don’t get mad get sad

poplars right? we had these in my backyard as a kid, so sweet hangin’ out drawing lewd cartoons with my friends getting snowed on in the hot sun. til the trees were cut down. that sucked.

it snows in summer in canada.

not as much as this though. crazy.

yuula and i go way back to when i was 19 and she was 20. had my first (legendary) mushroom experience with her one halloween party eve. we love this story.

fil how buzzed were you by this point? be honest.

one piece got in my drink when i took it back in for dinner and i was dumbfounded by however could a piece of cotton get in there. smrt.

can you imagine living in a school? can you imagine living in a studio in a school? can you imagine that school being filled with old white eccentric women like the wickerman and one gay nudist dude living there too with a few other dudes. can you imagine this on the island? well, imagine it.

some of yuula’s art revolves around stick fetishes.

also, if you google ‘yoko ono touch me‘ you will see yuula’s cast body parts. people think it’s yoko’s body, but it’s not. check her flickr.

sarah was working on a stop motion animation charcoal drawing and she is quite a talent.

the room we’re considering subletting is the kindergarden room, so spacious and it has a teeny toilet at kindergarden height. painted duck duck goose story circle on the floor, teacher’s desk room. so wicked.

no need to redecorate everything hangin’ up from the good old days is still hip.

plus hipster hippie art is spread throughout the building fuck why am i giving this sanctuary away?

you have to apply to get in and you have to actually work while there, you tell them your arty proposal and they mull over whether or not you suck. basically what i’m doing already is fine enough, painting, writing, being insane. check.

this could be your summer. island people are loving the ferry strike right about now. they’re very nosy about why you’re there.

went in for a dip, pure cold. got there too late the sun left the beach.


after the beach dale let us see his studio. fantastic.

one of his views.


freaks just melt my black heart.

not at all phased there are some cat fans on the scene.

fil is so blasted and he hid it well.

fil said the school living thing was very much like a hostel.

you are not allowed to see what’s inside. i dunno why though, it’s pretty funny and cute.

made a very nice pasta sausage veggie dinner with coconut milk and an indian spice i forget. it was brilliant.


yesterday’s hair day did not rule.

fil accused the girls of watering down their gin cos there were frozen bits. yuula said no it was just in a deep freeze for ages.

mmmm ok round 2 later on we’re goin’ up north today! right now! must shower!

guess who went to the island yesterday despite the ferry strike, that’s right, not you. it’s snowing cotton trees over there right now, so beautiful and whimsical and magical. we had a gay old time at yuula‘s. we’re thinking of subletting a studio for a month and a half over renting a b&b for a weekend on the island. what to do what to do.

be back in two hairs of a tit with more.

just got a recycling bin delivered by the super’s wife and she was very pumped by how pumped i was over it. cute moment.

one step closer to zeesy.

this will have to do for now.

RIP farrah <3


so i just go down to do some laundry and this lady i’ve never seen before is down there with 3 machines going, i chirp hello in my regular breezy way, i give people 100% to start off with (an old teacher told my class this once, we all start with a clean slate and the rest of the year is up to us to keep it up, wicked profound eh) and everything they do wrong following the initial greeting is a strike against them. so i walk past the three washers and she huffs ACTUALLY huffs like an angry cat as if i had ruined the equilibrium of her laundry route from washer to dryer. strike one. then i exclaim it’s so hot. she goes well is it cool in your apartment? yes i say. what the fuck does that have to do with the hot laundry room i haven’t a clue. i ask is yours? thinking maybe her a/c is bunk. nope it’s fine. so not letting it go i say well i mean in here…and she cuts me off and says it is more important to keep people cool in their apartments. jesus fuck OK martyr of the old people brigade. yeah i chuckle and commence stuffing all my shit into a machine. she looks down at my stocked to the tits washer and exclaims in TEACHER VOICE that’s a lot of clothes are you suuure it will all get clean?


flabbergasted i said yeah i hear they work better the more full they are.


so steamed. YES i know how to fucking do laundry i don’t prescribe to the old world separate all colours from whites mentality, i have never ruined any clothes. no wait i have no idea what i’m doing please do my laundry for me don’t forget to fold it too. am i your fucking child? fuck off lady!

how dare you use that tone with me. that would be like pointing out someone’s food in line at the supermarket are you sure you want to buy that, it’s pretty fattening. totally rude and intrusive.

