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Raymbecca take the night.

Trying to be as skinny as possible looking here because I am hanging out backstage with the models. Oh hi there didn’t hear you come in lets start at the beginning. Or the end. That sounds more romantic.

Also, must start posing better or period. This not giving a shit thing can only take you so far.

Thank you for being my date Rebeck-uh all the time for all these thing-thangs I do-doo kay? Appreesh! Even though we squabble and it’s your fault I forgive you and I love you. Side shout out to whispers!

My lips were washed out.

Yeah buddy! 2 Broke Girls out on the town again seein’ how the other half live. Rich people are insane and a sight to behold. I love a good study.

Little baby pinky nail did not make it through the night. I suck therefore I am.

Bunhead was my favourite person to look at. Okay I had a top ten list. She is the sister of one of the regular male models that strut their shit down the runway Tuesday nights at Cube (RIP Ultra) and no summer is complete without douching it up on the patio there a coupla times.

I liked her red Louis and told her as such as she pushed it into my back trying to squeeze by me. She replied to me thanks girl like I was her floor scrubbing maid. FUN!

Let the games begin. One girl fell down the stairs afterward, she was okay, but that was one of the highlights for me. They got to sashay the catwalk several times which I liked because then I got to fantasize over what I would do with a full minute of attention up there. It would be awesome and then I would fall down the stairs at the end exactly like the one model did. Cool.

We had a really fun time as a matter of fact. If we play our cards right maybe our own bottle service booth. A bottle of Smirnoff is $150. Such a bargain lol.

Right? I love it. Mom, you and Lois could fit in here there are a lot of rich drunken cougars and it’s teeming with men. Trace bring your A-game.

My Kate Spade bag is quite durable. Stew got it for me from her Film Fest party at The Harbord Room last summer. I miss my Stewy.

OMG priceless. Her face, mine. I wonder what we are reacting to. Wonder what we aren’t?!

A video of me attempting to get a model and this thing was in the way big time, comical.

I like her hair. Steve does all the models hair.

Anything illuminated in spotlight makes the moment all the more evocative. Or sinister? Anything I want it to be in my stupid arty farty head.

She was fun to watch. She needed a lot of attention and she was getting it. We got our photos taken the second we arrived. I should email that kid. There is a 24 hour window of business card opportunity before they all get shuffled in to a big confusing where the hell did I meet this person mess.

I wonder who will get their period first. Any day now! When did my blog turn in to Little Women?

See. Rich people flash mob. I guess they were partying with their old Captain?

Go for it I say.

Behind the scenes model mayhem.

Oh hi there.

What is this body launguage saying?

Oh summer nights! You are here. Chilly bike ride back though, hope I don’t get sick.

Good girls last night. Not even hung today 0_o WHattttttttt unpossible. Photobomb!

Zero per cent chance of remembering this guy’s name. He was one of the party photogs.

What can I do to stop biting my nails? Think of how much more powerful I will be with long minx claws on my beautiful hands and nail beds for days. I is so stupid. It’s like I don’t want to try or something. Try hards die hard, that’s because why.

My Raymi in Wonderland party includes drink trees CAN YOU IMAGINE quit imagining it’s already crappening fool. Thanks for the drank tix!

Oh that’s new.

I am Dr. Claw.

Time to go ghost feet.

I like your hat.

Oh neat it changes colours! Our friends TPL made those lights scroll to the second half of that zoo post for their party we crashed. I just know everyone now don’t I? Working on it.

Mine came out dark and blurry (they always do haha).

Then we biked home together.

Okay here is why Spagina and Queer are blocked. Good to know. I have a fascination with street guttings.

More later toonces!


6 thoughts on “Raymbecca take the night.

  1. ha. the one that needs attention used to be a very good friend of mine. you’ve summed her up perfectly.

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