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so i just go down to do some laundry and this lady i’ve never seen before is down there with 3 machines going, i chirp hello in my regular breezy way, i give people 100% to start off with (an old teacher told my class this once, we all start with a clean slate and the rest of the year is up to us to keep it up, wicked profound eh) and everything they do wrong following the initial greeting is a strike against them. so i walk past the three washers and she huffs ACTUALLY huffs like an angry cat as if i had ruined the equilibrium of her laundry route from washer to dryer. strike one. then i exclaim it’s so hot. she goes well is it cool in your apartment? yes i say. what the fuck does that have to do with the hot laundry room i haven’t a clue. i ask is yours? thinking maybe her a/c is bunk. nope it’s fine. so not letting it go i say well i mean in here…and she cuts me off and says it is more important to keep people cool in their apartments. jesus fuck OK martyr of the old people brigade. yeah i chuckle and commence stuffing all my shit into a machine. she looks down at my stocked to the tits washer and exclaims in TEACHER VOICE that’s a lot of clothes are you suuure it will all get clean?


flabbergasted i said yeah i hear they work better the more full they are.


so steamed. YES i know how to fucking do laundry i don’t prescribe to the old world separate all colours from whites mentality, i have never ruined any clothes. no wait i have no idea what i’m doing please do my laundry for me don’t forget to fold it too. am i your fucking child? fuck off lady!

how dare you use that tone with me. that would be like pointing out someone’s food in line at the supermarket are you sure you want to buy that, it’s pretty fattening. totally rude and intrusive.

i am kicking myself for not giving more ‘tude. i’m in constant shock and awe at the snippy things biddies say to me in the fucking laundry room or anywhere else in this fucking building for that matter. regardless of how nice i am to them. if it’s passive aggression they want FINE then lets go.

ps. her 100% plummeted to 0%

i have some more annoying anecdotes regarding our weird neighbours and laundry sheets but that will have to wait for another time i want to focus all anger onto this new bitch for now.

i quote endquote play the game, you know, why the shit don’t other people get that? is it a fun thing being perceived as giant cunts? please explain.

ungh just went to put clothes in the dryer and she took my favourite one.

this is going to piss me off for at least a week.

24 thoughts on “NEW LAUNDRY NEMESIS!!!!!1

  1. they work better the more full they are!!!!!!!!! AHHAHA yes!

    everyone at work is completely wasting my time right now except for you. aarrrghghgh!

  2. ah ok. anyway yeah fuck that lady.
    same old miserable hens walk into my job everyday spewing negative energy all over the place. ugh what are you doing with your unbearable existence?? lighten the fuck up already.

  3. @taylor @raymi –> I laughed at the same thing: “i hear they work better the more full they are.”

    Awesomely counter intuitive to what i would have guessed, and a comment that I am sure rubbed her old wrinkly ass the wrong way..but hey- if that’s what the machines say, right?

    What an old bitch though, I try to be super polite too, but if she kept making remarks, I would find it hard to let go, i probably would have gotten more abrasive with her.

    Just ignore her Raymz…She’s a grumpy old bat, who is most likely alone, sad to be her.

  4. I often feel the same way when I go grocery shopping. I count to ten and pray that I am dead before my mind turns to mush.

  5. Seems like those old ladies are never gonna come around. Maybe if you go down looking like a bagged lady unbrushed hair and whatnot and start huffing and puffing about kids these days they will be nice-ish?

  6. Aw gees Raymi,

    Perhaps the giant cunt mistook part of the world revolving around Raymi as part of the giant cunt world revolving around herself. The giant cunt wanted all the driers to dry her three loads of clothes with and was resentful because you would be using one of the driers when your wash was done…Some giant cunts are just too cuntly, aren’t they? Wash my mouth out, I said dirty words.


  7. sounds like she was just makin conversation, some people suck at that but show the part where she’s concretely evil?

  8. Some older people feel that they have the right to point out whatever they want, and to stare, and in general do things that they themselves would have found rude when they were twenty years younger. I don’t think there’s much that can be done about it except to ignore their rudeness…easier said than done, I know.

  9. ryan I was the one trying to make conversation, she was all tone and bitterness. it’s woman youth hate. steph would’ve been able to tell. it had occurred to me that i might be over-reacting for the sake of story-telling here, but no, she corrected me, a stranger, to “make conversation”? AND she was in the wrong too. but hey some people enjoy being talked down to from mother types for no good reason.

  10. it sucks eh they take their fuckin age out on everyone else like it’s everyone else’s fault they left their best years where no one cared. bitter old people are a piss-off even when they don’t talk, just lookin at their wrinkle-scrunched little faces.

  11. regardless of age, i’m polite to everyone, and then it just so turns out the ones who snap back happen to be wicked old.

  12. i know it’s a really native american thing to respect your elders, to hear their wisdom and to hold them in high esteem but that was from a time when you lived the same life whether you were 10, 30 or 50 – so the elder WOULD be better at doing the same things, smarter and more adapted to them.

    nowadays you don’t even live the same life or do the same things as your parents nevermind your grandparents or theirs so they’re in many ways pointless and non-conducive and reduced to triviality. for example people want to use less water nowadays and their old advice is dated.

    sad but true and old people should get outta the way.

  13. also these days its like our elders cant learn how to do stuff or something? like there’s a cut off point. how come it took my dad 5 years to learn how to attach something in an email.

  14. Everyone in my building uses at least 3 washers at a time with like 5 items in each. WTF? They must have money coming out the ass or something because it’s $2.00 per washer. I stuff mine until it barely closes and I never have a problem getting it clean.

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