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started out in a summer rain

goin’ back to the future now, here’s some ish from the nxne opening party gala. pretty awesome when i walked in the door media list didn’t even bother tickin’ my name off and some rad chick stuffed a pile of drink tix in my hand (thanks ps!) and off we went.

off to one side of the berkeley church was a skull art installation. relief. ever get just showed up anxiety and need an activity to immediately immerse yourself in? yeah me too.

i liked this sleepy hollow tim burton one most i think.

there it is in flash.

another favourite.

blurry, this one went all out what is even going on i dunno sorry.

oh wait there we go.

uneven floorboards walking from skull to skull some stands wobbled if i’d knocked one over i’d just leave haha good party vroooooom.

blood fountain.

uhm what?

you are beautiful.



nice. i have an indiana jones craving now.

the lighting on some was magnificent.

cool story.

A+ you pass the course.

from the side.

amy liked this one a lot she told me later on. i divulged that i found it to be cliché, lazy, and stupid. pretentious too and cheesy. sorry to the artist. guess i have a love/hate with booze and drugs. if you shoved candy and lollipops into it, it would get my thumbs up. i was sad there weren’t any hello kitty themed skulls.

hands down awesome.

sick and not in the rad way. this one repulses me dunno why.

haha voodoo shaman. ok enough of this shit then i “mingled”.

fun times lookin’ down on a room with at least 100 people you know in it. what the hell is this a candlelight vigil booooooooring. kidding relax!

oh amy so darling. it was nice to have fresh blood at an “industry” party. also, i wish my last name was the same word as one of my favourite drinks.

spying on brosz7 thinking he’s too good for us look at him puttin’ on airs what a nancy.

standing by amy’s favourite skull it was making her antsy cos he couldn’t hear us shouting at him to take a photo of it. did that ever get done?

it was piss pouring rain i love that she wore such a breezy summer get-up.

bitchy girls. we were standing in a row surveying the crowd then some skeezy brave guy climbed all the way up the stairs just to chat us up. allison was the nicest to him, i was tolerant and cheeky, britt was a total cunt. ha. allison got a hug when he left so we knew who he came up for. i like that we have the blonde, brunette and redhead bases covered.

oh pete. i assure you that he is not wasted, just looks it. in the last archives post i did he came across a photo of this lighter amongst a slew of cottage lake trees fire breakfast shots and was all uhh one of these things is not like the other so i said you can have it if it’s still on my chachka shelf, and it was. he couldn’t believe it. i’m sure the wife will be happy.

i had no idea the downstairs of the berkeley was so labyrinthed out. it’s amazing.

who knew this room even existed. rock band was set up and a dj was in there playing jams (WAY TOO LOUD F-) plus another bar and thanks to all the playstations, rock band and loud dj the fuse kept blowing. pretty funny.

i did a 360 degree room sweep vid and spied KR from behind playing video games and really dug on her thin leather nazi suspenders, truth be told thought she was a hot guy the best dressed i had seen. figures it was a chick, guys can’t dress that right.

i’m pretty tall, hard to tell on the internet eh. i’m holding a deep fried rizoto ball for fil because i am a nice. the catering staff never believe you when you say oh can i get one for my boyfriend too or whoever, they assume you’re just gonna jam it in your maw. i passed the same one on my way out of there and i was still holding onto the greasy napkin containing the rizoto ball and i waved it at her. she didn’t care. fuck i should get some sort of medal yeah? it was a very white person triumphant moment in time.

oh look another bitchy moment in time. britt and allison fucked off for some show, fil was working, i kept forgetting amy and brosz7 were there cos they kept smoking so if you got a text from me that nite this is what i looked like OMG I CANNOT WAIT TO LEAVE TORONTO NAH NAH NAH wah wah wah hahahah.

i know for fact that guy took my picture from the main floor while i was up top therefore chin city (dude email me i know i gave you my card).

melissa auf der maur showed up!!!! by this point brosz7 was annihilated snapping pics of amy and whoever else in front of that background paper (what the hell do you call those anyway?) so i shoved them all away exclaiming important person on the scene fucking move (or something) fil got the shots she left then i said did you guys even know who that was? melissa auf der maur!? to blank stares. do you remember a band called HOLE!?!! brosz7 says oh i wasn’t aware. hahahahhahahaha pisstank. then we did some jager and i started to enjoy myself then we had to leave cos i had packing to do.

so so so completely over-packed ugh. not entirely my fault cos i knew the weather would change halfway through my trip so i had to account for multiple outfits for each time of day and climate and factor in my bipolar mick jagger costume changes. i like this photo cos fil’s ass is just about to crash land on the bed, he was likely setting the alarm.

packing snack. haha like the little blue freebie lube guy, it’s blueberry waffle flavoured. one nite i was like fil do you want a blueberry waffle bj? then i passed out immediately zzzzzzz hot. i was red tidin’ so it was the least i could offer. he didn’t understand that i was reffering to the lube he thought i was just cranked and already delerious sleep talking. burn on you fil. ps. see the cheese whiz spread out like so, this is what lead to my woman duties last nite.

my handsome pee pee.

right before crap attack of the decade happened so so so stupid yes i am.

15 thoughts on “started out in a summer rain

  1. Don’t worry about the skull you hated. Some drunky knocked it over and broke off all the needles and baby liquor bottles.

  2. john oh no that’s terrible! i feel really bad now aw.

    britt you always look like a fox, stop over-thinking everything and chill.

  3. i know all the security guards at the berkely church, i actually book them every weekend, thats part of my job haha anything from weddings to private parties

  4. I was right there with Amy when the skull got knocked over. Asshole bolted out of there while this woman came over to get it. To be fair though, those things were way to close together and the floor was wobbly as fuck when you walked near them. She even admitted that it was a bad idea placing them like that.

  5. I’ve also really enjoyed reading your posts (especially the recent trip ones, they were awesome). Thanks for all the hard work you put into it. I heard about you from the Weblog Awards.

  6. I got that same comment from “Maria” and my blog marked it as spam. Just sayin’. What do I know about the Internets? Those skulls are scary and beautiful.

  7. I just want to clarify that I do not smoke. I unfortunately got dragged by Bro7 to the smoke area every time he wanted to lite up. grrrrrrr Raymi.. please save me from the second hand smoke next time. thx

  8. Melissa auf der Maur is my favourite gal. That’s so cool.
    I’ve heard rumours she’s gonna tour with HOLE. I’d sooner die than miss that show. Also don’t forget she was in The Smashing Pumpkins too.

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