Elusively aloof

Hey gang, ready for one of those things that I do here? Good me too. Lets get it over with. None of this is in order, rhyme, or reason. I’m managing several projects as usual and this is just a dump post of IG images plus some extras. I go crazy if I don’t blog here and my life (in pictures) accumulates.

*Psst: I started writing this yesterday (Sunday) fyi.

Tuesday went to Southern Accents (aka Southern Comfort lol easy mistake) after Guu now called kinka izakaya. Tuesday was a funny day I had a couple appts, hit the mall to do a long-standing chore then met up with another new colleague. Hey whatever I dont need to explain myself to you people!

Life is about balance. I am also addicted to “going out”. That balance I speak of.. the other half of my life is spent sitting in front of my laptop working so “lay off me”.

Errrm. If you go into a library you’re gonna read a book and if you see a bottle of absinthe you’re gonna have a sip. It was the perfect storm and I totally nursed it like a lady.

I ventured out dressed in gonna speed-walk home gear so felt like a desperate housewife eating at Kinka Izakaya just a little. I made it work.

I have misplaced my Detroit Tigers hat. Whoever has it, Give it baaaaaaack.

On Earth Day last weekend I was feeling a little cooped up and so guess what I did haha. I painted the down just a bit. Birthday month kinda thing.

Double-header blog gig day a couple weeks ago one job being with Toughroof, flat roof repair. Went out to the jobsite pretty under-dressed for it which resulted in another cold a few days later that is still in my throat. I have a kennel cough.

This view never gets old and largely is why I stuck around here so long haha.

When my hair is unwashed it goes more red. I am trying to stretch out salon visits in between colourings rn. When I wash it all the blond pops out again. My roots make it so I have to do that model-hair flip thing. Hair hair hair etc.

Happy I finally got the right size bracelet for my teensy wrist. Aside from my nose, all my other features are small like hands, ankles, boobs, wrists. The more ya know. Actually while on the topic, my boobs are not that small they are deceptively small in appearance but are actually quite the scoops. It’s my platform and I’ll declare whatever the hell I please here on it. I wonder how addicted to charms collecting I’ll become.

Adore this place. Don’t ever leave or change.

Sometimes you just need some spicy octopus. This cleared my brain right out. I took a bite and got back to yammering then all of a sudden I felt like I was going to sneeze and my eyes watered right up. I find that if you senselessly flap at your mouth and at the air like an idiot for a bit the heat will subside and you’re left with a nice little buzz and your co-eater is like, you ok bruh? While tears and snot streams down your face, “I’m fine.”

Turns out eating and drinking lots gets you fat. What? The zipper on these bit the dust. You have to wear them on a skinny day. With spanx. Anyway, I stopped ordering pizza for a few weeks and have slimmed down finally. I am exercising too. I want to be toned. I have a vision. No more farting around.

Dream come true. Everyone loves my DJ name Babysitting Money. “My DJ name”. I am Raymazing. Remember when I used to have joie de vivre and say things like that? I must have been kicked in the head by a mule, or by bitches. Too many bitches, so little time. So many distractions. Y’all don’t even know. The object of the game is to keep it that way. I am well blessed in accruing lots of great mentors and cool people, peers and colleagues along the way. I love collecting good people who are good to me and believe in me. Tired of people hating me for breathing.

We thought the event went at 7. It started at 5. I was late. Showed up to a swarm of nerds. My big coat and I trying to make our way through the crowd I was having a mega-anxiety attack. I needed a drink stat. I am not a .ca member, I only own .coms so I had the white lanyard aka a loser. No open bar for me! No biggie I was the star of the party and had all my new friends and future colleagues getting me dranks through the night. You need to rsvp for next year. Don’t wear a turtleneck though. I was dying. My jokes were on fire though.

I wanted this but I was in a stingy bitch mood. I still want it though, it was a little big. Distressed clothing is the best I have their contact I’ll nag them for stuff. A shirt like this would have seen me through summer.

