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Sounds of the husslin’ shuffle



You had me at London Fog. Brain fogs. My favourite places. I frequented this coffee shop every morning when he’d go to work then sit and blog three times daily in our apt on Lakeshore. I had a lot of traffic, and still. It is addictive. Like being alone and thinking about shit you did when you weren’t. This corner was my muse. It was before we got that condo on St. George. You never did get to see the balcony, the location too easily known. I knew every lush in this town almost ten years ago. I have neat, charming stories.

The next chapter.

Dear blog awards folks. My arse in these pants got in to the New York Times (online). That was my fourth time being linked by the NYT in 2012.

Look how juicy my ass is now five months later. One guy or two would look for reasons to troll me and used to say I had a flat ass. Nice try. I’m not getting in to details but genetically-speaking my ass is never ever going to sag or not qualify for bubble butt or “porno ass” a term I bandy about/invented. Got lotsa vouchers for that little insider tidbit yo.

Adore. Be adored.

Caramel. Way in to sugar. One crutch for another. A lover. A drug.

I put that carrot back in.

Glamour galaxyyyyy.


Surround yourself with those who are passionate about other people with passions. -rtm

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