You’re just a capturer on a lonely chase.

On the one hand living on a life schedule to a completely different tune to everyone else is kind of thrilling, but it is stressful too because you’ve still got to adhere and play along, go along, clock in the next groundhog day, blog. People seem busy I feel so it’s okay to dip out in the winter months. I do get “online bullied” for my Nomadic Raymi lifestyle though. Half of me is like FUCK EVERYONE ELSE seriously I don’t feel blogligated to live like everyone else and be like everyone else and I never did, never will. It is mad frustrating moving around though, each day is different and I still have virtual obligations but I can leave my laptop behind and just “chill out” bro let it mellow, get to it later. It’s okay. You get antsy when you can’t write on keys at your modern type writer or regurgitate all the junk in your head and call it a blog post. You, go crazy. A lot of soul searching. You hang with your friends and you see men who don’t give a shit about you. I’m going to stop the latter. It doesn’t seem right to abuse my powers. Or test myself anymore. You fall out of love with everything. Yourself. Everything.

This was a decent affair though. The Glitzy Lips were super fun. I started off with the darker pink, then switched to lighter. They’re sending more colours. NICE.

Amazing skills.

Miss Lin!

Holly is adorable.

Have a great time in the Bahamas Tanya!

Closing time! We annihilated these because we were annihilated. Right Shannon? They’re only out for a limited time so I better go get a bag for dinner tonight I bet they don’t even fucking have them out here ugh.

Egg in a hole. Boom. Delish.

Pear spinach meh salad. It came with a copy of VICE magazine so you win some you lose some, you gain some.

I only wear black these days I am boring, beatnik, chic, hidden, ignored, it’s awesome.

Sunday deserves an award for how much we drank. This week is definitely drier I promise.

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Jenny from the block

Have a good weekend? Great me too! It was focused around pleasing myself, taking it ease following a hell of the complete opposite. Confusing? Good.

Ooh nice and greasy.

Some little hater
is trying to say I have lumpy legs. Cool try there. It is genetically impossible for me to have cellulite, sweet thing. There just simply ain’ts no jiggle in this wiggle, I danced around in the mirror and stabbed my thigh with my finger to get a wobbly reaction and it would not happen. Scientific experiment over.

See that clean line? Look closer then. Don’t attack me about shit you are wrong about loser in Vancouver.

Zipped on to the Gardiner across town to the Esplanade. Had to walk a few blocks through Woofstock, I was already late so it was annoying. Crowd walkers are slow, deliberate and selfish. I navigate through bodies like a pro, I almost went over on my ankle only once haha. I was typing and speed walking in wedges, sue me.

It’s true.

BAM! Jenny from the block is back in town. We have an annual piss-up. I’m her Eastie bestie. *takes bow*.

I am covering the planet that’s growing on my clav. I picked it last night, mmm hot bloody times.

Lounging on this Penthouse patio in the sun was absolutely stunning, the eye candy didn’t hurt either.

I miss my orange shades so much but I guess I can’t wear orange anymore now anyway with my brunette hair otherwise I’ll get a Halloween complex.

I’m going to start posting my pics at 500 instead of 640 width so people can have less of a hassle loading this thing, deal? It will take some getting used to so excuse the inconsistencies please.

How’s the belly tan JB? Wah woh heehee o_O.

Speaking of O_o that’s what my eyes look like. Nice!

Classic oldschool bloggy pose Jenny was infamous for haha.

Woofstock down there.

Click to enlarge. Sometimes I have mild dyslexia and read that word as ENRAGE. Then I laugh about it for a few minutes. It’s the simple things, people. Also it’s the simple people, things. Uh, what?

We played musical chairs but mostly Jen got the sweet spot on the couch. I’m a spazz so I was all over the place, naturally.

Mum she coveted my sandals. FTW.

Lots of great pics on ol mystery cam. I weedled it down as much as poss. I figure a once a year photo dump is okay.

Unintentional (bonus) pin-up swimmer pose.

And that bush looks like my bun or a dream bun.

I just fried my laptop! :( :( :( By spilt pop. Stupid stupid stupid. I just lost a chunk of this post too. PISSED.

Photolicious Butt creds go to @msjennybeth I’ma skidap I have to deal with my Acer TO HELL WITH FRIG ARGHHH.

Ooh luh la TO BE CONTINUED. This post was just not meant to be today.