Mo euro mo problems

Hi pals. Your favourite weirdo is here again, continuing onward with my pics from abroad. Here we are in Germany. These gloves are a little MJ no?

Long distance relationships are intense. A lot depends on them. Though it somewhat feels like depending on a ghost, you don’t quite believe it yourself. When they randomly say certain things that help solidify your vision of the future you’re like, oh really? Really. It’s nice to have a backbone. I mean, it could be just so easy to be alone and “wait” or, I don’t know. It’s just really great to have love period. It is also whimsical to be with your love in Europe. Everything is heightened. Demanding. There’s no bullshitting. In the dating world, there is a lot of bullshitting. When you’re on the other side of the fence of that, it is appreciated.

I felt like a different person in Europe too. Like I looked different? I didn’t care, but cared in a different way. One thing I think is, if we are going to stay together and marry, have kids, how are we going to do that with me working here and him there? It’s a thing I don’t obsess over but am for sure aware of. Women have windows. TMI whatevs, assume half the people who visit here just skim anyway.

Okay I’ll stop headcasing now. Lets check out my experiences!

Lots of horses and cows, sheep, etc are seen in the area of Holland and Germany where we reside and eventually becomes a so what thing. But here, no, you do not see a gorgeous show pony every other property you pass by. I told people at work I milked cows, they believed it lol.

Happily, he captures the idiot moments too where I demand a photo opp but don’t know how to rock it yet.

Each town/desty you go to is like this. Magnificent. Not in your face, but, kind of. We’d have like one of them back home (The Distillery). Do not take the Euro design, oldness, zoning, anything for granted because once you go home it’s so different. You will develop a keen eye when watching movies placed in Europe and kind of weep.

What is this? I don’t know but take my picture in front of it.

The smell of his pipe stunk up the entire section of this euro labyrinth of shoppes so much so I took a sneaker picture. Then we smelled him half hour later somewhere else. SO obnoxious. Don’t get me started on cigars or pipes.

That’s my monkey.

That’s, German merchandising store-fronting.

And shoes. Do these look particularly Euro to you, or whatever? Can’t tell after some time.

He tried to get us to have a snack and I declined because I wanted “real” dinner but, we should have in hindsight because we wandered around and around for awhile, lost, trying to find the best place. Fungry.

Guess what COORS!!!

Well, if you’re gonna buy diamonds…

Being in Germany, two days before you are leaving, as the sun sets… feelings.. This picture is my desktop bg now. Okay that’s all for now I’m toasted. I wrote this last night. Bye now.

ps. check out Playboy Energy V-Spot if you’re jonesing for more Raymbo.

not everything but a lot of things

Here’s a post I began, don’t know when, but abandoned sure enough off to somewhere with no time to spare. I’m back now in Canada and completely brain fried. Yay. I know that I hated my prawn pasta dinner but was too much of a priss to send back so I soldiered through. This was my last Friday in Holland. Sigh. Guess I’m still a delicate infant in denial. Glad to be back at work to occupy me of course, and be social. I go back Monday.

More soon!

Wandelpad wanderer

We just came back from a walk. I saw my ducklings as adults that we fed in the spring. Whimsical MUCH!!? Pictures at the end of the post.

Ate this last night, we made it. Actually I got all the stuff out of the fridge and was mental support, as in, dragged him off the couch. People just need a bit of motivation and you still get half the credit. We don’t drink much (snore) but we eat like cray. I am having a Saturday beer right now though. When you get up to have coffee I am already beering it. NICE.

Front yard, jungle English YOLO garden. When we went to the movie bf said that Mitty was a Yolo movie. Bahaha TRUE.

A blue sky in the winter is like, oh right, that’s nice.

Replete with sky porn.

I have pictures of this stretch of road blanketed in spooky mist during a sunset, very neat.

Shut up you slot. “Loot locked out” according to google translate. Aka don’t leave valuables behind. I’ll keep you posted once confirmed.

If blind, you will also be allowed to enjoy this park despite not being able to see anything, you can feel the leaves of various things growing and then read about them cos there’s brail all over the park. How nice.

Handi-captains forevs. There but for the grace of God go I. Wandelpad for honorary mention. (footpath).

Plants get so much rain water here it’s like a g-damn jungle. No complaints yo.

I’m like a sasquatch, all blurry and I blend in. I had those oxblood wrecking ball doc’s #FIRST #Miley BTW. I’m flattered, really.

So we meet again necklace tree. I am obsessed with you. No shame, all fame.

Trying to get the flash to go off. This bitch needs backlight not below light. Frig.

We’ll def do this again though.

I told you it was windy! Some trees could not deal tho.

Goodbye mystery crazy-named Dutch tree!

Storm junkies at play.

