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when am I

Hello fraus. What a week it has been. So wonderful. I have like, a million stories. I guess we can begin at NYE. The Royal Oak Music Theater. L and I and R were the best dressed assholes in the joint (Deren said so) and speaking of, I finally got to meet one of my e-besties Deren Ney of Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers. He’s one of my fav whatsapp collections. Nicki has been in a GAP ad, they’ve played the national anthem at baseball stadiums and shit. Big times.

You know how we became friendly fires? I did a dance video to their Hall and Oates cover song and boom. History. We were supposed to meet on April 1 but I went to Aruba for my 30th a couple year’s back as he blew into Toronto – sad face. A few near misses since 2012 as he is a touring rock and roller but not this fucking time! It was a moment asf. I spread it that he was my brother and you would not believe how quickly it caught on and he said all my and Lizzy’s front row antics were hilarious. Best time yassss.

The music video in question. fun trick. mute this. play it to ANY SONG YOU WANT AND IT WORKS.

Minxed all up around the joint.

The next morning. I don’t look so mangled do I now. If you fall asleep in your party dress then you weren’t so much a devil the night before. Party girl rule of thumb up yer bum.

Go big or go home. Or. Go big THEN go home. As we did. Lul. This pic brang in some star quality attention whup-wuuup.

The voyage began in a small town called fonthill. So many joyous computer font puns just ran through my head you don’t even wanna know. We stayed in a modern home. A big part of modern homes involves cement. Such as these steps. The floors were heated but lemme tell ya from my bare ass, this particular step wasn’t. I am trying to build more confidence with nude modeling, artistic and candid hipster Raymi magic etc so yeah. Just in posting them. I always feel the sting before the burn of my ego’s grapple over should I or shouldn’t I plus WHO am I? Just fucking do it, right? Slutever says if you’re going to post one nude you may as well post nine thousand. And how dare I say!

We spent the night and had a nice late brunch of beautiful homemade quiche, mimosas. It was lovely. It has been a nice holiday. Been dying to unwind for a month now and shut off my phone.

An adorb, spooky, whimsical and oh so perfect treehouse in the backyard. Said I slept in it and the internet believed me like a firestorm. YO CHILL!

You know how much of a glory hog that I am so you know I loved the vip treatments of Kame & Kettle brewery the new mastermind godsend to the tiny beautiful town of Fonthill. That’s my second FH endorsement! Drop in for a gorgeous pint of craft OPA beer in this brewery if you’re one of those roadtrip date artists, take her here. L and I serenaded them to Adele’s Hello when it came on and all the regulars loved it. They have board games too! Bring your own picnic even.

Then we drove to Detroit and crushed some A&W along the way. It never ceases to amaze me how fast I can eat a hamburger.

Our Christmas festivities continued over at Daddy Doc’s. He was supposed to head out by 8 but the dream team kind of changed those plans once we arrived with a bottle of this crazy chocolate coffee liquer shit woooooooowhee Bethlehem it was good asf times. We went over again to play the other night and I got into a chainmail body suit let me tell you it was a bit scary and exhilarating I have newfound respect for the S&M scene you crazy fcuks! Getting it off was the scary part I am very protective of my blond hair which is loads more delicate now. It took all three of them to get it off me and we had to put a hipster toque over my face, head, hair and neck. It pinched too a bit. Okay more on that later I haven’t even uploaded a picture of it.

My traveling workspace takes many forms and shapes you should see what it looks like right now haha.

Selfies at Doc’s are funny and fun. I’m overwhelmed with murterial for dis blog.

Orgasmic chicken was had in Mexican Town once we left Doc’s place. I have a picture of the name of this place on my phone if you really wanna know. We got a bird for the road too and ate it over the course of the next 48 hours. Just sharing my life with you people!

I was extremely spoiled in gifts by these people. Can’t even. Hashtag so blessed (that’s a Jonah Hill joke rip-off) but anyway it’s so true.

I heard on facebook that we should not humble brag anymore but to just straight up brag. So fine. This guy chased me down. Twice. To tell me I was an unbelievably hot beautiful woman. That has not happened in a long time or like maybe ever? I felt I should mention it. Lizzy and I were little rascals hehe.

Getting ready for the night. There was another awesome one of these where I am flipping the bird but I thought the sky would fall if I posted it so I went the safe dumb dumb route. Lizzy’s face brings all the boys to the yard.

Our pal Doc is a man of many hats. A photographer, music show producer guy plus day job but anyway he has a collection of props for said photoshoots and it is fun to hang there.

Oh my gosh the day has just flown by. Time to wrap this up. Soon.

Lurve this coat.

Might shoot another video tonight. Very very fun.

Learning where to stay within the lines of. See how I can’t take authority at all lol.

Arm bling blang.

Lots of new dresses spoiled and rotten. That’s my thing. Come see me in action Thursday night at Swan Dive btw.

Nostrovia! Over and out.

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  1. Raymi even in my line of work where I am always meeting interesting and talented people you stand head and shoulders above other folks. You impressed me so much in your style and charm and humor. I don’t think you realize how taken I was with you. I wanted to talk to you for ten more hours. I was damn into you before but now I know for a fact you’re one of the coolest humans ever. Cannot wait to do it again!!

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