i am kicking myself for not giving more ‘tude. i’m in constant shock and awe at the snippy things biddies say to me in the fucking laundry room or anywhere else in this fucking building for that matter. regardless of how nice i am to them. if it’s passive aggression they want FINE then lets go.

ps. her 100% plummeted to 0%

i have some more annoying anecdotes regarding our weird neighbours and laundry sheets but that will have to wait for another time i want to focus all anger onto this new bitch for now.

i quote endquote play the game, you know, why the shit don’t other people get that? is it a fun thing being perceived as giant cunts? please explain.

ungh just went to put clothes in the dryer and she took my favourite one.

this is going to piss me off for at least a week.

everyone gets a star

not feeling this dress much til i spied a photo of a similar one on the internets and it gave me the idea to just hike it up over my tits in the front to kinda restyle it from its former potato sack-self. i feel like i am being smothered in it.

slept in today. was supposed to have my iud swap this morning but my menses has not arrived yet (scheduled appt too soon)(it’s easier to do it then cos the cervix is opened more?) so it will be postponed til that happens. last week when there for my swab (sick word) i overheard a girl screaming her guts out next door to my room it was horrifying and hasn’t left me since, that as well as recalling how totally painful the experience is i am relieved to have another day or so before having the procedure done. way too much TMI sorry. i want fil to come with me so he can witness the suffering for himself. i think all men should accompany their woman for at least one gyno appointment in their lifetime. fil said he’d be wanting to spectate from the perspective of the doctor. um no, you are there for support which entails holding my hand and watching me scream and cry, how is it to be a comfort when you are rubber-necking down there? anyway, so i slept in because at 5 i woke up with anxiety over having to call early enough to reschedule and didn’t sleep a wink til near 9. brutal.

goodbye books, have a nice life with your new owner.


final product. saved you from the up close macro fat pictures.

this batch by far above and beyond is way more baconier than the tbay one we made. insane.

butter chicken dinner.

this would be a good emoraymi thumbnail. i still plan to paint my face like the crow for a background design.

underwear flash unintentional, was trying to get my hands in my pockets but couldn’t find them and do you think fil would tell me my bottoms were showing? and no i am not this tanned in real life, the flash of my camera does it all the time. even when i’m down to barely a base tan i look like i just got back from cancun. not a bad feature as i know some people photoshop themselves to be more tanned in their pictures ha ha.

though i do have a pretty good tan right now.

cid is happy i am home.

we watched friday the 13th last nite, a remake. lots of tits lots of gore lots of bad dialogue and shitty acting. great summer scary film all the same. the ending will make you roll your eyes right out of your head.

started out in a summer rain

goin’ back to the future now, here’s some ish from the nxne opening party gala. pretty awesome when i walked in the door media list didn’t even bother tickin’ my name off and some rad chick stuffed a pile of drink tix in my hand (thanks ps!) and off we went.

off to one side of the berkeley church was a skull art installation. relief. ever get just showed up anxiety and need an activity to immediately immerse yourself in? yeah me too.

i liked this sleepy hollow tim burton one most i think.

there it is in flash.

another favourite.

blurry, this one went all out what is even going on i dunno sorry.

oh wait there we go.

uneven floorboards walking from skull to skull some stands wobbled if i’d knocked one over i’d just leave haha good party vroooooom.

blood fountain.

uhm what?

you are beautiful.



nice. i have an indiana jones craving now.

the lighting on some was magnificent.

cool story.

A+ you pass the course.

from the side.

amy liked this one a lot she told me later on. i divulged that i found it to be cliché, lazy, and stupid. pretentious too and cheesy. sorry to the artist. guess i have a love/hate with booze and drugs. if you shoved candy and lollipops into it, it would get my thumbs up. i was sad there weren’t any hello kitty themed skulls.

hands down awesome.

sick and not in the rad way. this one repulses me dunno why.

haha voodoo shaman. ok enough of this shit then i “mingled”.

fun times lookin’ down on a room with at least 100 people you know in it. what the hell is this a candlelight vigil booooooooring. kidding relax!

oh amy so darling. it was nice to have fresh blood at an “industry” party. also, i wish my last name was the same word as one of my favourite drinks.

spying on brosz7 thinking he’s too good for us look at him puttin’ on airs what a nancy.

standing by amy’s favourite skull it was making her antsy cos he couldn’t hear us shouting at him to take a photo of it. did that ever get done?

it was piss pouring rain i love that she wore such a breezy summer get-up.

