lets go to the D

Hello my friend. Here’s a Valentine’s Day selfie from Detroit and a blog photo post starring such travels, the food I ate while there and maybe a bunch of read between the lines typical blog fare idk lets go this lead-in is so done.

That’s one famous diamond, Jim.

Striking a pose. Blowing off steam in a spotlight.

Oh who’s that? I am wearing insanely high goth heels here. Higher than my wedges from Holland. Ankle-rolling high.

Grabbin’ mix.

Saw this on the train. The other cloth OG bag was also real asf had elephant Vishnu on it. I made a video of them both haha I deleted it though. I try and diversify my content. I accumulate and then I’m like, okay stop Warhol.

We started off in Windsor. One of us has a crush on Vito. Vito had eyes for the other though. Story of life no lol. It’s a great restaurant and was PACKED. I always get the pesto ravioli. I am not a huge ravioli fan no offense but will eat anything if pesto is on it.

Creamy pesto. They add more pesto less cream for me specially but I think literally this time they just put extra pesto sauce, no biggie. We dumped a salad into the leftover sauce and tossed it about. Faaaaaabulous.

Presentation en pointe.

Today is National Wine drinking day. Enough said glug glug!

It’s like I wiped the colour of my hat on my eyelids. What a wiener.

Earlier on in the voyage. That egg sandwich was actually amazing. We drove through a white out blizzard it was kind of freaky. I’ve been on a speedboat in a fog once and it was terrifying, the pier rapidly becoming closer to us. When you blindly do a bullet like a freight train it’s exhilarating, and scary af. When you’re in the bathroom and the whole train is shaking, rocking back and forth at some points as it’s taking a turn you think this is it. It’s happening. I have seen many reality tv/National Geographic train derailment, world’s greatest disasters episodes, action movies, plus my own odd anxieties combined. But then it doesn’t happen and you do survive. Okaaaaaay weirdo.

I brought three plates with me for a thing. I left one behind as a gift and managed to get the others safely back along with READ : not smashed. This particular photo resulted in an IG war with an idiot on the photo itself. Sigh. other little raymis got involved too tho and were like just stop. LOL. thx guys.

Best burger EVER it as so fall apart tender and you guess it. American cheese. I died. I was lying down eating it very Beavis and Butthead styles. Good times. I had the rest the next day for first breakfast.

The day I left. Monday. Vernors is made in Detroit it is the shit of legend it’s like bubble gum gingerale to me that is how I describe it. I have one can left.

Top of the Pontch. V Day. Very nice view and interesting setting. Hotel vibe meets I don’t know, outerspace?

Packing the night before interlude.

One of my machiavellian brainchilds.

Book Tower Building.

Ding dongs.

Hopped around on Sunday to make up for mostly doing sweet fuck all this weekend. Started at Pho Lucky. This is coffee. It’s sweet and syrupy and my teeth feel brown just looking at it. So good.

Lychee sake. Brilliant. Live large.

My pho. Rare beef. Extra veg. I piled more crap into it of course. We shared an amazing banana leaf rice thing to start.

I made a bit of Valentine’s effort.

and so on.

Love that substance.

When _____ vans are rad. Held off on posting that cos I don’t think people would have laughed with me like I wanted them to. It mostly just had a ring to it and come onnn look at this thing! Plus he is smiling. *harmless af*.

Ughh me in ten years.

Motor City Wine Bar is uhmaaaze.

Been there. jay kay.

View la la. Detroit River. Windsor on the other side. The more you know.


Shrimp with lobster sauce is so delicious. we did not eat off that wolfdottir plate. That would be crazy stupid. Plus I needed it for the next day.

Food diary much. This was last meal before train. olive tapinade goat cheese truffle oil.

Could you tell this is at Vito’s again. I needed that pesto. It was family day and everything else was closed. President’s day in the states too and also a holiday.