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Hollandaise Holidaze

Hi Christmas bros! Now, before fake-apologizing for my absence lets just get to it kay? Above is my tree. There is something satisfying about picking out a live tree, buying lights for it. Dressing it. Zzzzz. Blah blah, I made that shit son!

I love this scarf. Mostly in part because I selected it myself and have already mentally envisioned said self wearing it in various states of hanging out/working. Pumped.

Went for a Christmas walk today. I turned it kinda into aerobics, here I am side stepping – jumping rather. IIIIINTENSE. I also ran too. We ate early because sister had to work so my stuff was all said and done before you guys even woke up.

Watch out. Be careful. Thank you for your visit. Except w/o grammar.

Typical Dutch home, usually on a lot of land. Farms. Stereotypical awesomeness.

Look at the no snow. Also, it’s very mild. We had a crazy windstorm a couple days in a row and yesterday it rained uber gloomily yet you had spirit aboutcha from the xmas eve vibe. We had a fun day. Saw a movie with sis and her friend AND they sell beer there AND you get a pee break “pause” mid-flick, but mostly it’s for smokers which is also awesome. It makes movie night more social, less boring. Plus the movie concessions are bizarro world selections and you can get funnel cake-like deep-fried balls called: oliebol, half the posters are in Dutch. I mean all of them. But the movies are the same as back home. But with Dutch subtitles at the bottom. Everything is basically a trip. It’s all the same but different and you are constantly wondering if everyone is lookin at you because you look different or is it because you look the same but awesome?? Head buster.

Pauze is like break assumedly. I understand 15% of what people are saying and zone out the rest so it’s a massive mental holiday too for real. Starting to accrue funny verbal interactions with strangers moments as well note to self. Some assume I am American and yes, I do get attitude.

I got spoiled.

Scarf heaven. I look tired. We stay up late watching telly. We haven’t seen each other in 2 months, about. Plus it’s holidays why the fuh am I going to bed early for?

At his parent’s place. The girls were out smoking when we drove up they were dressed all nice it was a cute moment. I then connected to how mild it was here than in Canada as I saw them out on this balmy bench – they removed the plants to sit. I wouldn’t have thought of that.

The days are shorter because The Netherlands are more north. Less daylight and so daylight, is valued.

At sister’s last night before the movie, her and mom said I’m thinner. I’ve gained a kilo+ (3-5lbs?) since being here omg there is just so much to enjoy. YOLO.

Bike material for daaaaaaaaaaaays. All the pics will be slightly better too, this camera is ballin’ I almost forgot.

Then there are the food differences and just blowing tons of money at the supermarket, cheese is amazing, so is chocolate. Meat. Snacks. I am going to miss the light OJ, the getting booze from within the supermarket, these stick chips. SIGH.

Fashion is hot too. I will definitely be treating myself to some of that before I leave and I finally have the time to just do it period. I will also be most definitely paying extra for luggage weight on the way back. Early January are the sales too. I think that one’s pretty international though.


Oh here’s why people were staring, I looked like Peter Pan: Christmas Jiminiy Cricket edition. I was close to getting a pair of boots but patience was at an all time low. Ankle boots are in, I wanted a low heel pair but they had to be the best pair of the 200 or so varieties AND at best value (deep inner-seeded cheapstake syndrome) but bf left store and I was like “this shopping is about US!” Bahahahah. Then I started crying and we were like ok F-T, shopping is officially over. I know I’ll go get them once they’re all on super sale in January. I was angry because he made me suffer ADD-HELL boredom while he looked for a coat and fair is fair, you have to help me pick out boots and make this chore easier. You’d think shopping would be enjoyable. Nope!

Seeing everyone on these, and bikes, is really inspirational. Kids, young girls with long hair in braids just like tooling around it’s another life. You can ride town to town on the bike paths along the roadway, or all the way to Amsterdam and not have to be anxious about highway bullshit.

Bike dramas everywhere. Hey man he fell. The wind knocked over tons of bikes. The forest today had a lot of fallen over trees. We are storm junkies.

You’re welcome!

The difference is there’s relish in it. I relish the thought. I heard they were going to discontinue making relish because nobody likes it. Where did I hear that? Lol either way.

Haha aw. Our necklace is talking.

I got this half. I suppressed screaming out something like I’VE ALWAYS WANTED A SISTER. Like, the forever side could be anything she could just lie like she doesn’t mean it (haha hyper-insecurity sets in).

Why are you wearing red though? Red is my thing. Red is the jam on my bread. (it’s okay I am just joking we can share). It’s funny though we always show up kind of matching. #getoutofmyhead.

German steakhouse time. All of these have been backward by the way. I’ll turn the rest around now so the meal portion of the post makes sense.

Wearing my new Ralph Lauren sweater for the first time. I had a red one similar to it, maybe it was Tommy? Either way, I tend to have a red sweater at all times if I can manage it. Wow, this drivel is tops eh, are you on auto-pilot right now? hello tap tap.