bitchy girls. we were standing in a row surveying the crowd then some skeezy brave guy climbed all the way up the stairs just to chat us up. allison was the nicest to him, i was tolerant and cheeky, britt was a total cunt. ha. allison got a hug when he left so we knew who he came up for. i like that we have the blonde, brunette and redhead bases covered.

oh pete. i assure you that he is not wasted, just looks it. in the last archives post i did he came across a photo of this lighter amongst a slew of cottage lake trees fire breakfast shots and was all uhh one of these things is not like the other so i said you can have it if it’s still on my chachka shelf, and it was. he couldn’t believe it. i’m sure the wife will be happy.

i had no idea the downstairs of the berkeley was so labyrinthed out. it’s amazing.

who knew this room even existed. rock band was set up and a dj was in there playing jams (WAY TOO LOUD F-) plus another bar and thanks to all the playstations, rock band and loud dj the fuse kept blowing. pretty funny.

i did a 360 degree room sweep vid and spied KR from behind playing video games and really dug on her thin leather nazi suspenders, truth be told thought she was a hot guy the best dressed i had seen. figures it was a chick, guys can’t dress that right.

i’m pretty tall, hard to tell on the internet eh. i’m holding a deep fried rizoto ball for fil because i am a nice. the catering staff never believe you when you say oh can i get one for my boyfriend too or whoever, they assume you’re just gonna jam it in your maw. i passed the same one on my way out of there and i was still holding onto the greasy napkin containing the rizoto ball and i waved it at her. she didn’t care. fuck i should get some sort of medal yeah? it was a very white person triumphant moment in time.

oh look another bitchy moment in time. britt and allison fucked off for some show, fil was working, i kept forgetting amy and brosz7 were there cos they kept smoking so if you got a text from me that nite this is what i looked like OMG I CANNOT WAIT TO LEAVE TORONTO NAH NAH NAH wah wah wah hahahah.

i know for fact that guy took my picture from the main floor while i was up top therefore chin city (dude email me i know i gave you my card).

melissa auf der maur showed up!!!! by this point brosz7 was annihilated snapping pics of amy and whoever else in front of that background paper (what the hell do you call those anyway?) so i shoved them all away exclaiming important person on the scene fucking move (or something) fil got the shots she left then i said did you guys even know who that was? melissa auf der maur!? to blank stares. do you remember a band called HOLE!?!! brosz7 says oh i wasn’t aware. hahahahhahahaha pisstank. then we did some jager and i started to enjoy myself then we had to leave cos i had packing to do.

so so so completely over-packed ugh. not entirely my fault cos i knew the weather would change halfway through my trip so i had to account for multiple outfits for each time of day and climate and factor in my bipolar mick jagger costume changes. i like this photo cos fil’s ass is just about to crash land on the bed, he was likely setting the alarm.

packing snack. haha like the little blue freebie lube guy, it’s blueberry waffle flavoured. one nite i was like fil do you want a blueberry waffle bj? then i passed out immediately zzzzzzz hot. i was red tidin’ so it was the least i could offer. he didn’t understand that i was reffering to the lube he thought i was just cranked and already delerious sleep talking. burn on you fil. ps. see the cheese whiz spread out like so, this is what lead to my woman duties last nite.

my handsome pee pee.

right before crap attack of the decade happened so so so stupid yes i am.

city interlude

i figure some of you want a little city chaser between these sticks posts, or you don’t, who cares (joy behar voice) and maybe it’s just me. after this one it’s back to the skid farmily with yous.

found my peace shirt it was crumpled up into a black ball on clothes mountain along with other black shirts thank god i’m not goth. yesterday i learned that i could fit my bangs into my bun elastic so i was very hair aware for the rest of the day like does that stranger know i’m a first timer or do they think i am on my way to ballet class?

soup i made us for a late lunch yesterday using two different boiled down rotisserie chicken broths, some white wine, cajun chicken and all them vegetables with a handful of pasta to satiate fil. it had occurred to me that i didn’t consume one vegetable while up north, save for a slab of tomato here and there on top of a hamburger. no wait there were peppers in the minnesota hotdish (i keep wanting to say minnesota mash can you just call it that?) so scratch that. this soup was a boner of a success.

cid’s rabbit feet were hugging one another. that box is permanently warped out the sides cos he insists on stretching out lengthwise in the narrow part. yeah what’s that they said about cats being smarter than dogs?

final product. the entire pot was inhaled. i had some cold as a dinner appetizer, just as tasty. yesterday was too hot for soup.

the claw, can’t help it.

dinky got me a coug necklace while i was away aw. he said this guy obsessively collected jewels and jems and when he died an entire warehouse was discovered thus creating a cougar necklace company. i want to work for them!

yeah that’s a nice ad for the teenagers.

holy crap i look like judas fucking priest.