Seafood soup. This post is making me hungry. Well, that’s that for now. See you at Swan Dive tomorrow (Friday) come TGIF with me I’m opening (4-9PM) buh-bye.

l’enfant terrible

Bonjour everyone who sort of gives a shit. Today’s blog post will include many images I have clogged up my phone with the intention of one day blogging. My phone is now dead asf but as fate would have it I emailed myself a flood the day prior so I at least have these. I am not exactly depressed about all the other stuff I’ve lost from the device, it can be freeing, but moreso I’m depressed about losing my contacts (headache) and being unable to connect with my loved ones and all of my friends. A phone is more than a phone, end of story.

It was fine Sunday night, but when I woke up yesterday it was sending me the same text message in a loop all day then it would turn off every 5 seconds before I could say hi to anyone or thing on that thing. Enraging AF. In a couple of days a replacement phone will arrive but I had to do a lot to make that happen and doing a lot is not one of my favourite past times. Someone also played a cruel trick on me during this ordeal which made my layers of rage and hell out of this world. When it Raymes it pours, bruv and no I will not look back on this experience one day and laugh about it. I will be equally as pissed then as I am now.

I remember this outfit garnering a lot of looks on my journey through the streets. Sometimes when you put together an outfit that hyper-works you feel like a caricature. Wait til you see what I wear tonight at Swan Dive!

Spent a week in July in PEI. Was awesome. Ate so much fresh lobster and drank great wine. As a Canadian, I feel it is a duty to visit as many provinces as possible in your lifetime and maybe save the boring ones for last. Everytime I hashtag #PEI on twitter it automatically gets retweeted by some Prince Edward Island bot account, love it.

If you’re a Raymi superfan then you’ll know this image isn’t redundant exactly. The other one I posted over the summer is of me jumping in the air like an idiot. We were hung asf then checked-out and drove to the coast. Over the course of our one night in Charlottetown, we hit every hipster bar there was and found all the things I needed to find. Reminded me of a night in Ottawa, it’s not a huge city so you can make your moves to see all the right spots in a night. You can’t do that in Toronto unless you have a time machine.

The post I had in the pan for a night at The Spoke Club is kaput now as I have lost all those images except for this. It’s hard to be organized as someone in the creative sector when I am the only employee I have. My job is at night, these events, so when I’m recovering the next day there is no one to get on board and just do it for me. When I was younger I was able to get out many blog posts in a day. My life is fuller now I think is why, I do “too much” and am satiated for the most part so I don’t see the need to blog it right away desperately so. I should be though because when I do, traffic goes up, more clients, etc etc etc.

So many awesome things happen from this blog and when they do they are great motivators to keep doing it. It was a trip to meet Ollya and her husband was just like what is going on here I was like, I am her hero I know you can’t tell by looking at me sorry hahah. She was posing with me in a line-up of chicks and I asked my friend, who is she to remind me how I knew her because I didn’t want to look rude and he (mistakenly) said we met her on Halloween. Wrong. She has read my blog for ten years, knows peers of mine and when we started turning up in each other’s pictures she was like you know Raymi?? She didn’t know I’d be turning up to Shanny’s party last Thursday. AND. All these other women were majorly nice to me and praising it really lifted me up. I really fucking hate mean girls so, when everyone gets along it’s like a high. Meeting people who love my blog and hearing it has gotten them through some rough times makes me go FUCK YEAH.

This summer I didn’t beach as much as I’d have liked to. There were hot girls in bikinis all around us hating the fact we were taking pictures. Oh get over it this isn’t about you.

On way to a lunch meeting I’m checking out if my disaster of a hangover is noticeable LOL. My boobs look big here cos I’m wearing a bikini top, no magic to it actually.

Don’t think I ever posted this. Forget where I wore this ding dong outfit probably just to metro. Sometimes it takes time and space to be comfortable posting the silly pics I take.

