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Wandelpad wanderer

We just came back from a walk. I saw my ducklings as adults that we fed in the spring. Whimsical MUCH!!? Pictures at the end of the post.

Ate this last night, we made it. Actually I got all the stuff out of the fridge and was mental support, as in, dragged him off the couch. People just need a bit of motivation and you still get half the credit. We don’t drink much (snore) but we eat like cray. I am having a Saturday beer right now though. When you get up to have coffee I am already beering it. NICE.

Front yard, jungle English YOLO garden. When we went to the movie bf said that Mitty was a Yolo movie. Bahaha TRUE.

A blue sky in the winter is like, oh right, that’s nice.

Replete with sky porn.

I have pictures of this stretch of road blanketed in spooky mist during a sunset, very neat.

Shut up you slot. “Loot locked out” according to google translate. Aka don’t leave valuables behind. I’ll keep you posted once confirmed.

If blind, you will also be allowed to enjoy this park despite not being able to see anything, you can feel the leaves of various things growing and then read about them cos there’s brail all over the park. How nice.

Handi-captains forevs. There but for the grace of God go I. Wandelpad for honorary mention. (footpath).

Plants get so much rain water here it’s like a g-damn jungle. No complaints yo.

I’m like a sasquatch, all blurry and I blend in. I had those oxblood wrecking ball doc’s #FIRST #Miley BTW. I’m flattered, really.

So we meet again necklace tree. I am obsessed with you. No shame, all fame.

Trying to get the flash to go off. This bitch needs backlight not below light. Frig.

We’ll def do this again though.

I told you it was windy! Some trees could not deal tho.

Goodbye mystery crazy-named Dutch tree!

Storm junkies at play.

He walks here often and tells me about it and I am like, sigh. I think being sentimental about nature is far healthier than about material possessions. Do you become more sentimental with age? Do you ever stop believing in fairy tales? Just curious, not furious.

I am super into this accident picture. I am super sentimental about pictures speaking of sentimental. Maybe obsessive.

Hi little friends. You would look great in the living room.

We had a massive grass fight before here, it was awesome and funny. Piles of big plops of freshly mowed grass were in neat little lines just begging to be kicked like piles of leaves at one another. It was in my hair like crazy baha. I was sad though because they mowed my favourite field of wild flowers, WTF!!!

This is what they got rid of! Thanks for nothing jerks.

These are new. Comedians everywhere. resisted urge of vulgar photo opp.

Here is where our duck friends hang out. I have the same picture of this bench except it’s exploding in spring all around it.


Or this one.

Don’t think I didn’t notice your ice storm pics, Canada! Wowzers. Super glad I missed it. Hope you’re hooked up with power now.

Berry forest. Bet these would kill you.

Finally flash. There was likely a sign detailing what they are.

My babies. We fed these since they were born. We all turn into our grand/parents in the end. My mom and Papa have/had duck friends too.

Coming back to feed you.

Time to get ready for dinner now. Til next time. Cheers. ps. fireworks go off here every 1-5 minutes and increase by the day. It’s a thing because you can’t buy fireworks year round, and so people go nuts. Such an experience.

2 thoughts on “Wandelpad wanderer

  1. Nice berries! I thought that was a horse head in that pic of you hiding/lurking in the trees/Sasquatch/ 11th from top, it’s your arm but looks like a horse head!? Nice, wintery pics/post. Glad to have you back! :)

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