LCBO booze strike paranoia has spread to the city! tonite is your last nite to get your liquor cos at midnight if the strike happens you’re SOL til it’s sorted out. fil says the beer store and wine rack would be open though. so we have garbage strike, ferry strike and now possible booze strike. good one toronto why not a food strike too?

major line-ups, bet it’ll be worse today (thanks in-part to this post sorry!) i am curious as to how the bar/restaurant industry is feeling right now.

so say it doesn’t happen, all these people are gonna have bottles and bottles and bottles for weeks and the lcbo will get no business.

this was at the lcbo on queen’s quay. very surreal. like the nite before y2k or before xmas break. pandemonium. shit i feel like i need to get more wine.

fil is v dubious (shocking) regarding this bacon vodka business so i decided to make him some to shut him up real good. even copied the skids’ thick bacon choice.

optimum fat quotient.

oh jesus was it ever good. i intended to huck it into our dinner salad but many soldiers didn’t make it that far.

bacon grease fried some zucchini, orange pepper and mushrooms for the salad.

don’t puke now! i have yet to show you the tbay experiment vid/photos. in this mason jar i was able to fit an entire bottle of absolut (the tiniest one 375ml) on top of about an inch of bacon fat from the pan and some pieces of bacon fat. this is before i filled it to the top with the rest of the vodka. it’s fun to see it cloud up immediately and the fat globules go all alien right off the bat. fun if you like barf.

warm salad. all i did to dress it was globbed some nice olive oil and cracked some pepper, the mushroom flavour overtook, not bad. we shared this big bowl for dinner then fil said he “felt snacky” i said oh i bought celery and we have some light cheese whiz left over… he goes well i like it spread out for me. hey fil are you taking advantage of me now that i’m home. what do you mean he asks. well i slaved over that soup for 1.5 hours then i made that salad and infused the vodka and now you want me to cut up some celery and spread the cheese whiz for you? hahaha. he said just tell me to fuck off then. i did it anyway cos i like it spread too. we watched the pink panther 2.

cid thinks he’s people.

so this is what it looks like now, the fat is completely frozen and floating around in there. i wonder if i thawed it would it infuse more flavour? we bought coffee filters and we don’t even have a coffeemaker.

cid loves his window.

ok bye.


lets start off with my emo comics. emo was one of many themes for the tbag long weekend, thanks in part to raymisemo. these guys rolled with it. rye even penned his own emo character called emo emu.

then i ran out of emonergy and just tanned in the burning sun on the hammock. so nice.

my hair is sticking to my face tears from the wind too, not joking. i got a little sad. this is us on our way into the real Tbay to eat, see some sights and put me on the plane.

some creek rye and steph are gonna float around on tubes with beers. bastards.

listenin’ to the bob dylan sirius show. his voice is really funny.

awesome gas/lcbo/gift store. i was worried i wouldn’t make a wolf shirt shop in time so we stopped for me to browse this place. no dice. the building is covered in a wildlife mural the whole way ’round.

haha check the volleyball ones behind these to the left. when in rome i guess no?

love it.

i know my parents have/had one of those 7up bottles. plenty of antique junk adorned our home growing up, full on OCD about it. i can’t wait to have our own home so i can obsessively fill it up with knick knacks and vintage crap. i don’t understand how some people would want to live in a sterile modern minimalist surrounding. hi do you like hospital rooms too?

hey um do you guys sell food?


check that sky eh. brilliant.

whenever anyone “defies the odds” going above and beyond on top of a physical disability it makes me feel super duper lazy. like when those little people drive, or that one guy without arms drives steering with his feet!

bear-proof garbage cans are everywhere, they lock them at nite, some of them?

neil young lived here for awhile.

unintentionally pretentious. oh, strip clubs are called showbars in thunder bay. hahaha.

don’t they have these in some malls? i know erin mills town centre has/had one.

hair is finally drying can take it out of its braid now.