What a day this was. I’m bummed to lose the loads of pics on my phone I never got around to blogging. Boat owner was at party other night and I am invited back on the boat if I bring girls in bikinis with me. Guys and their jib bunnies..I don’t write the rules I just play by ‘em. I always seem to have leg bruises. I am tall and my thighs graze the bed frame here or a counter, table. Tall girl problems.

Managed to save this. It was a paid shoot but I didn’t receive nearly enough of the photos we took together which makes me curious as all hell. Let me know if you find them floating around on some overseas pr0n site jeez.

Nip shot! From same day as shoot. I get as slender as I can but different lingerie pieces can make your body look blobbier. Meh.

Me and all my friends. ha. Actually four girls were watching and heckling me so I party-monstered them into feeling really bad about themselves for bullying me and then we all posed together and became party besties. Wonder if they still read my blog ahah.

My first time in Detroit. Ahh, Detroit. Where to begin lol.

As crazy as 2015 was all around, and by cray I mean amazing. It has been eye-opening as an artist. It’s not hard to just DO THINGS. Have an idea, then fucking do it. Then do it again and better. What does this all mean? It’s got to mean something. I’m a special breed and some people discovered me, shon a bit of light on me. Don’t ever listen to your haters. They hate you cos they ain’t you. It’s such a waste of time and unhealthy. They mean nothing to me. Look at my enriched life don’t I look busy being a ding dong? Happily so.

I get to see this all the time. It’s like my power wall. Good memories. Even when it’s overcast the paint is bright blue and glowing. Detroit has it going on again. You’ve seen these before but for some reason I sent them to myself for this post so enjoy them again!

TIFF party.

Another film fest party. This summer was bananaanannaas. We dashed out to the car at one point and on this adorb street I jumped into this walkway for a photo.

Hmm gauging by this pose and face I am probs about 70% licked by this point. When we bounced from the party we drove to the country in the night and I was wrapped in a blanket containment bundle in the front seat because I did not want to do this trip just before going to Detroit but we did it anyway.

For some reason there was a Bill Cosby one up on the wall too.

I got about 3 glasses of champagne out of that chick.


My hair looks like a total wig here. This was an excellent night.

Shorts weather. Sigh.

My wardrobe for a tv series I am in that will be airing this month. I have a lot of scenes and I snort (pretend) drugs. Can’t wait.

That’s all for now. Come see me at Swan Dive tonight 1631 Dundas St I’ll be there 9-FOREVER xoxo.

I am being annoyed

Hi guys. It’s me again. My blog traffic has been snowballing I keep telling you, so now I gotta feed the monkey and be somewhat consistent with my bullshit here like I can even recall what I said last, the rich content (images/youtube) blerh blah. I have two lives. I have two names. Can you blame me?

As I turn the page on to part two of my life now that I am back in Toronto, with new eyes. It feels pretty cool. December was hella stressful, a lot going on and January is only phase II of crazytown for your hero. Lots of changes this month as well. I have several ongoing projects alongside clients, new gigs and things to do, see, endorse, show up to and so on, and the social media correspondences that never. seem. to. fucking. end. I am snapping on a few of my elite fans lately and being gifted sweet merciful karma in the forms of obsessive compulsive texting messaging me relentlessly dept. and my patience has been beyond tested. I also have a psychotic stalker who talks about me to herself all day long (libelously!) in a messageboard as well as subtweets me and emulates everything about me while bashing me obsessively. I’ve just super had enough.

It was a struggle to communicate hey I am on vacation in Detroit LEAVE ME ALONE I was anxious about returning to Toronto to this shitstorm of people just wanting to drag me into their lives again, their drama. I still plan to not be a part of it like fuck I’m busy let me work. I designed my own life please let me live it.

Despite all my rage I’m still just a whatever in a something. Moving along now! I bought the three ding dongs these hats. Mom said I left mine in Oakville godsarnit!

I am excited about my shift today at Swan Dive
I am blogging my nerves out here as well as just blogging for the joy of it. Blogging is great for your metabolism because it can be stressful asf especially when you are squeezing it between doing other shit on your list.

