what about a mild animal

You may have seen the bunch of photos you’re about to see here now but you haven’t read these biting, gripping captions OR you might be blocked from all social platforms of mine and not seen nuthin’ yet! It’s better to always look at everything on my blog anyway because it’s the full-shot and nothing is cut off like my feet. My ello is amazing also because it makes everything poster gigantic-sized.

I used to be so good to my blog and generally don’t feel relaxed until I get my goods blogged here. A lot of people out there have crap they’re behind in updating their websites with (hopefully it isn’t just me) so, there.

There was a round table vodka-chugging joke thread on my facebook that got me steamed and was hilarious. When it wasn’t infuriating!!! Bahah. All to just distract from how hot I am nice try IDIOTS. Man you’re going to love this post so much cos you hate me.



I do not have a future in cake-decorating not yet anyhow. The guy was like I GOTTA SEE THIS and the actual cake artist just took off before we arrived. I drew the worst fugliest ear ever and put red icing for blood. It looked like an abstract bleeding vagina. The cashier checking us out was like “????” when he peered into the cake box then he was like O_O but super polite, didn’t ask. I think we forced the story onto him. Probably. Definitely. I almost had a meltdown at the pops chips sample guy I had no patience and the ding dong kept stuttering THEN wanted to give us more samples in my head I was like CMON GUY! If he didn’t take so long my cake would have been professionally decorated. It was funny shopping there and we had a great time. America sells goofy crap. Whole Foods sells WAY goofy crap. Spiced cranberry juice? Let me at it.

And these are just the ones I can show you.

Did some Repcap placement shots have been largely feeling these hats and got a lot of attention Friday night at the thing I went to when I wore one.

photo destroyxbeauty

I’m loving all the new friends I’m making lately. I am all about branching out, embracing talented people, creatives, and encouraging them as well as helping them with their craft, being a mentor, conduit of sorts, connector… it is really gratifying and makes me happy to help those who need it when I can. I have a lot of things in the pan on the go. Very inertia right now. I need to be I need to get shit done so on and so forth. Meeting an important person soon via my lit agent this week I been on fiya yo and ya don’t stoppppp. Embracing a lot of arts stuff in general right now too as well as creating okay that’s all haha. I kind of just need to do a lot of shit like crazy until my book just starts spilling out of me. People who are idle stay that way. Not me bro.

Happy to be getting my hair done this week too. Thank God.

Happy to see this Q&A. Output, output, output.

I don’t know what to say hahaha. RSSR chose this. It’s pretty bad ass. So are the tights I took a lot of erotic selfies in them I will admit and will show someday. Tides are a-changing and I am all about threats.

Last night was great. Hung out with Dave Love, Boylord drummer. We behaved like children and listened to speed metal at Sneaky Dee’s Pantera 90’s everything it was so great and we drank wine in Bellwoods. Got carded too. Sick yo!

We’ve chosen more songs to cover also! They’re all my favourites of course. Winter is the time for music.

Another good one.


That’s all for now!


Raymi Toronto Post for ya fyi btw! I had a great time last Thursday visiting/talking social media marketing for office phone networks at Standard IP Telecom with John Conn the CEO and Founder at their headquarters on 33 Laird Dr just south of Eglinton. Not that their address matters much as Standard Telecom doesn’t have walk-ins, or even a YELP profile. They sell to businesses who need new phones or better phones or cheaper phones for their employees, and those types of consumers definitely shop online these days.