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Dushi Queen Aruba Raymi

I bought more postcards here, stamps, two mini bottles of Brut to immediately drink on the beach cos Tray was drivin’ me cray. L I V I N’! Ready for some more Aruba Raymi hi-jinx? Gotta make it quick cos I got a hot date afterward. Someone took the day off.

Pizza from Casa Tua. Hi Victor!

It’s true, I do I do I do. I love Aruba!

I love Caribbean food too. Aruba has amazing food.

Here comes your man.

Surf and Turf godmama and I shared. YUM.

My mother takes photos of the exact same things I would had I been taking photos. I invented her. It’s such a vacay relief to not be photo snap happy ADD so I can enjoy myself while watching her take 5000 pictures instead. AND I don’t even have to say anything, plus she finds things I don’t notice too and then she does her editing finishing touches too whereas I post raw cos I am conceited like that.

This is Eagle Beach. It is tres paradise over here, less populated. We wanted to stay at this resort (we did? I’m just the kid who gets no say ever) but I liked where we stayed because there was more action, we would have fought more if we stayed somewhere serene and then all these rich normal folk would be like o_0 all week long. No thanks.

I miss these trees. People in Cali who (pretend to) take palm trees for granted are disgusting. I’ve seen it, cool story loser. I would never diss a Maple Tree like that, or an Evergreen. #Treehugger.

Baby beach. Referred to as such cos you can take little babies here, very shallow water. People snorkle.

What’s that kung fu movie they film in Canada again?

I found a turtle egg, which is the reason why we went to this beach to see turtles. We didn’t, they were busy.

The Wine Ladies had sponsored suits, holla! Proud of those girls. They got us comped VIP dinner, so there’s more work I didn’t have to do. Just show up pretty eat my face off and get wasted. Check, check, check. MATE. I emailed the Hotel btw and said I got them in the NEW YORK TIMES and something tells me this post just might too ;).

Deep fried crab from Pago Pago. I’m glad we didn’t do all-inclusive because we’d be stuck on hotel food, despite this resto being in the hotel we ate elsewhere often.

I miss this building most of all, lots, the hotel beside ours and what I’d stare at while waiting for the elevator to come get me on the 18 floor? 22? Gone memory poof.

A collision that just happened, some local drivers drive like jerks. Combine that with these stupidly merged streets and BLAM. Entire families walking to and fro dinner were posing in front of it LOL.

A guy called me a slut on Facebook (who lives in Toronto so maybe I can punch him in the face myself personally) for posting a photo of myself in this bikini. You are not a slut for wearing a bikini on vacation WITH YOUR TWO MOMS a-hole.

Ryan Paterson you’re a slut

Raymi Lauren White you’re a f-ing donkey

Raymi Lauren White blocked and reported. wearing a bathingsuit in aruba is not slutty.

Emily Foreal being in a swimsuit/naked anywhere isn’t slutty :) it just is

Raymi Lauren White ‎34 mutual friends too, some nerve. ill punch his face off in toronto.

Mum was super pissing me off at this point. I had a late night. Susanne said she was proud of me (for surviving the week) as I SPRINTED down the airport of YYZ yards and yards maybe even a kilometre ahead of Mom (& Lois, but no offense Lois I had places to be) and kept hoofing it to customs. I always S my P in customs, I had a bad experience once cos I was so nervous I made them suspicious and now I am forever skittish. Anyway, thank goodness for long legs. Also, ” So u climbed a tree ? :P” (Why is it people think they can be so rude to me all the time on les internets?) Raymi Lauren White: my mother was yelling at me to pose a certain way that wasn’t feasible and it was my f-ing idea after a long hangover day on little sleep. I snapped.

Gamblor hangover.

Gorgeous shots mom.

How much do you think I want Georgia’s suit!?

Mom and Lois discovered this stretch of beach further down with these gorge chairs and it was a little more secluded cos it was at the very end, or the tip. Lol.

I def should buy this one.

We loved this talking parrot. It loved me because we have the same nose.



Oh mother.

I speed-walked raced a horse in to town. I won.

Where’s Raymbo.

Holding court!

And after all these I still have my own photos to go through PLUS mystery camera too. I just sighed so hard I almost passed out.

Love a good desolate stretch of land. It’s good for my soul. Reminds me how depressed I am/could be/can get LOLOLOL.

Do you remember what Dushi means?

Looking for my baby @ Baby Beach.

You’re the Yin I’m the Yang. Mom says we are two pees in a pod though. I have no problem with that, Lois is way less annoying.

Oooh la lalala la la.

Work out dungeon.

Aloe man has a different crazy outfit daily. He is a walking my blog.

Can’t wait until I start dressing like that.

Hi mom you’re so pretty!

Hey! Where’s the party!?

Saw hundreds of beach weddings.

I’ll be seein’ ya.

:) An unforgettable time.

Mine’s bigger.


Our last supper with Victor. He said he would miss us very much. I believed him.

Try out his resto you can’t miss it, it’s beside Sopranos, the piano bar.

Exceptional service. Great people watching too.

I had a vision.

Aruba withdrawal. Major.

We are both french so naturally, we got on. No not in that way you louse. I was always late for dinner so the girls would prime him then I’d be the closer. I don’t even know what I am talking about anymore I have to get this post done quick.

Ahaha that Bowie pic rules.

Last day on the beach? Or second last prob.

All business.

This seventeen year old fell HARD. Could not believe I was 29. Toldja Hurricane Raymi hit hard. Didn’t even try. When you are happy you attract.

My favourite painting at the Westin.

Wonder what my butt will look like at 39. WHO CARES! Good Day to you sirs!

13 thoughts on “Dushi Queen Aruba Raymi

  1. “I def should buy this one.” – isn’t that the suit you’ve been wearing constantly for the past week or so?

    Pay no credence to Ryan Paterson. He’s just a fool guilty of wishful thinking :)

    Lol at your comments about Aloe man.

  2. One of the reasons the hits are so good is that my photography is exceptionally amazing even if I do say so myself
    And your descriptions are entertaining

    I think going forward, I should have a “And this is what raymismom is doing section on your blog daily, a place for my photography”
    It will make things even more interesting and engage a wider age group on this ever evolving, everchanging blog.
    Eventually, it could lead to something else for us.
    change is good

    What do you think?

  3. Also, in regards to what you said to my lonely cactus shot of land:

    “Love a good desolate stretch of land. It’s good for my soul. Reminds me how depressed I am/could be/can get LOLOLOL.”

    This is exactly how I feel when I take these shots, they are devoid of habitation and reek of desolation/isolation

    the point of your comment is that many could evoke the same feelings of depression, loneliness etc just from a pictorial and the shared commonality may allow the reader to feel less alone in these thoughts.
    Literature and photography connects the souls and minds of the like minded.

  4. I’m in Aruban withdrawal too, especially after seeing those secluded beach in the water shots. Ahhhhhhh,……let’s go back!!!! :(

  5. write on your own blog, mom. I’ll link to it or feature things that we do together. I am only one person and busier than hell.

  6. Mom and Lois discovered this stretch of beach further down with these gorge chairs and it was a little more secluded cos it was at the very end, or the tip. Lol.

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