Bloody Mary bar. Not called a caesar bar like I inish thought. Bloody Mary is American. It goes down to the differences in our tomato juice, so stupid, who cares!!?!?

Wasn’t in drinking mood too bad. You get a glass of vodka from the bar and off you go to town here. Click to enlarge.

One of my ratchet looks. Funeral procesh went by. Sad. Crushed a burg in a min. Happy.

I want to become a better dancer. I will become a better dancer. Dancing at the bar is gonna be tight. Maybe Babysitting Money (one of my dj alter-egos) will get to spread their wings and soar.

Am probably wearing that little wee green number tonight. I will be a human jungle. Oh lawrdy.

When the neighbours are completely brilliant too and you are like is this even real.

RSSR wanted me in these glasses from day one. I wear a lot of specs. I have a thing about the bridge part of the nose being too wide, too much for my nose. Anyway I like how this photo turned out okay I am not always right.

Bruv that passport has been around the block and then some.

This is a mod trench. feeeeeeeeeeling it.

It was so good. I still ate a bag of chips afterward. I just love American chips. I want it I eat it the end.

Like the Slave for you Britney spears video pink thong over her jeans you know I already tried it on like that as well the first night when they showered gifts on me and I was beginning of trip skinny. One of my favourite gifts thank you!

We support this Pure Detroit store all the time.

To be continued… see you later!

when am I

Hello fraus. What a week it has been. So wonderful. I have like, a million stories. I guess we can begin at NYE. The Royal Oak Music Theater. L and I and R were the best dressed assholes in the joint (Deren said so) and speaking of, I finally got to meet one of my e-besties Deren Ney of Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers. He’s one of my fav whatsapp collections. Nicki has been in a GAP ad, they’ve played the national anthem at baseball stadiums and shit. Big times.

You know how we became friendly fires? I did a dance video to their Hall and Oates cover song and boom. History. We were supposed to meet on April 1 but I went to Aruba for my 30th a couple year’s back as he blew into Toronto – sad face. A few near misses since 2012 as he is a touring rock and roller but not this fucking time! It was a moment asf. I spread it that he was my brother and you would not believe how quickly it caught on and he said all my and Lizzy’s front row antics were hilarious. Best time yassss.

The music video in question. fun trick. mute this. play it to ANY SONG YOU WANT AND IT WORKS.

Minxed all up around the joint.

The next morning. I don’t look so mangled do I now. If you fall asleep in your party dress then you weren’t so much a devil the night before. Party girl rule of thumb up yer bum.

Go big or go home. Or. Go big THEN go home. As we did. Lul. This pic brang in some star quality attention whup-wuuup.

The voyage began in a small town called fonthill. So many joyous computer font puns just ran through my head you don’t even wanna know. We stayed in a modern home. A big part of modern homes involves cement. Such as these steps. The floors were heated but lemme tell ya from my bare ass, this particular step wasn’t. I am trying to build more confidence with nude modeling, artistic and candid hipster Raymi magic etc so yeah. Just in posting them. I always feel the sting before the burn of my ego’s grapple over should I or shouldn’t I plus WHO am I? Just fucking do it, right? Slutever says if you’re going to post one nude you may as well post nine thousand. And how dare I say!

We spent the night and had a nice late brunch of beautiful homemade quiche, mimosas. It was lovely. It has been a nice holiday. Been dying to unwind for a month now and shut off my phone.

An adorb, spooky, whimsical and oh so perfect treehouse in the backyard. Said I slept in it and the internet believed me like a firestorm. YO CHILL!

You know how much of a glory hog that I am so you know I loved the vip treatments of Kame & Kettle brewery the new mastermind godsend to the tiny beautiful town of Fonthill. That’s my second FH endorsement! Drop in for a gorgeous pint of craft OPA beer in this brewery if you’re one of those roadtrip date artists, take her here. L and I serenaded them to Adele’s Hello when it came on and all the regulars loved it. They have board games too! Bring your own picnic even.

