The worst thing you can do to a kid today is tell them they’re normal.

It’s Up!!!!! READ IT! Nate is my muse. Rules. Make sure you go through his site too there’s a lot of fun shit in there.

Aaaaand here is my daily harassment reminder to vote for PBE we’re up for two social media awards in Vancouver, another reason to get me out west to visit the Raymi fans out there. Please take a sec and vote at these two links that would be uh-maaaazing. Vote:

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btw last night ruled too. More on that later. xo

The Raymi Noose

Someone told me to hashtag everything in instagram cos that’s when the magic happens. So I did. I love this gothic thing. Scare-terrarium. #timburton approved. Then Tim Burton LIKED THIS PICTURE. –sonic boom– That guy is like my idol. Nightmare before Christmas was like my best friend (on vhs) for a little while, punctured by lots of books #nerdalert but in any event Tim Burton was emo before emo was emo and I dig that. Am emo. I used to sing NBXmas to the tv and maybe I never got over playing Scrooge one Christmas play a week after my grandfather died. Drama complex. If there was a broadway rendition of this film I would BE Jack Skellington. It’s nice to have bizarre interests to funnel your creative weirdness energy in to. Thanks Mr. Burton. Ps. Batman Returns is well-awesome too.

Random stacked titles I felt represented us pretty good. Guess the one of these I haven’t seen (passed out in the first ten minutes).

Ronald Mcdonald gone hipster.

Some other big deal sportscaster guy tweeted at me the other day too. I love when that happens.

After Les Mis the other night we also shared this. Sugar sugar sugar. You know I didn’t order it because there’s no sauce.

End of Watch is an amazing movie btw. Bro movie all the way. Disturbing, very.

This morning.

Hope to see you guys tonight! It’s going to be fun. Shake off that winter stir cray. <3

It’s been “one of those weeks”.

Saying so long in the most f–up way to my sweet tooth. What are we gonna dance to today I wonder. I’m putting together my dodgeball outfit too. That’s tomorrwoah. Provided I don’t bail or hit’er too hard tonight. You get mad adrenaline from bartending so who knows (I know). X-oh yo.

Shut up I’m working here.

Okay maybe this phone is a little bit big. You comin’ Friday? Come party with meee! I will be on display behind the bar all night long where you will be guaranteed a locked-in gander. Tanya is djing and bartending too.

I have our lips sorted out! #lipbar. #popup. Look how amazing and full my lips are. Now picture me wearing Glitzy Lips. Now picture an entire sexy bar like Salvador Darling packed with chicks all in Glitzy Lips. *obsessively rubs hands machiavelliany*. I’m skyping with GL later for an application tutorial demonstration! Shannon has an LED hoola hoop. Serious business man.

OOT-takes ya hoser. Don’t forget to come by our pop-up party this Friday at Salvador Darling 1237 Queen St w, Toronto and try Playboy Energy draaaank . I had a skype chat with PBE last night :) big ting-a-lings in the future of them guys yay happy. Now don’t forget to vote again today for us please Must Follow of 2013. Thank you. Thank you. Come have a PBE booze shooter, jagerbomb, whatever crazy thing you like on Friday. Gonna be a good time.

Back to editing ma piece. Peace!

Short lived love

Hey friendsbians, how’s your news? Is anyone actually cool enough to “get” that reference? I mean there’s hipsters and then there’s people who dress like hipsters. Who cares anyway it was just a silly blog opener. I guess I should update this old-fangled thing for ya’s then!

Well Lets at’er.

Sunday Funday beginneth. We were going to go to burlesque brunch but there was a door cover and it’s too early for tits and ass anyway plus I planned to eat and drink a lot. I’m budgeting bro. Plus paying for Bechnique cos that’s how I do. Being single is expensive man. You hang out a lot with other single people.

Especially when you have gold tastes and constantly eat your way out of problems.

And crave action, stimulus. Lois is the same too we discussed this in the car rollin’ home after dinner and a hang with Paula yesterday. Sunday Funday spilled in to Monday Funday for your heroine. Vagabond artist lifestyles these days. It’s kind of exhausting. My world is split in to two halves. I don’t really mind it. I speak on the in the minx podcast about how I’m like the wandering minstrel now, that guy with all the rats that follow him around ahahha yeah.

Life is exciting though. I get to do a bevy of different things creatively as my gig, then see the project come to completion and then it’s like what’s next? This week’s task is my Feature on Nate going up and BrassVixens/Salvador Darling pop-up where I am bartending (((((FRIDAY)))))!!! It’s going to be amazing. Yes everyone is going. Facebook event link:

Mt. T was here. Are you guys following me on instagram yet?

Also did you know Brass Vixens is “blowing up” btw? Two shows are filming in there. Just make sure you come on Friday I say no more. Except that I took an aerial fitness class taught by Shannon on Monday and it was mega-relaxing, after all that wild stretching, upside-downsies, hip swinging crazy fun-ness. Raymi recommends!

Then I rode the dark horse.

The house red blend at Gusto is so good. The house wins. I didn’t feel like trying to figure out what the best wine was. I had two glasses.

I am going on a water diet this week. Avoid me.

There’s water in tequila, right? Had a cool time with Paula (has the same phone as me!) haven’t seen that chick since Lolo’s birthday last year.

What? I have to take selfies I was told to! Yay no problem. BTW We are up for a Vancouver Social Media award please vote (MUST FOLLOW OF 2013) and help us win I will do you a favour if you take a second and vote and Please vote daily too ILU! I’ll have a case of Playboy Energy at Salvador Darling Friday BTW it goes awesome with vodka + all other booze.