Canada was not cool enough to be represented in fashion. That’s cool we good.

One of my bigger life regrets is not buying a tartan plaid mini blazer that I tried on at a clothing sale in bar in Ottawa. I have pics in it I’ll show ya. Ugh. I haggled and the girl would not budge the longer she looked at me in it cos she knew I needed that blazer it was made for me. I did not want to lose so I did not buy it. REGRETS.

Was not expecting to go here but it’s just around the corner from Kinka so why not. I like escapism bars. If you never leave the fucking city you kinda have to.

We had such a blast we stuck around for trivia and then it got ugly. Hella competitive. Okay not ugly but they wouldn’t let you even touch your phone and sometimes you need to reference stuff (not cheat!) or follow whomever you’re talking to on IG and then all of a sudden you’re getting yelled at for being on your phone in front of the entire room. Plus you’re drunk. I was just like FINE. We had too many people at our table and at first were split into two teams and we were mean af to each other then got nice when we just banded together so whatever it’s just one over the limit why not merge teams but not before one of us said Duluth instead of Buffalo. Rowdy is fun though I love talking trash as I’m sure you’ve noticed.

When you’re not feeling your body, going out is a chore. Especially if you are a last minute outfit planner like me but it worked out I think. I’ll be gross and unshowered-ish for days then shower and feel like a beauty queen and take a bunch of pics then kind of hide for the rest of the week in my jogging pants.

A gf said this is one of my high fashion looks. The socks and the shoes like that. She just has a Melanie Griffith in Working Girl (those pumps and socks!) boner, so I am a little skeptical. I do notice a lot of women flicking their eyes down at me when we pass in an, oh that’s an idea kind of way. I know when things look trendy. I am not an idiot. Okay well I am but not in that capacity. I could be a legit stylist if I got my shit together. The more I brag about myself the longer this takes.

Hey again. I have a lot of these.

Club 54 disco inferno dress.

Earth day. Unexpected fun! Makes you feel like you saved the Earth a little. I bet in the future it’ll be mandatory to do it once a week for an hour and then more and more as we deplete the Earth of its renewable resources.

I bet these billboards were all lit though.

During bed to couch rotation I get to see the most spectacular ways of the sky over the city. It takes my breath away or would if I were properly awake. Then I go back to sleep for awhile.

RIP Rob Ford. You will be missed. It’s been interesting seeing the pitchforks come out and kind of disappointing. People love when villains die.

Winter hair. Wild animal. Can’t wait til it’s monstrously gigantic.

A Kir Royale. Loved our bartender this night. I have memories sitting at this bar. Kind of got a chill. I was so much younger. Felt like a kick in the pants.

Shotgun houses.

Lots of memories down here in the bunker of the Drake.

My celeb mogul besties list gets longer. My friend Dave knows Jelleestone (J!) and we recently became social media friends.

A refresher if you will. I went by Grasshopper records to see Dave after I went to The Darling Mansion and he knew J would be there, the stars just all aligned and now we are homies! Go Raymes.

Love hanging here. Hadn’t seen Dave in a month too. I know Dave through Geoffrey. It’s all very complex who cares.

So it was a good night. We hung around Dundas, went to Get Well. Record store. Studio. I am a lucky girl. Or I just spent a good deal making connections in my life and being awesome in general blah etc snore zzzz lol.

I also hadn’t seen my nice lady friend Tanya in a bit so I decided to drop in. More on that later!

No comment. I enjoy the composition. Kind of comical. I ate 4 taquitos and I don’t ever want to forget it and thus never do it again.


Easter was a success. Some couldn’t show because of all their barfing kids so like I said, a success! Love our dysfunctional fam though. I’ll do an homage post when I have some time never.

My brother and I’s birthdays are ten days apart. Mine is on march 31. JUST SAYING.

GOOD TIMES. TTYL GUYS time to watch The Walking Dead and edit this post.