Then we drove to Detroit and crushed some A&W along the way. It never ceases to amaze me how fast I can eat a hamburger.

Our Christmas festivities continued over at Daddy Doc’s. He was supposed to head out by 8 but the dream team kind of changed those plans once we arrived with a bottle of this crazy chocolate coffee liquer shit woooooooowhee Bethlehem it was good asf times. We went over again to play the other night and I got into a chainmail body suit let me tell you it was a bit scary and exhilarating I have newfound respect for the S&M scene you crazy fcuks! Getting it off was the scary part I am very protective of my blond hair which is loads more delicate now. It took all three of them to get it off me and we had to put a hipster toque over my face, head, hair and neck. It pinched too a bit. Okay more on that later I haven’t even uploaded a picture of it.

My traveling workspace takes many forms and shapes you should see what it looks like right now haha.

Selfies at Doc’s are funny and fun. I’m overwhelmed with murterial for dis blog.

Orgasmic chicken was had in Mexican Town once we left Doc’s place. I have a picture of the name of this place on my phone if you really wanna know. We got a bird for the road too and ate it over the course of the next 48 hours. Just sharing my life with you people!

I was extremely spoiled in gifts by these people. Can’t even. Hashtag so blessed (that’s a Jonah Hill joke rip-off) but anyway it’s so true.

I heard on facebook that we should not humble brag anymore but to just straight up brag. So fine. This guy chased me down. Twice. To tell me I was an unbelievably hot beautiful woman. That has not happened in a long time or like maybe ever? I felt I should mention it. Lizzy and I were little rascals hehe.

Getting ready for the night. There was another awesome one of these where I am flipping the bird but I thought the sky would fall if I posted it so I went the safe dumb dumb route. Lizzy’s face brings all the boys to the yard.

Our pal Doc is a man of many hats. A photographer, music show producer guy plus day job but anyway he has a collection of props for said photoshoots and it is fun to hang there.

Oh my gosh the day has just flown by. Time to wrap this up. Soon.

Lurve this coat.

Might shoot another video tonight. Very very fun.

Learning where to stay within the lines of. See how I can’t take authority at all lol.

Arm bling blang.

Lots of new dresses spoiled and rotten. That’s my thing. Come see me in action Thursday night at Swan Dive btw.

Nostrovia! Over and out.

it’s my New York

Not to sound like a super old white man but boy do I miss the old days sometimes. Its 1:30pm. By now, several years ago I would have had two awesome blog posts up and 4,000 blog views to show for it. By midnight I’d be at 9k. Had I known the internet and my life would turn my brain to swiss cheese like so I might have relaxed a bit on the social media front. I am gently to greatly trying to undo those bad habits. We will begin at technological then gradually coast into chemical. Winkity wink. My phone in short, is driving me crazy. Mass-communications. I’m in a loop.

I am pretty sure my Detroit friends will love and hate my blog title. A lot of people ask me “Why Detroit?” I spend a week each month there. I went for my sixth time and got back yesterday. What’s up with Detroit? -aside, and why do I go there. I mean I see myself as this vagabond type who “sometimes does things”. This day in age, I am completely wrong as stated before about how no one stops and reflects anymore, cos people have always stopped and reflected on me and when it happens in droves it can overwhelm me. When I see those who drive me insane on purpose doing it together from different avenues I fucking explode. Which is happening now to be frank.

It comes with online popularity exposure obsession. You get disgusted with yourself too. I got to a point last night in bed where I was like okay I am going to DO ALL THIS GOOOOOD. Creatives go to the brink and back again. I made this ranty Facebook post yesterday, I did it to myself, although and to be honest I was expecting to be ignored. As usual! I just wanted to say it then run away from it but then “it got all these likes” which means absoloutely nothing other than a personal triumph that people maybe sometimes need. Then the playa haters came out and chimed in. I just want to be an artist and yeah, only get nice feedback. I want to say this is an orange and have people agree that it’s an orange. Just let me share, is that cool? So the chopping block came out and unfriending has begun. Instead of feeling like shit about it I am feeling great. I’m going to go back to sharing my amazing life and trip to Detroit now though.

