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Shut up I’m working here.

Okay maybe this phone is a little bit big. You comin’ Friday? Come party with meee! I will be on display behind the bar all night long where you will be guaranteed a locked-in gander. Tanya is djing and bartending too.

I have our lips sorted out! #lipbar. #popup. Look how amazing and full my lips are. Now picture me wearing Glitzy Lips. Now picture an entire sexy bar like Salvador Darling packed with chicks all in Glitzy Lips. *obsessively rubs hands machiavelliany*. I’m skyping with GL later for an application tutorial demonstration! Shannon has an LED hoola hoop. Serious business man.

OOT-takes ya hoser. Don’t forget to come by our pop-up party this Friday at Salvador Darling 1237 Queen St w, Toronto and try Playboy Energy draaaank . I had a skype chat with PBE last night :) big ting-a-lings in the future of them guys yay happy. Now don’t forget to vote again today for us please Must Follow of 2013. Thank you. Thank you. Come have a PBE booze shooter, jagerbomb, whatever crazy thing you like on Friday. Gonna be a good time.

Back to editing ma piece. Peace!

6 thoughts on “Shut up I’m working here.

  1. I’ve wanted an LED hoop for YEARS, just never have a “spare” 250 bucks for one. :( One of my goals this year is to finally take a hooping class…I seem to lack the discipline to teach myself more tricks. Brassvixens looks like a fun place!

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