ten movies, ahead of Big Lebowski. He’s french too so it’s appropes actually my bf kinda resembles him too. He also orders milk a lot. Fwahah aw.

Okay I gotta go I’m getting nag attacked now peace. Enjoy the weather today how lucky are we!

6 thoughts on “Mo MTL mo probs.

  1. Unghf, yes, “The Professional”. Love love that movie, haven’t seen it in years. Natalie Portman was already stunning and such a good actress! It always makes me tear up a little at the end. Also: sweet potato gnocchi mmmmmm….

  2. good times good times but I have to ask, how often do you feel sick from all the outside the lunch box food you eat? I feel like if I ate half of the things you do the toilet and I would be BFFs.

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