Before I forget, here is a 16 year rtm anniversary montage RSSR put together for me thx buddy and thx to all fer sticking by me all these years here’s to sixteen more and to flying cars.

Maybe I should have put pants on for this photo and saved myself the headache. I liked how it was the only photo I took where I liked my face, the lighting of it and my hair was pretty blond. I was mid-changing. This is how my life happens and how I document it, I don’t think about it or plan a way to buck the system.

Lizzy planned a surprise bday for her dad so we went to Windsor for the grand affair. We got balloons done up and some party crap for the table and dad to wear. Lizzy ordered and had made an epic cake too. These are Lady Gaga glasses we couldn’t figure out why they were so bloody cool. Then I noticed the decal on the side. Oh. Right. Reminded me of the pink paint I wore for Theatre Bizarre’s night 2.

Ghetto Recorders Studios used to be housed behind me here. Sacred ground. Sometimes you just got to throw down an MJ pose in some steam to give thanks. Thanksgiving week afterall.

Had a super lovely brunch at Townhouse. Detroit is such a holiday experience for me because Lizzy always orders for us. I don’t have to make decisions. I mean sometimes I do yes. I appreciate dining with foodies who make all the right calls.

This was cheese night. Oh we went there. Talkin’ Limburger, a citrus ginger asiago (meh), I forget the others you can look on my FB if you super want to know. I wore my prom dress for the occasion. It looks slinkier on me now than it did when I was 18 it’s basically like wearing a drape that’s a shift you could be pregnant and look amaze in it. We are drinking Malbec if you must know.

Then I destroyed the universe when I walked by this tiny car.

I’m going to amp up my cardio and aerobics. Use the pool. I want to get toned. Goals goals goals.

Raymes Bond.

Detroit Tigers what’s up.

Pizza party night.

Yep I’m that guy.

No trip to the D is complete w/o visiting Doc. Brought him his fav drink too. Squirt and Tequila. Yes it’s true I would not let the word squirt go for a good 5 minutes or so. Squirt is grapefruit-based. Which is kinda pee tastey not that I drink pee but it’s an acquired sharp taste sometimes like blechhhhhhhhhhh enough. Um. Yeah.

Sometimes it feels fruitless to humble brag about shit my audience wont care about or know about. Anyway. I was asked to flash the crowd (camera flash not tits) for the videographer filming Marc Houle’s set. He’s a BIG DEAL in Europe. Straight outta Windsor. This was at TV lounge we went right from the train over the border to Detroit. I changed on the train. All so exciting. Every time I photographed the crowd they all raised their arms for me now I know why dj’s feel like messiahs. Minxed about vip asf up there it was our one big night out.

Detroit has so much amazing WTF. One could classify it as a cold New Orleans. Oooooooooooooooh-wheeeeee they gon’ love this!

A Pure Detroit store is housed in the Guardian Building. Which is an Aztec, art-deco inspired grandiosity of a structure. This is where my Detroit City shirt came from and you get a free coffee when you buy it. The city of Detroit gives love to all fellow vendors and really pumps the economy there this is why the art scene is booming, etc.

Life is all about balance.

TV lounge photoshoot. My first nights in Detroit are always a bit batty, wild, fun, where the heck am I? I meet a lot of Canadians in Detroit.

Gaga glasses.

White Stripes did their first two albums behind me here. Jack White chatted up Lizzy last week at Gold Cash Gold. Nice nice.

LG did an awesome blend that she smeared all over this chicken while in her lingerie. I smashed the sesame seeds for her with that mortar and pestle. I was not in lingerie though I was probably dressed like hot garbage which is lingerie to some.