Head’s up 100% going to this so get a ticket and come with. Or better yet Retweet my tweet and win a set. I’m giving away two pairs of 2.

You’re just a capturer on a lonely chase.

On the one hand living on a life schedule to a completely different tune to everyone else is kind of thrilling, but it is stressful too because you’ve still got to adhere and play along, go along, clock in the next groundhog day, blog. People seem busy I feel so it’s okay to dip out in the winter months. I do get “online bullied” for my Nomadic Raymi lifestyle though. Half of me is like FUCK EVERYONE ELSE seriously I don’t feel blogligated to live like everyone else and be like everyone else and I never did, never will. It is mad frustrating moving around though, each day is different and I still have virtual obligations but I can leave my laptop behind and just “chill out” bro let it mellow, get to it later. It’s okay. You get antsy when you can’t write on keys at your modern type writer or regurgitate all the junk in your head and call it a blog post. You, go crazy. A lot of soul searching. You hang with your friends and you see men who don’t give a shit about you. I’m going to stop the latter. It doesn’t seem right to abuse my powers. Or test myself anymore. You fall out of love with everything. Yourself. Everything.

This was a decent affair though. The Glitzy Lips were super fun. I started off with the darker pink, then switched to lighter. They’re sending more colours. NICE.

Amazing skills.

Miss Lin!

Holly is adorable.

Have a great time in the Bahamas Tanya!

Closing time! We annihilated these because we were annihilated. Right Shannon? They’re only out for a limited time so I better go get a bag for dinner tonight I bet they don’t even fucking have them out here ugh.

Egg in a hole. Boom. Delish.

Pear spinach meh salad. It came with a copy of VICE magazine so you win some you lose some, you gain some.

I only wear black these days I am boring, beatnik, chic, hidden, ignored, it’s awesome.

Sunday deserves an award for how much we drank. This week is definitely drier I promise.

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Raymbecca take the night.

Trying to be as skinny as possible looking here because I am hanging out backstage with the models. Oh hi there didn’t hear you come in lets start at the beginning. Or the end. That sounds more romantic.

Also, must start posing better or period. This not giving a shit thing can only take you so far.

Thank you for being my date Rebeck-uh all the time for all these thing-thangs I do-doo kay? Appreesh! Even though we squabble and it’s your fault I forgive you and I love you. Side shout out to whispers!

My lips were washed out.

Yeah buddy! 2 Broke Girls out on the town again seein’ how the other half live. Rich people are insane and a sight to behold. I love a good study.

Little baby pinky nail did not make it through the night. I suck therefore I am.

Bunhead was my favourite person to look at. Okay I had a top ten list. She is the sister of one of the regular male models that strut their shit down the runway Tuesday nights at Cube (RIP Ultra) and no summer is complete without douching it up on the patio there a coupla times.

I liked her red Louis and told her as such as she pushed it into my back trying to squeeze by me. She replied to me thanks girl like I was her floor scrubbing maid. FUN!

Let the games begin. One girl fell down the stairs afterward, she was okay, but that was one of the highlights for me. They got to sashay the catwalk several times which I liked because then I got to fantasize over what I would do with a full minute of attention up there. It would be awesome and then I would fall down the stairs at the end exactly like the one model did. Cool.

We had a really fun time as a matter of fact. If we play our cards right maybe our own bottle service booth. A bottle of Smirnoff is $150. Such a bargain lol.

Right? I love it. Mom, you and Lois could fit in here there are a lot of rich drunken cougars and it’s teeming with men. Trace bring your A-game.

My Kate Spade bag is quite durable. Stew got it for me from her Film Fest party at The Harbord Room last summer. I miss my Stewy.

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What do we do when we fall off the horse?

We get back on, Little Raymis, we get back on.

Ready for round II? Ah duh.

Hi Lena!