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Concrete jugular

You can tell how wasted I am by the amount of cats that I hug.

This guy changes up his theme van. Does one for V day, xmas, etc.

I don’t have time for craptions cos we’re off to see the TDot wizards (not a band, just a craymism) so here’s a photo blast post. I’ll try to speak my mind though cos it’s hard not to.

The first tour bus ride we went on, took us to Times Square and all over.

Embrace the garbage bag culture. It was cold up there on the bus.

Times Square syndrome.

Hangin’ with Les. Bf and sis and her friend ditched me here which is what I wanted. Touristy go go go makes me crabby plus I’ve seen it all. Give me bar.

Afterward we sauntered around a bit. Mario jumped in here which I did not want so we had to tip both of them. UGH. They were sweaty and gross.

Nice tits. Profiting from Breast cancer, way to go.

Drankin gingerale whoops we know what that means. Day two rushed out the door to the ferry again I get no sleep ins and it takes awhile til I hit my stride later on in the day.

More gloomy weather but the sun broke out later on for a bit until it poured rain for awhile.

He took a million pics of this.

This is beside that wicked hotel.

I can see Sis and her friend almost throwing me some shade lawl.

We were on that! We paid the extra for the observation deck.

Scary sky.


Thai time. Downpour relief. Hangover cure. At first you’re like THAIII!! Then you’re like DIIIE! Mine was so good. Glass noodles forevs.


We bought a way too massive for the streets umbrelly.

Little Italy.

This night we just had a shitty meal in little italy, I mean it was decent enough but they hustled us for sure. Wish spent more time on the foodie front. Last night in Williamsburg we went to the Bedford with Jamie and their food was awesome so you win some you lose some no big deal.

And yes it is. Okay gotta go bro le bros.

are you writing the book or is the book writing you

Hi what’s up. Hi, hi, yeah yeah. So I took a lot of photos the day before we left leading up to the day we arrived then we got busy living life here and these ones got left behind, but now I’m going to take a special T-O and get’er done with it.

Here’s an irrelevant cotton candy sky though first. That night was good I imagine, think recollect. Didn’t summer whip by for you too?

A gift we left behind, too much weight. My exercise ball too thanks dutch mum! Can’t wait to bounce on that thing and sit for immeasurable hours on end while I tone. Keep that posture postured, work out the kinks in my affinity for hunch.

Discovered that peach polish the night before should have bought it. I’ll find it again.

Baha with the scarf I look like that mexican mouse cartoon loser in a scene where he flies a plane and then all the foibles and hi-jinxes occur, right?

He makes me take landmarks of everything pictures and in his accent says, “take thees baby it is of very recognizable thing.” ha aw.

I’m like ten pounds lighter since this holy shit traveling nana potato.

Smoke hot box.

We had about an hour+ to kill.

I want to stay in a Yotel.

Dutch people have problems with the letter Y, they pronounce it Jotel. Jogurt. Ha. So it’s funny that this is called Yotel at the Amsterdam airport where NO ONE will say it right.


Kay easy easy now. Oh look more amsterdam actually visiting the city pictures shit is just scattered and sprinkled everywhere, sighrry.

Alright alright nice.

No wait, done.

Chocolate to what?

Don’t tell me what to do.

These I smoked when I was in England.

Worst cookie ever. It’s like black forest cake, you can’t just put two things together and call it a day. It’s so bland, artificial.


WTF IS THIS NOW!!!?? Moreos! BARF.

Much better. It’s like people who like licorice. You guys are fucked.

Tulip nation. During the war, people ate tulip bulbs when they were starving and had no money for food. Count your blessings.

I <3 NY plus I <3 Aruba etc was copied from the I am Amsterdam slogan. #Fact.

This kid wanted us to do an airport/travel satisfaction of some sort survey I said sure but you gotta haul ass with us around the corner to another smoking room while we hook you up with answers.

He was like Charlie Bucket in the modern future.

See the woman pouring milk, woah relax.

This room was less disgusting on account of the window light but it was still hot and smokey stuffy.

Spicy Maxima and the king. Is she Queen now then? Cos his mother was Queen and it’s not like she passed Maxima her crown, so I dunno. I got this tin of cookies for my Nana.

How could someone leave these behind?


Hello anybody in there.

It’s our plane. An Air France KLM one, I see (make up your mind?).

Our tv’s did not work for the entire flight of 7 hours – boarding early time sitting in there from start to fin and those are pretty expensive plane tickets so it was pretty shitty, just saying.