Spotted in Windsor. Obviously French.

Lots of dope shit in #Detroit like the Heidelberg Project where this artist took an entire neighbourhood and constructed the most insane installations plot by plot and people come from worldwide to see it. This is just one of many constructions I captured for ya.

Yesterday afternoon. Turrah!

The Guardian Building is so opulant. I don’t know how I feel about Christmas this year. It’s going to be a crazy asf month.

I thought these were stolen when we stayed at The Sheraton. They weren’t. My superhero boots. I put them on and pranced around like a clompy giraffe with no actual prancing, are these too much? Yes. Very much so and very much so aren’t coming off.

Sometimes you just got to toast yo damn self.

Eat chicken in bed.

The two L’s.

Brunch was delightful.



Can you tell we have a fun time? Why Detroit? This is why. Because ding dong.

This store doesn’t have the shot glass I’ve been eyeing for Johnny. Ughhhh.

Another Heidelberg Project house. TTYL everyone it’s quittin’ time tootle-ooh to be continued.

what about a mild animal

You may have seen the bunch of photos you’re about to see here now but you haven’t read these biting, gripping captions OR you might be blocked from all social platforms of mine and not seen nuthin’ yet! It’s better to always look at everything on my blog anyway because it’s the full-shot and nothing is cut off like my feet. My ello is amazing also because it makes everything poster gigantic-sized.

I used to be so good to my blog and generally don’t feel relaxed until I get my goods blogged here. A lot of people out there have crap they’re behind in updating their websites with (hopefully it isn’t just me) so, there.

There was a round table vodka-chugging joke thread on my facebook that got me steamed and was hilarious. When it wasn’t infuriating!!! Bahah. All to just distract from how hot I am nice try IDIOTS. Man you’re going to love this post so much cos you hate me.



I do not have a future in cake-decorating not yet anyhow. The guy was like I GOTTA SEE THIS and the actual cake artist just took off before we arrived. I drew the worst fugliest ear ever and put red icing for blood. It looked like an abstract bleeding vagina. The cashier checking us out was like “????” when he peered into the cake box then he was like O_O but super polite, didn’t ask. I think we forced the story onto him. Probably. Definitely. I almost had a meltdown at the pops chips sample guy I had no patience and the ding dong kept stuttering THEN wanted to give us more samples in my head I was like CMON GUY! If he didn’t take so long my cake would have been professionally decorated. It was funny shopping there and we had a great time. America sells goofy crap. Whole Foods sells WAY goofy crap. Spiced cranberry juice? Let me at it.

And these are just the ones I can show you.

Did some Repcap placement shots have been largely feeling these hats and got a lot of attention Friday night at the thing I went to when I wore one.

photo destroyxbeauty

I’m loving all the new friends I’m making lately. I am all about branching out, embracing talented people, creatives, and encouraging them as well as helping them with their craft, being a mentor, conduit of sorts, connector… it is really gratifying and makes me happy to help those who need it when I can. I have a lot of things in the pan on the go. Very inertia right now. I need to be I need to get shit done so on and so forth. Meeting an important person soon via my lit agent this week I been on fiya yo and ya don’t stoppppp. Embracing a lot of arts stuff in general right now too as well as creating okay that’s all haha. I kind of just need to do a lot of shit like crazy until my book just starts spilling out of me. People who are idle stay that way. Not me bro.

Happy to be getting my hair done this week too. Thank God.

Happy to see this Q&A. Output, output, output.

I don’t know what to say hahaha. RSSR chose this. It’s pretty bad ass. So are the tights I took a lot of erotic selfies in them I will admit and will show someday. Tides are a-changing and I am all about threats.

Last night was great. Hung out with Dave Love, Boylord drummer. We behaved like children and listened to speed metal at Sneaky Dee’s Pantera 90’s everything it was so great and we drank wine in Bellwoods. Got carded too. Sick yo!