This could be you on Friday if you help us win and join the PBE Nation. It’s the high life! Don’t you want to see me and Hugh Hefner hug someday??? Sorry I know vote-clamouring is annoying.

Give it up for Bechnique‘s cray rave salads. #Best.

Instagram version.

Raw Raymi version.

Gladstoner FTW.

How can I not eat that after reading that. Bech got it too once she saw me inhale mine.

Dolci trio desserts. The middle one is deep fried pear pasta whaaaaaaat.

Rick Mercer’s alley. You know where he does his talkie talkies.

She left it like I left it last I was there so I made a new arrangement. #iamanicefriend.

I put the egg on the inside with sriracha and it went all over my face and the plate well it wasn’t that messy but it wasn’t pretty, well it was kind of pretty if you think disgusting and cute can be pretty (I do).


It was a nice day so we girl walked along Queen to have a drink and eat again, peach habanero salsa mmm, mango? Then Rebecca made us taco-less tacos (romaine lettuce) because eating is the best.

It’s so fun.

I can stand up, go upside down, I was proud of myself actually. Okay I gotta go. TTYL!

Promise I’m on it!


We made a podcast last night. I think it was pretty good for my first time. It will be available on itunes for download, I’ll let you know. The show is called In the minx. Cute right! I’m channeling my inner Chelsea Handler how I used to be on the internet before people started bashing me to smithereens. I divulge some insider stuff, shout out some of you guys, a varietal audio experience. Yep.

Before that, honey grapefruit chicken, homemade, very good.

The trick to a posterior like mine is winter. Sitting on it. Come spring we’ll be all taught again I ain’t worried and I find that the extra juicy I be rocking, dudes do not care. I just can’t fit in to my jeans anymore is all ahah so I’m all about black tights. I don’t care. I’ve cared for so long I think I am allowed a bit of a break. I see in some chat hateraymi threads people say they liked me better when I was fat anyway. Yeah right. You can’t please everyone on the internet, you never will. Give up. Please yourself. Those who stare at the world through a computer screen cant help themselves by being incensed all the time by menial things blogger’s say. They can’t just be delighted in the story they are being told.

Shoe meme.

It’s good to move, stay limber. Sometimes I can’t not twirl.

I got blisters walking across the city again today. Not in these. But my docs. The trick is to do your thing in the east end then walk to the west. I demolished a brownie and marched. I was almost hit by a car eek my bad, totally my fault, not used to the city anymore if you can believe it. My head was in the clouds and I was vibing to my music. It was embarrassing kind of (a lot) and I learned a lesson. Sometimes sidewalks end. I would have been smoked out just like that and no one would know. Put things in perspective.

My heart was racing the more distance I put between myself and the intersection I walked over to a bench and removed some of my boho chic slob layers and turned off my ipod for a bit as a means to chastise myself for that dumb move. I was probably listening to the black keys at the time and half-expected a cop to give me a ticket for being an idiot which I’d have gladly albeit sheepishly paid.

Adore this phone but can you tell me how to instagram filter pics without posting them? Can I use the program without blasting pics to it I just wanna edit them I love it hardcore now.

Interesting outfit choice to walk around in today mixed review. Different hood’s reactions to it changing respectively, naturally.

Tho this panda bear don’t really care. Have a great evening. RLW.

Sounds of the husslin’ shuffle



You had me at London Fog. Brain fogs. My favourite places. I frequented this coffee shop every morning when he’d go to work then sit and blog three times daily in our apt on Lakeshore. I had a lot of traffic, and still. It is addictive. Like being alone and thinking about shit you did when you weren’t. This corner was my muse. It was before we got that condo on St. George. You never did get to see the balcony, the location too easily known. I knew every lush in this town almost ten years ago. I have neat, charming stories.

The next chapter.

Dear blog awards folks. My arse in these pants got in to the New York Times (online). That was my fourth time being linked by the NYT in 2012.

Look how juicy my ass is now five months later. One guy or two would look for reasons to troll me and used to say I had a flat ass. Nice try. I’m not getting in to details but genetically-speaking my ass is never ever going to sag or not qualify for bubble butt or “porno ass” a term I bandy about/invented. Got lotsa vouchers for that little insider tidbit yo.

Adore. Be adored.

Caramel. Way in to sugar. One crutch for another. A lover. A drug.

I put that carrot back in.

Glamour galaxyyyyy.


Surround yourself with those who are passionate about other people with passions. -rtm


So I’m up for a few awards again (no big deal) this year and it’s jury-based decided (thank god) so I don’t have to beg you knuckleheads for votes and then wind up getting voted against by the other half of you who hate me/can’t quit me. My 3 categories are Lifetime Achievement Award (no brainer there), Best Placeblog (contains local political/social/arts/community articles about a place) okay? lol I’ll take that award too fine and then Best General Interest Weblog for people whom I guess are just generally interested in my blog? Psyche! “for weblogs that cover a range of topics”. I’m stoked to be nominated and I hope I win one of these things, especially the lifetime one because I can’t quit blogging til I get a title like that. So I guess we just wait and see what happens and I gotta continue blogging in the interim to prove my consistent excellence in all things of general interest, lifetime achievement plus places, look there’s a place lets blog it!

Now why do I deserve awards? Specifically the lifetime achievement award? Oh, just a little thing called TWELVE YEARS of doing the shit is why. Now here are some photos of me being in love with myself from last week I have to go work out meow. Probably tan afterward then write my piece for playboy in time to go out with the ladies tonight who don’t know it yet but I’m probably bailing. Later on I might find some time to complain/brag about my life if you are lucky.

DM of the day, “Can I buy dirty panties off u for $20 each”.