The penguins would make little runs for it it was so funny and cute, they’d puff up their chests and flap wings and SCRAM then the girls would have to scoot them back in again. We were so close we could have touched one but we’d get pecked potentially which one girl did much to our amusement lol.

I went from crying to laughing in seconds. Normally a sign of hysteria or any form of crazy but I was at a zoo extreme emotion boomerangs happen here. Animals in captivity (usually injured so it’s a sanctuary of sorts), new ones being born, winemotional. To recapyou though, Lady Garbage was put down this day + a dude ran in to me with wine glasses after a downpour (thunder and lightning scare me & rain PISSES ME OFF! If I have to be out in it)(Plus I am still sick and was at the time) are these enough reasons for crying yet? Thank you.

The universal cat call known as pss pss pss worked like a c harm we had thing thing near us in seconds. You should have seen Bech get an Eagle to squak at her to STFU! cos of her voice and annoying talking at it bahaha ps. check out her tumblr I updated like a crazyiac last night. It’s fun currating other people’s images and putting the best-ofs together or whatever. I am the shittiest best friend ever!

AW I LOVE IT I WANT IT EXPLOSION!!!! Also I am pretty. Shut up don’t tell anyone you’re making me blush.

So close. Bech looks like a 7 year old that is what I love about her.

I just said Aw Booboodoodoo out loud. If you can tell me where that term originates from I will blow a fart on your tum tum. Mom no telling.

Two of them!


It was ridinkulous. We were on our way to the stingrays and I was like whaaaaaat!

Yes that is actually what I was like. That is a thing now. I hope I get on Letterman before he retires so I can be a total asshole to him back. I don’t like how he is unraveling and being a POS (piece of sh-) to guests like a drunk prick uncle. You adapt to society, do not expect it to adapt to you. Remember that everyone.

HAhaah lovely. You can’t bring your wine in so we chug them and then go drunk in to the stingrays it is a ball of a time.

She’s all we wouldn’t let you go very far with them and I said you couldn’t catch me anyway hey colleague check out her foot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLLEAGUE B T W! The ghost with the most! LOL ((((colleague)))) o_O :) Now tune-up ma bike we got stuffs ta do tomorrow.

Wash your hands so we don’t get our dirty hands all over the stingrays.

Doing the same last year.

Rebecca is MAJORLY focusing.

And last year.

We went right to work.

We’re like one of those movies based on people who work at sea world having adventures and romances and heartbreak and valuable life lessons I get to be Adam Sandler called it.

We are whispering bad girl things and daring each other to be tough guys.

Here I am bragging about this being my THIRD year in a row petting these freaky alien sharks and bein’ straight ballin’ gangster god how annoying I am sorry Rebecca (NOT).

Ya gotta get right on in there. Now why was I getting stink eye again lol. Like I care.

We were already damp, moist, and/or soaked from the downpour so what did it matter anymore? There was one particular stingraymi™ that was a punk dick! It splashed me big time, lots of people, but it was being playful really I felt cos it kept coming back for more. Some will come up for a pet they like it.

This is the one (what kind of shark is it?) that we held on to that was pretty ballsy what if it turned around and bit us? I would if some stupid girls were holding me like a snake. Raymbecca does as Raymbecca pleases.

See? she did it first I had to stop her because I have maternal instincts whilst Bech’s snake-charming ones kicked in to overdrive HAHAHA fantastic.

I am so dramatic. I was destined to be a gay icon. #truth.

Thanks a lot Raymbecca.

Oh my god seriously?

Do you come in large?

I would not quit until I held this one.

Lots of them in this area, they circle the entire pool but the meat of them are all here it’s like petting central.

Careful we’re about to get creeped.

Colleague liked this one most of all haha lawda mercy!


It was a juicy day in the Raymbohood. Atin’ and drankin’

That’s Raymbecca as sharks.

Time to dry off.

Love my neon nails.

Flirty nearing thirty.

Wiping the moisture from my stupid phone camera lens.


