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Jenny from the block

Have a good weekend? Great me too! It was focused around pleasing myself, taking it ease following a hell of the complete opposite. Confusing? Good.

Ooh nice and greasy.

Some little hater
is trying to say I have lumpy legs. Cool try there. It is genetically impossible for me to have cellulite, sweet thing. There just simply ain’ts no jiggle in this wiggle, I danced around in the mirror and stabbed my thigh with my finger to get a wobbly reaction and it would not happen. Scientific experiment over.

See that clean line? Look closer then. Don’t attack me about shit you are wrong about loser in Vancouver.

Zipped on to the Gardiner across town to the Esplanade. Had to walk a few blocks through Woofstock, I was already late so it was annoying. Crowd walkers are slow, deliberate and selfish. I navigate through bodies like a pro, I almost went over on my ankle only once haha. I was typing and speed walking in wedges, sue me.

It’s true.

BAM! Jenny from the block is back in town. We have an annual piss-up. I’m her Eastie bestie. *takes bow*.

I am covering the planet that’s growing on my clav. I picked it last night, mmm hot bloody times.

Lounging on this Penthouse patio in the sun was absolutely stunning, the eye candy didn’t hurt either.

I miss my orange shades so much but I guess I can’t wear orange anymore now anyway with my brunette hair otherwise I’ll get a Halloween complex.

I’m going to start posting my pics at 500 instead of 640 width so people can have less of a hassle loading this thing, deal? It will take some getting used to so excuse the inconsistencies please.

How’s the belly tan JB? Wah woh heehee o_O.

Speaking of O_o that’s what my eyes look like. Nice!

Classic oldschool bloggy pose Jenny was infamous for haha.

Woofstock down there.

Click to enlarge. Sometimes I have mild dyslexia and read that word as ENRAGE. Then I laugh about it for a few minutes. It’s the simple things, people. Also it’s the simple people, things. Uh, what?

We played musical chairs but mostly Jen got the sweet spot on the couch. I’m a spazz so I was all over the place, naturally.

Mum she coveted my sandals. FTW.

Lots of great pics on ol mystery cam. I weedled it down as much as poss. I figure a once a year photo dump is okay.

Unintentional (bonus) pin-up swimmer pose.

And that bush looks like my bun or a dream bun.

I just fried my laptop! :( :( :( By spilt pop. Stupid stupid stupid. I just lost a chunk of this post too. PISSED.

Photolicious Butt creds go to @msjennybeth I’ma skidap I have to deal with my Acer TO HELL WITH FRIG ARGHHH.

Ooh luh la TO BE CONTINUED. This post was just not meant to be today.

21 thoughts on “Jenny from the block

  1. hmmmm did you not post my comment because i asked ************** is it too personal/ weird? i dunno i think it’s a valid question..

  2. It is an invasive question and rude how you asked. 12 years of blogging (brand ambassadorship, campaigns, sponsorship, blogverts, ads) in many ways is how, it’s obvious, by busting my ass is the answer. Also you are a troll and trolls don’t deserve answers. If you want a more detailed response then email me like a real person would. Don’t anonymously goad me in my comments.

  3. wow, you’re really fucking pleasant to deal with. i’m not a troll you idiot i was asking a valid question. your tits are on here then why not be more transparent about your income too. jesus. sorry for asking.

  4. i guess unless one leaves a comment that’s 75% kissing your ass they’re a troll and don’t deserve a reply.

  5. everything you see that I do on this blog is how I make a living and a magician does not reveal their tricks. Do you want a monthly report of each gig, blogvert breakdown and invoices too? Get your head out of your ass. People think they can ask a blogger such rude questions and demand a response, it’s none of your business nor is it your business what any person makes or how, whether it be obvious or not. I already answered it, you leave passive aggressive comments. This blog is a celebration of my life not negative bitchy bring down shit from the likes of you. Learn how to speak to me and I’ll be friendly back. You mulled it over whether it was too personal (it is) and yet the information did not sink in to your flippant little head. YES. I even said email me about it, and you haven’t. You display characteristics of a troll therefore you are. You have tried for a month now to get a reaction out of me now enough of my time has been wasted I have appointments to keep and work to do. Have a nice day.

  6. Better question…do you feel you are compensated fairly compared to other more traditional means of advertising? I recently read an article where many fashion brands are complaining about the high prices that are being requested by bloggers to run campaigns. Do you feel you are bringing value to the brands you represent and are they getting a good bang for their buck?


  7. yes and no. i could give a fuck about social media i was here long before and will be after. some bloggers are too audacious for words and full of shit too. they purchase followers and get no blog traffic. I create great and impacting brand awareness because I have a big reach and I start trends.

    Sorry for flipping out dd i’m on a deadline at the moment and this is a very stressful week for me. I answered more on this topic on my twitter. kthxbai.!/raymitheminx

  8. Hi Raymi,
    If I may I’d like to make a comment. I’m an Investment Advisor. I’m also a follower of your work. Whatever you make financially is your business. HOW you make your money is totally obvious to me. The mechanics of it is secondary. You succeed because all kinds of people wake up in the morning and CARE about what you did yesterday. Because you are interesting, fascinating, funny and scary honest.
    You succeed because of who you are more than because of what you do. If there was a Bloggers Got Talent Show you would win because you are who you are , no contest. You can’t buy talent and “interesting”.

    Just my opinion….

  9. do you want a picture of what they actually look like dip shit? This is an xs ‘kini top so it makes them appear to be uber smaller. must be sad to be so threatened by a flat chick.

  10. No thank you. I’d rather not. Must be sad to have to get so defensive over the size of your boobies. Lawlz.

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