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everyone gets a star

not feeling this dress much til i spied a photo of a similar one on the internets and it gave me the idea to just hike it up over my tits in the front to kinda restyle it from its former potato sack-self. i feel like i am being smothered in it.

slept in today. was supposed to have my iud swap this morning but my menses has not arrived yet (scheduled appt too soon)(it’s easier to do it then cos the cervix is opened more?) so it will be postponed til that happens. last week when there for my swab (sick word) i overheard a girl screaming her guts out next door to my room it was horrifying and hasn’t left me since, that as well as recalling how totally painful the experience is i am relieved to have another day or so before having the procedure done. way too much TMI sorry. i want fil to come with me so he can witness the suffering for himself. i think all men should accompany their woman for at least one gyno appointment in their lifetime. fil said he’d be wanting to spectate from the perspective of the doctor. um no, you are there for support which entails holding my hand and watching me scream and cry, how is it to be a comfort when you are rubber-necking down there? anyway, so i slept in because at 5 i woke up with anxiety over having to call early enough to reschedule and didn’t sleep a wink til near 9. brutal.

goodbye books, have a nice life with your new owner.


final product. saved you from the up close macro fat pictures.

this batch by far above and beyond is way more baconier than the tbay one we made. insane.

butter chicken dinner.

this would be a good emoraymi thumbnail. i still plan to paint my face like the crow for a background design.

underwear flash unintentional, was trying to get my hands in my pockets but couldn’t find them and do you think fil would tell me my bottoms were showing? and no i am not this tanned in real life, the flash of my camera does it all the time. even when i’m down to barely a base tan i look like i just got back from cancun. not a bad feature as i know some people photoshop themselves to be more tanned in their pictures ha ha.

though i do have a pretty good tan right now.

cid is happy i am home.

we watched friday the 13th last nite, a remake. lots of tits lots of gore lots of bad dialogue and shitty acting. great summer scary film all the same. the ending will make you roll your eyes right out of your head.

15 thoughts on “everyone gets a star

  1. how do you photoshop yourself tan? tell me please so I can start doing it immediately and constantly. I thought that dress was a romper at first. cute!

  2. ughh gynos are the worst, dress looks cute, makeup looks nice, necklace pretty, dinner yummy, cntm tranq, art sell?

  3. painting was sold ages ago when i first posted it painted, dude just needed monies to come through first. at first when i read your comments i was like ginos, there are no ginos in this post ha.

  4. Just had my IUD put in but I had it put in alongside a surgery I was having so I got to be totally knocked out for it… Still SO painful afterwards and NOT looking forward to the day I have to get it taken out :( … there’s no going back now though

  5. i had to have my iud inserted twice in a row because the first time it came BACK OUT with the applicator. so not only was that the most painful thing i had ever experienced, but i got to do every single horrible step all over again within 2 minutes of the first one. i wanted to punch that doctor in the face but i was to in shock and pain to do anything but yell (yes i was that girl!!!). ughhhhhh. i am not looking forward to redoing this business in 3 years time. i will need to be knocked out.

  6. they can actually stay in for 5 years – according to the medical people. according to pharma it’s 3 cos they want more monies. so a happy medium is 4. that is a horrible story ugh sorry.

  7. not sure if i’ve ever commented before, but i read your blog all the time. basically i just wanted to say your legs look dynamite in this picture, i am ridiculously jealous.

  8. ya i thought it was 5 (or 8-10 with a copper one?) but my doctor said after 3 years the strings start to get brittle and may break when they try to yank it out of there. i do not want to know what happens when they break and they have to go fishing around in there for it! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  9. as painful as it is i choose it over the pill – you can more or less forget about it for over 3 years whereas pill is an everyday thing.

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