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Experience reviewer of the personal kind

Well mes amis, the family camera has been retrieved and now we may peep the evidence of last week’s bender known as NXNE. I feel like I barely did anything (aside from the parties) and yet this camera shows otherwise. Time and distance heals all. I completely forgot about this third-world toilet down in Tim‘s basement that the smart (or stupid) party people discovered and queued up for during the epic annual 159 Manning booze, bands, and bbq party Tim throws. Lets start at the beginning shall we then?

The smell of hot corn blanketed the kitchen and your body as you passed through it. The second we arrived I was compliment-attacked standing right beside one of the bubbling broiling pots about my dress and how pretty I looked. AW god bless hippie drunk hipster chicks! Had I not started drinking loads earlier I would have had better-equipped social skills to defend my it-girl shyness honour. Sometimes Torontonians are not social, they just aren’t, right? Also guys who fancy themselves big deals I find clam up a little bit.

Now Tim’s got a home to photograph and if The Selby is still at it then ding dong, we’re here.

Any guy with collectibles who throws a rager for stranger hipsters with so much fucking trust and honour or whatever is a nice guy. I bet he hid his best taxidermied posed squirrels though, he’s not stupid.

He’s also on my business card only because he just happened to be standing beside me during my gorgeous d-ball throw. I said yeah I can’t really throw these things and he goes yeah me either lol. I just liked that Strombo asked why Tim was wearing jeans when I tweeted it.

I gave him a stack for his collection of Timisms. By request!

It was a makeup melter that’s for sure though these last few heatwave days make that seem like a cakewalk now. Easy peasy.

Jam time with ShellShag and ps. Here is an actual rock review of all the bands and acts that played. I’m more of an EXPERIENCE reviewer of the personal kind. Ooh I smell a good blog title.

It makes me happy to see the CN Tower at a party in my line of sight it makes me feel on top of the world or more connected to my roots, my planet. It makes me feel more human than human. Shut up!

I was “too cool” to go up to Chris “the sloan guy” but I liked that he checked me out in my dress. I tell ya girls, white clothing makes people associate you as a delicate little princess flower if you can manage to not drink red wine or be a slob for a night it is worth all the attention you’re gonna get. Raymi Tip!

Oh hello risky business buddy. Bech & Teach wear the exact same glasses. I think it’s cute.

Sweet ampage.

They’re from BK.

I was gonna give the chick a doob as we were leaving cos they’re from out of town (was my logic) but I didn’t want to get stuck in a conversation so I didn’t and now I wish that I did. Meh.

Having a breastie you can communicate together telepathically with at parties so as not to show who you are making fun of or raising eyebrows at and freezing your face so they know to look over there is awesome. Don’t give me grief either because everybody does it and it’s not mean making fun of it’s just party shenans spectating. How many people do you think made fun of me that day for wearing that dress? It happens.

If you can’t laugh at yourself for shit like this then you’re taking yourself way too seriously. Instrument pyramids are an end-of-set rule to be made in to law if you’re going to be playing outdoors.

But if you’re a kazoo player I guess you’re SOL.


Hi Onizzler! Great givin’er with ya.

JULES! So bummed for you kid that someone ripped your iphone right out of your freaking hand. They’ll have bad shit befall them no doubt for living like a jerk-ass like that. Crime doesn’t pay!

I was pissed at myself for wearing my mary jane wedges and I blame Lauzzie cos she was going to wear wedges and Betty&Veronia Laurens™ have to be the same height at all times.


Now time for some Buck 65.

Time for pig.

The guy can rippity rap and beatbox, lyricist genius for sure.

Party packed but moveable.

Hey who’s your friend. Also note that guy’s epic accusatory storytelling face ahaha.

Vamp it up.

Where Lady Garbage is now :( RIP Kitten baby darling. Sigh.
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Ok so sometimes I care about stuff other than myself so listen up

tristan is in orange, ace is in yellow, owen is in green. the mutt, nina, is not ours (thank god)… no offence, nina.

thats the makings of a tv show right there.