on friday nite we were hanging at the legion with a bunch of people, one of which was set to get blasted cos he was leavin’ for army training the next day in quebec so they kept givin’ us beer. anyway, we left with one and walked home like dazed and confused with it then ryan led us into a cop trap, and two pass us on foot. he chucked the beer onto someone’s lawn. he said the cops probably started kissing once they passed us, and hugging. hahahaa. yesterday was national aboriginal day, so the streets were closed to traffic for street jammin’ vendors dancing beer gardens and other crap.

a bar ryan likes. it was closed.

we did not hit that. we were in search of the finnish district to get food. (there’s lots of fins in t-bay cos the lay of it is exactly like home to them).

it is? i thought it was sad. aw i just remembered we forgot to go to the casino.

this is what you call a party with younger people.

almost bought one of these for fil then realised he wouldn’t give a shit.

my next collection obsession will be these vintage stuffed things fyi everybody.

i wanted the guy on the left, some sort of beaver rat deer, not sure, but it was 65 bucks.

and what the hell are you looking at?

can the attitude you little dandy, i will fight you.

i will also have a collection of blue glass in my windows.

have you heard of this band, have i for that matter? anyway, girls were lining up to hug them after they were done. hahahahaa.

bought a necklace, tried to haggle down to ten from 12 bucks. they weren’t havin’ it. fine whatever good cause. then i learned it was made in uganda and not in fact aboriginal. the other side of the wood might be bone maybe, i have to look at the ticket i have for it.

lips still plump, no need for collagen yet.

why does that name gross me out so much. reminiscent of squishy. barf word. fully.

oh get over yourself do you think you’re better than me cos you’re a virgin, mary?

gay. one of these guys drinking a cup of coffee was in this pretentious weird white people coffeehouse we visited after supper.

legendary. you have to be a fin or speak finnish to work here. our waitress had a funny voice, well inflection mostly. at the end of each sentence her voice shot right up like that woman in office space on the phone in her cubicle hi thank you for calling initech please hold thaaank YOU. ryan says that’s how they talk.

i just had a cheeseburger cos i felt like a goddamn whale. stephy had the hoito burger. ryan had the saltfish (salmon).

blurry but pearl jam sat over there. some other big celebs have graced this place too. apparently they send anyone who’s anyone here.

so basically all the commie fins fled to canada and were bummed they couldn’t find a decent meal like home and for cheap, cos they’re cheapskates (ryan sez). so they started the hoito, which is a co-op. the end.

upstairs is a bar.

hoito gets their amazing bread from here.

guess who’s goin’ on a hunger strike this week?

the only redeeming feature of the pretentious coffeehouse.

unintentionally hilarious art, the guy was being serious about it, not ironic, therefore we got the giggles. if the names for each one weren’t tacked up it wouldn’t have come across so desperate, could easily show in a gallery along queen. ryan says they were rippin’ me off. oh and the artist had a TYPE-WRITTEN mission statement on a single piece of paper taped up by the milk sugar station. PRETENTIOUS blowhard. F.

full house?

oh whatever paul shaffer.

airport bar. there isn’t one after security so you have to make it quick.

global monies.

had a grand ole time but it’s great to be back. more tbag to come later, so so much more to share.

airplane jams.

look it’s me and terry. hi terry. very moving and humbling to visit this guy. you throw coins on the map of canada beneath him and try to land on your favourite province. mine landed on one of the great lakes and another on a bunch of nothing. i guess i was too humbled to aim properly.

hi guise i’m back. brb in a bit though with a long ass post k so bai for now. found these shirts at the TBag airport. it was a tough call between wolves and hunting dogs in marshes, moose, and other forest shit. fil says he shoulda got the one i chose for myself cos when he smoked weed once he thought he heard wolves howling. i tried it on in small to see how the sizing went (sometimes smalls are kinda big) then i fell in love with it and decided to be greedy FOR ONCE.

if you want to go through all of my tbay photos i made a set.

< < < < happy father’s day < < < < < <

made my amends and peace and apologies, relax. wadup madonna.

nicey nicey.

had a killer nap with damp hair and it gave me mountain hair. fil’s favourite.

weekend theme drink.


tres sad.

we climbed a mountain yesterday!


time to hit the tan hammock later guys. thicker fuller update comin’ soon.

oh here’s something skidly for you – i had a huge glob of mud on my leg from the hike which i noticed once we got to the truck and the only thing feasible to wipe it off with was a cigarette butt. HOT.

someone eyeing up ryan‘s truck while walking their dog with their own truck. so lazy. how hilarious would it be to watch your ride getting jacked from up top of a mountain. or your house even. oh there goes my laptop and stereo. wicked.