Leg room consolation prize. The guy beside us cashed out immediately for the entire flight. We sat on that chair across from our seats here on that fold-out flight attendant seat whom of which was an adorable little sprite. One flight attendant was super rude to my bf every time he got up to walk around and stretch his legs, it was strange like an I hate you cos you’re straight kind of bossy way. Bf was like I have to avoid him because I will lose my temper next time. It was so passive aggressive and we did not appreciate it at all and he wouldn’t have been roving around had our bloody tv screens worked KLM. All I wanted to do was zone out and snooze to Cinderella and other guilt plej movies/shows.

We kept busy, drinking and sharing his laptop and watching life of pi til the battery died/meal time. We interacted which turned to bickering off and on, thanks KLM. We totally needed naps. Had a late night and spent the day in a frenzy getting all last minute shit done and shutting down the house, packing, train travel it was a definite mish.

We had great weather our first morning, all day in Canada. It was a happy fun time. Okay I got things to do now thanks for that!

Me this morning hello goodbye.

Dushi Queen Aruba Raymi

I bought more postcards here, stamps, two mini bottles of Brut to immediately drink on the beach cos Tray was drivin’ me cray. L I V I N’! Ready for some more Aruba Raymi hi-jinx? Gotta make it quick cos I got a hot date afterward. Someone took the day off.

Pizza from Casa Tua. Hi Victor!

It’s true, I do I do I do. I love Aruba!

I love Caribbean food too. Aruba has amazing food.

Here comes your man.

Surf and Turf godmama and I shared. YUM.

My mother takes photos of the exact same things I would had I been taking photos. I invented her. It’s such a vacay relief to not be photo snap happy ADD so I can enjoy myself while watching her take 5000 pictures instead. AND I don’t even have to say anything, plus she finds things I don’t notice too and then she does her editing finishing touches too whereas I post raw cos I am conceited like that.

This is Eagle Beach. It is tres paradise over here, less populated. We wanted to stay at this resort (we did? I’m just the kid who gets no say ever) but I liked where we stayed because there was more action, we would have fought more if we stayed somewhere serene and then all these rich normal folk would be like o_0 all week long. No thanks.

I miss these trees. People in Cali who (pretend to) take palm trees for granted are disgusting. I’ve seen it, cool story loser. I would never diss a Maple Tree like that, or an Evergreen. #Treehugger.

Baby beach. Referred to as such cos you can take little babies here, very shallow water. People snorkle.

What’s that kung fu movie they film in Canada again?

I found a turtle egg, which is the reason why we went to this beach to see turtles. We didn’t, they were busy.

The Wine Ladies had sponsored suits, holla! Proud of those girls. They got us comped VIP dinner, so there’s more work I didn’t have to do. Just show up pretty eat my face off and get wasted. Check, check, check. MATE. I emailed the Hotel btw and said I got them in the NEW YORK TIMES and something tells me this post just might too ;).

Deep fried crab from Pago Pago. I’m glad we didn’t do all-inclusive because we’d be stuck on hotel food, despite this resto being in the hotel we ate elsewhere often.

I miss this building most of all, lots, the hotel beside ours and what I’d stare at while waiting for the elevator to come get me on the 18 floor? 22? Gone memory poof.

A collision that just happened, some local drivers drive like jerks. Combine that with these stupidly merged streets and BLAM. Entire families walking to and fro dinner were posing in front of it LOL.

A guy called me a slut on Facebook (who lives in Toronto so maybe I can punch him in the face myself personally) for posting a photo of myself in this bikini. You are not a slut for wearing a bikini on vacation WITH YOUR TWO MOMS a-hole.

Ryan Paterson you’re a slut

Raymi Lauren White you’re a f-ing donkey

Raymi Lauren White blocked and reported. wearing a bathingsuit in aruba is not slutty.

Emily Foreal being in a swimsuit/naked anywhere isn’t slutty :) it just is

Raymi Lauren White ‎34 mutual friends too, some nerve. ill punch his face off in toronto.

Mum was super pissing me off at this point. I had a late night. Susanne said she was proud of me (for surviving the week) as I SPRINTED down the airport of YYZ yards and yards maybe even a kilometre ahead of Mom (& Lois, but no offense Lois I had places to be) and kept hoofing it to customs. I always S my P in customs, I had a bad experience once cos I was so nervous I made them suspicious and now I am forever skittish. Anyway, thank goodness for long legs. Also, ” So u climbed a tree ? :P” (Why is it people think they can be so rude to me all the time on les internets?) Raymi Lauren White: my mother was yelling at me to pose a certain way that wasn’t feasible and it was my f-ing idea after a long hangover day on little sleep. I snapped.

Gamblor hangover.

Gorgeous shots mom.

How much do you think I want Georgia’s suit!?

Mom and Lois discovered this stretch of beach further down with these gorge chairs and it was a little more secluded cos it was at the very end, or the tip. Lol.

I def should buy this one.

We loved this talking parrot. It loved me because we have the same nose.


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