So, this cool chick facebooked me the other day about a hamilton party thing, coincidentally I was going through my FB messages today to catch up on all the ones I miss as it’s like Beatlemania fan mail somedays ’round here.

(raymi@raymitheminx.com lol).

Anyhooters, I get this email from her today that kind of sparks our FB chat that you will read following her email (Which is mass-forwarded and therefore horribly formatted):

> I’m participating in 2011 CN Edge Walk. I will be Facing MY Fear and taking a step out on the edge as I walk around the OUTSIDE of the CN Tower for AboutFace!
> ‘Face Your Fear’ is being hosted by AboutFace to raise money and awareness for Camp Trailblazers: a retreat for kids ages 10 to 18 who have facial differences.
> Many of these kids will meet other kids like themselves for the first time. At Camp Trailblazers, they will learn life skills, challenge themselves to overcome physical barriers, and create life long friendships. To learn more about Camp Trailblazers and the event visit www.aboutface.ca
> You can help support me by making a secure online donation using your credit card. Click on the link below:
> Thanks for your support!

THIS MADE ME FEEL JEALOUS AND INSPIRED. TWO FAVOURITE THINGS. No, well, I want to do this CN Tower walk too but I am already in the middle of so many other things blabbity blah, also kind of probably totally terrified, but mostly don’t have the time to campaign for donations in order to do it, what’s more, I don’t have triplets with cleft palets so I would be an asshole to campaign over Jenn now that she showed up on my radar. Hoping to marry our two adrenaline junky wants together to form a super-power awareness so we can walk the edge and you can give her all the money and I just get to dangle 1,815.4 ft and faint at 1,815.4 ft just so I can say that I did. It will be just like what I did on Saturday at Brickworks except 1,685 feet SCARIER. One day I will call for donations to climb up the CN Tower stairs though. We have 4 sets of stairs in this townhouse, sometimes climbing them just once in a day is enough to make me wheeze a little. BAD SIGN!


thinking you should come to supercrawl in grimy, ol’ hamilton today. all day art and bands and loveliness.


Raymi Lauren White:

i just tweet noticed a girl talking about it. i am already crush f-cked all over again from last night. do you live there? my godmother has a resto, a nice italian one, tracadaros? anyway ill be in the hammer soon.


yep… i live there. trocadero! that place is a hamilton fixture. i’ve never eaten there, but i think i should- i’ve heard great things about it. thinking of you on this 9/11. i can hardly bear to watch the footage on tv. can’t imagine what it was like to witness it firsthand. that kind of thing changes a person forever.

Raymi Lauren White

aw i missed this sorry for delay. i havent eaten at trocadero (my godmother’s restaurant in hamilton) yet either cant wait. theres a delay in opening it cos one of the cooks injured her hand aw. just got yer cn tower email thing i totally wanted to do that. how do i get in as an ambassador w/o having to do the charity crap part to raise awareness for all involved?


i only found out about it because my triplets were all born with cleft lips (they figure it was some sort of fluke when the egg divided so many times). the organization offers support and resources for families of kids with all varieties of facial differences. you could try emailing someone there. jessica is the manager of marketing and outreach, so maybe start there: jessica@********

i am terrified of doing it. they give a breathalyzer before to make sure you’re not tanked, otherwise i’d have a few for sure.

Raymi Lauren White

omg i would smoke a billion doobs. triplets! cleft lips! you saint and inspiration. ill make a donation pitch on my blog for you then. when does it happen?


awww, you are sweet. it’s october 28. i think any other info would be on the email i sent with pledge link etc. it’s strange with my kids, too, since they are indentical, but they have their clefts in different places. tristan had a complete one on the left side with a cleft palate, owen had an incomplete one on the right, and ace had an incomplete one in the middle. strangely enough, the locations are indentical with their position in utero. we are so lucky that their clefts are only a cosmetic problem and they had no associated syndrome. they are smart as whips and creative as can be. their surgeon was amazing, and some people don’t even notice, but it breaks your heart as a mother when your kids stare at themselves in the mirror and ask why their lips aren’t shaped like other kids in their class. anyway… typical mother ramble. did you want me to send you a photo of the turkeys? many mercis.

