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I am being annoyed

Hi guys. It’s me again. My blog traffic has been snowballing I keep telling you, so now I gotta feed the monkey and be somewhat consistent with my bullshit here like I can even recall what I said last, the rich content (images/youtube) blerh blah. I have two lives. I have two names. Can you blame me?

As I turn the page on to part two of my life now that I am back in Toronto, with new eyes. It feels pretty cool. December was hella stressful, a lot going on and January is only phase II of crazytown for your hero. Lots of changes this month as well. I have several ongoing projects alongside clients, new gigs and things to do, see, endorse, show up to and so on, and the social media correspondences that never. seem. to. fucking. end. I am snapping on a few of my elite fans lately and being gifted sweet merciful karma in the forms of obsessive compulsive texting messaging me relentlessly dept. and my patience has been beyond tested. I also have a psychotic stalker who talks about me to herself all day long (libelously!) in a messageboard as well as subtweets me and emulates everything about me while bashing me obsessively. I’ve just super had enough.

It was a struggle to communicate hey I am on vacation in Detroit LEAVE ME ALONE I was anxious about returning to Toronto to this shitstorm of people just wanting to drag me into their lives again, their drama. I still plan to not be a part of it like fuck I’m busy let me work. I designed my own life please let me live it.

Despite all my rage I’m still just a whatever in a something. Moving along now! I bought the three ding dongs these hats. Mom said I left mine in Oakville godsarnit!

I am excited about my shift today at Swan Dive
I am blogging my nerves out here as well as just blogging for the joy of it. Blogging is great for your metabolism because it can be stressful asf especially when you are squeezing it between doing other shit on your list.

Bloody Mary bar. Not called a caesar bar like I inish thought. Bloody Mary is American. It goes down to the differences in our tomato juice, so stupid, who cares!!?!?

Wasn’t in drinking mood too bad. You get a glass of vodka from the bar and off you go to town here. Click to enlarge.

One of my ratchet looks. Funeral procesh went by. Sad. Crushed a burg in a min. Happy.

I want to become a better dancer. I will become a better dancer. Dancing at the bar is gonna be tight. Maybe Babysitting Money (one of my dj alter-egos) will get to spread their wings and soar.

Am probably wearing that little wee green number tonight. I will be a human jungle. Oh lawrdy.

When the neighbours are completely brilliant too and you are like is this even real.

RSSR wanted me in these glasses from day one. I wear a lot of specs. I have a thing about the bridge part of the nose being too wide, too much for my nose. Anyway I like how this photo turned out okay I am not always right.

Bruv that passport has been around the block and then some.

This is a mod trench. feeeeeeeeeeling it.

It was so good. I still ate a bag of chips afterward. I just love American chips. I want it I eat it the end.

Like the Slave for you Britney spears video pink thong over her jeans you know I already tried it on like that as well the first night when they showered gifts on me and I was beginning of trip skinny. One of my favourite gifts thank you!

We support this Pure Detroit store all the time.

To be continued… see you later!

4 thoughts on “I am being annoyed

  1. The bloody mary setup is amazing! Isn’t the difference that a bloody mary is made with tomato juice and a caesar is made with clamato? Top notch Xmas tree pic of you Raymi

  2. Two lives, two names, I’m feeling you on that one. And one of those lives is always being neglected. Not only that, but since most people are seeing only one of them at a time (and seeing none of the shit behind the scenes for either one–just because I overshare sometimes still doesn’t mean I’m sharing EVERYTHING, fucking hell) they act like I’m lazy or crazy for mentioning being stressed. As if that’s any of their business. Someone’s emotional state is not some shit for you to dispute the validity of alsdkfjsalkdfjklasdf

    Anyway, end mini-rant, what my point was really meant to be is that despite all that nonsense, you’re still managing to make shit look easy (and of course people will find fault with that, too…), and you’ve been super inspirational to me lately. You look great and from this side seem to be having so much fun and as always, amazing experiences and opportunities, so fuck any clowns trying to bring you down.

    Also, that bloody Mary bar… I want to go to there. It’s basically a salad bar. I vote to upgrade all regular salad bars to that.

  3. It’s not always sunshine and Raymbos even when it is there’s always something “to worry about” just make the best of everything when you can. Cutting negativity and toxicity from your life is also a great move. Living your truth and doing things you want to do. Simple concept but lost on many.

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