We’ve chosen more songs to cover also! They’re all my favourites of course. Winter is the time for music.

Another good one.


That’s all for now!


Raymi Toronto Post for ya fyi btw! I had a great time last Thursday visiting/talking social media marketing for office phone networks at Standard IP Telecom with John Conn the CEO and Founder at their headquarters on 33 Laird Dr just south of Eglinton. Not that their address matters much as Standard Telecom doesn’t have walk-ins, or even a YELP profile. They sell to businesses who need new phones or better phones or cheaper phones for their employees, and those types of consumers definitely shop online these days.

Who’s gonna blog your wild horses

Hey bros! On Saturday evening in Detroit we went out to Antietam on Gratiot Avenue for some amazing french cuisine. Sometimes, you just got to treat yoselves!

Behind me is the Masonic Temple. The largest in the world. That is where we partied for Theatre Bizarre. Masons get that playground for themselves whenever they want. Awesome.

We love eating at the bar.

Doorknob taps. Reminds me of 1049 Cedar Grove blvd.

Gal got great style.

Beet tart with creme fraiche and arugula salad mmmm.

This french resto was so old world down the the bathroom fixtures so gangster. I adored the bar of soap on that spindle hello little house on the prairie. We made friends with these nice older chicks (sister-in-laws having a girl’s weekend) and they showed me footage of that hot air balloon festival and it was bananas like a Sony Bravia Ad. They loved me. Just saying.

We dined on oxtail (gamey, weird?) and steak tartar (I love it).

Yum as hell. I am looking fwd to my fancy train meal later on #spoiled yet again. Bittersweetly so.

Some interesting backstory here no doubt.

The restaurant is beside this mural, more or less. Love it.

A lot of beautiful murals by great artists about the area. The art scene is booming in Detroit “I know things”.

Detroit Tigers, guy!

This Cliff Bells joint was a mighty amazing trip through time. Detroit is a new culture to me, I forget this at times but then I go to a place like Cliff Bells and I immediately remember I ain’ts in Toronto no mo and I friggin’ diggit.

We thought we spied a famous basketball player of course no idea or clue who or what team but the place just has this kind of magic dazzle and quality to it where stars go to hear jazz and blues. I am very blessed and fortunate to have been given a tour of Detroit and seen a lot of record studios, last living legends play live music here and learn the complete history of this sacred musical ground. I was not expecting this post to turn in to a rock review but there you have it. I saw Dennis fucking Coffey last night. Don’t even get me started. I’ll have to come back here and finish. This trip was an inspiration voyage for sure. It’s great for my book.

Love. Also last night at Northern Lights Lounge (Diana Ross’ stomping grounds and not the bathroom seen above/Motown Records is around the corner also) the owner Michael remembered me. Said, hey you, from Toronto – you’re the leggy one. Last night was tight.

Saturday night was also epic. Hadn’t gone out a lot this trip because we were nursing Lizzy’s ear post-surgery (long story) so a lot of indoor Netflix and eating plus computers. Above, Sam Fazio nailed it. He also was interesting as hell to watch because he showed no emotion whatsoever which then made him seem very emotional to me. Stoic? Intense and vacant. You know I like that shit. I patted him on the back during a break in the set and said blah blah you’re great he nodded, I wasn’t an apparition to the guy and thankfully I stopped myself from informing him he was wooden AF emotionally as a performer and left it at that.

The Detroit Opera house is now an indoor parking lot. A casualty of the Detroit economy bullshit. This is a picture of it on Lizzy’s phone from googling it, we didn’t go inside although I would have loved to see that with my own eyes. Imagine parking your car beneath the most ornate ceiling you ever did in your lifetime. Speechless. I saw the exterior facade, however. This is all downtown Detroit proper.

I have to find where those glasses are before I leave today ha ha.


Brunch babies.

Going through a lot of these now.

So much more later xo.