What do we do when we fall off the horse?

We get back on, Little Raymis, we get back on.

Ready for round II? Ah duh.

Hi Lena!

The penguins would make little runs for it it was so funny and cute, they’d puff up their chests and flap wings and SCRAM then the girls would have to scoot them back in again. We were so close we could have touched one but we’d get pecked potentially which one girl did much to our amusement lol.

I went from crying to laughing in seconds. Normally a sign of hysteria or any form of crazy but I was at a zoo extreme emotion boomerangs happen here. Animals in captivity (usually injured so it’s a sanctuary of sorts), new ones being born, winemotional. To recapyou though, Lady Garbage was put down this day + a dude ran in to me with wine glasses after a downpour (thunder and lightning scare me & rain PISSES ME OFF! If I have to be out in it)(Plus I am still sick and was at the time) are these enough reasons for crying yet? Thank you.

The universal cat call known as pss pss pss worked like a c harm we had thing thing near us in seconds. You should have seen Bech get an Eagle to squak at her to STFU! cos of her voice and annoying talking at it bahaha ps. check out her tumblr I updated like a crazyiac last night. It’s fun currating other people’s images and putting the best-ofs together or whatever. I am the shittiest best friend ever!

AW I LOVE IT I WANT IT EXPLOSION!!!! Also I am pretty. Shut up don’t tell anyone you’re making me blush.

So close. Bech looks like a 7 year old that is what I love about her.

I just said Aw Booboodoodoo out loud. If you can tell me where that term originates from I will blow a fart on your tum tum. Mom no telling.

Two of them!


It was ridinkulous. We were on our way to the stingrays and I was like whaaaaaat!

Yes that is actually what I was like. That is a thing now. I hope I get on Letterman before he retires so I can be a total asshole to him back. I don’t like how he is unraveling and being a POS (piece of sh-) to guests like a drunk prick uncle. You adapt to society, do not expect it to adapt to you. Remember that everyone.

HAhaah lovely. You can’t bring your wine in so we chug them and then go drunk in to the stingrays it is a ball of a time.

She’s all we wouldn’t let you go very far with them and I said you couldn’t catch me anyway hey colleague check out her foot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLLEAGUE B T W! The ghost with the most! LOL ((((colleague)))) o_O :) Now tune-up ma bike we got stuffs ta do tomorrow.

Wash your hands so we don’t get our dirty hands all over the stingrays.

Doing the same last year.

Rebecca is MAJORLY focusing.

And last year.

We went right to work.

We’re like one of those movies based on people who work at sea world having adventures and romances and heartbreak and valuable life lessons I get to be Adam Sandler called it.

We are whispering bad girl things and daring each other to be tough guys.

Here I am bragging about this being my THIRD year in a row petting these freaky alien sharks and bein’ straight ballin’ gangster god how annoying I am sorry Rebecca (NOT).

Ya gotta get right on in there. Now why was I getting stink eye again lol. Like I care.

We were already damp, moist, and/or soaked from the downpour so what did it matter anymore? There was one particular stingraymi™ that was a punk dick! It splashed me big time, lots of people, but it was being playful really I felt cos it kept coming back for more. Some will come up for a pet they like it.

This is the one (what kind of shark is it?) that we held on to that was pretty ballsy what if it turned around and bit us? I would if some stupid girls were holding me like a snake. Raymbecca does as Raymbecca pleases.

See? she did it first I had to stop her because I have maternal instincts whilst Bech’s snake-charming ones kicked in to overdrive HAHAHA fantastic.

I am so dramatic. I was destined to be a gay icon. #truth.

Thanks a lot Raymbecca.

Oh my god seriously?

Do you come in large?

I would not quit until I held this one.

Lots of them in this area, they circle the entire pool but the meat of them are all here it’s like petting central.

Careful we’re about to get creeped.

Colleague liked this one most of all haha lawda mercy!


It was a juicy day in the Raymbohood. Atin’ and drankin’

That’s Raymbecca as sharks.

Time to dry off.

Love my neon nails.

Flirty nearing thirty.

Wiping the moisture from my stupid phone camera lens.


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when i was an orphan ‘n you were a crow

cid at his happiest.

busy day, yesterday what was.

yawn inferiority complex, congratulations you have just won a punch to the temple.

oh what’s this?

love the hidden ones noel.

if you happen upon any pieces of bark that have faces you know what to do (contact noel).


how many pieces does this shatter your heart into? mine, millions.

then to crumpler cos fil needs a new purse camera bag. the girl there didn’t like me i could tell, i ripped on the colour of the bag he wanted to get (because it was on sale) and she kept fighting me on it hello lady do you have to walk around looking at that thing? i am the girlfriend therefore boss of this, you just work here. those are the retail rules.

when you can tell someone hates you you have to compliment something about them so i complimented the fact that they were using an old piano as a desk.

he didn’t end up getting it, if ANYONE has some sort of crumpler hook-up can you sponsor these guys, thanks a bill.

time for a tan chez miss A.

convinced old man river to go for one too.

she leant me her special potion.

“tattoo fade shield” for blythe.

sooo relaxing, the time went by too fast.

not for me, god it is so hard to stop myself from opening these things.

it better be the cutest one.

houses to die for on a street to kill for.

cheese boutique pit stop.

we forgot our cheese meat and crackers at fil’s mom’s YOU GUYS BETTER NOT EAT IT ALL!

so many memories from this park, too many to count.

stinky oozy wow factor.

hannah (fil’s stepsister) was in town what a surprise! she moved away to tofino.

me zoolandering it.

she brought back a paper from her scotland visit.

oh what pervs over there eh.

then back to the city.

to meet up with the skids and a few others at green room. steph had an accident.

after a v competitive few rounds of asshole with bekki and sarah, mads and i got deep, blog deep, hell yeah.

so the big news is skid #2‘s stay is being extended like, indefinitely, maybe, well not maybe i was just trying to make an oasis joke but seriously, i could have stayed home for that news in lieu of having to deal with the gut rot from the shitty whiskey green room passes off as jamesons. these guys are in love and it is truly something, and i take full credit.

time to hit the road jaqueline, it’s been a long one.