Raymi Lauren White

what are the associated syndromes? joaquin phoenix has/had one. you should write to him, and then get him to have sex with me. deal! and yeah barely noticeable. will be considered hot when they’re older, just dont let them turn into dorks. should i make a dont let them turn into dorks work shop?


nah… no anti-dork workshop. i think you should have a workshop for men who are already dorks and spin ‘em into cool dudes.

yeah, there are tons of crazy genetic syndromes that have clefts as a ‘feature’. we are so thankful that for our dudes it’s just a fluke… strictly cosmetic. it’s crazy how common it is, too, and how many misconceptions there are associated with it. when they were babies, some salty broad at the grocery store asked if their brains were ok. i nearly decked her. anyway. i’m sure joaquin phoenix would love to have sex with you.

Raymi Lauren White

better idea. your disposition in general despite having 400 joaquin phoenix clones is f-ing adorable. this is how we will get donations for you by exploiting this talk, having senses of humour is the last phone call to a friend i have from killing myself some days. you’re alright buddy.


GIVE THIS WOMAN WHO HAS THREE BOYS (WORTHY ENOUGH OF DONATIONS) SOME MONEY (for aboutface, her charity) SO SHE CAN DO SOMETHING INSANE AND THEREFORE MAKE IT ALL WORTH IT. I AM GOING TO HARASS JESSICA TO LET ME IN ON THIS TOO COS I SURE AS HELL ok I’ll stop yelling, I sure as hell am not having triplets in time to get you to care about me, like I need money to hang on to a building, I’ll do it for free hahaha. Help me spread the word too, you know I love you, tell me what you want, I’ll give you some of my toys or send you to a concert, or design a date, get you laid, maybe even continue blogging so you have something to read at work tomorrow.

XO Your pal Raymbo.

(pretty sure if I go through with this my dad will faint. I made a hot air balloon ride joke once and he could not handle it). (hi dad miss you!)

I know I could never jump out of a plane, the feeling of falling would seriously make me be blacked out all the way down and my jump partner would be like cradling a baby. Boring and embarrassing. With the edge walk you’d be forced to be lucid the whole way through. This just got real.

Ps. Jenn did not ask me to do this post either. I like to call this MODERN WARFARE ON CHARITY. I think we all need to man up and start givin’ a care and if it takes (and it does) crazy stunts to get money out of people for honest to goodness causes then by all means, throw me in a lion pit, I’ll do it. Jenn’s spirit regarding her boys is what moved me most of all. I feel like the majority of people (or the perception of them) with some kind of physical handicap or disability or a child with one, they seem lobotomized or neurotic, uptight, un-fun, and Jenn seems funner than a lot of people I love more than myself, right? People with no reason for chips on their shoulders and such. Role model material that girl is.

Thank you so much for the donates in advance!

you crack me up. your post is grand… only one small correction that doesn’t matter much anyway, but all 3 had cleft lips, only 1 had the cleft palate, as well. no matter, really. what i like is that you’re helping bring awareness to such a great organization. aboutface was a wealth of resources for my husband and i when we first started on this adventure. there are so many kids who suffer from self-esteem issues etc based on their facial differences, and it warms my heart to think that there is a camp where they can go to feel just like their peers. aboutface also educates on syndromes such as apert, crouzon, and non-syndromic conditions such as hemangiomas. education breeds acceptance, i always say. can i cheer about them more?

and honestly your kids are cute as hell so good luck with people sympathizing ;)

omg i picture me and joaquin floating on clouds in gladiator outfits (from his movie) and your boys as our golden floating cherubs. gahahaha.