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don’t get mad get sad

poplars right? we had these in my backyard as a kid, so sweet hangin’ out drawing lewd cartoons with my friends getting snowed on in the hot sun. til the trees were cut down. that sucked.

it snows in summer in canada.

not as much as this though. crazy.

yuula and i go way back to when i was 19 and she was 20. had my first (legendary) mushroom experience with her one halloween party eve. we love this story.

fil how buzzed were you by this point? be honest.

one piece got in my drink when i took it back in for dinner and i was dumbfounded by however could a piece of cotton get in there. smrt.

can you imagine living in a school? can you imagine living in a studio in a school? can you imagine that school being filled with old white eccentric women like the wickerman and one gay nudist dude living there too with a few other dudes. can you imagine this on the island? well, imagine it.

some of yuula’s art revolves around stick fetishes.

also, if you google ‘yoko ono touch me‘ you will see yuula’s cast body parts. people think it’s yoko’s body, but it’s not. check her flickr.

sarah was working on a stop motion animation charcoal drawing and she is quite a talent.

the room we’re considering subletting is the kindergarden room, so spacious and it has a teeny toilet at kindergarden height. painted duck duck goose story circle on the floor, teacher’s desk room. so wicked.

no need to redecorate everything hangin’ up from the good old days is still hip.

plus hipster hippie art is spread throughout the building fuck why am i giving this sanctuary away?

you have to apply to get in and you have to actually work while there, you tell them your arty proposal and they mull over whether or not you suck. basically what i’m doing already is fine enough, painting, writing, being insane. check.

this could be your summer. island people are loving the ferry strike right about now. they’re very nosy about why you’re there.

went in for a dip, pure cold. got there too late the sun left the beach.


after the beach dale let us see his studio. fantastic.

one of his views.


freaks just melt my black heart.

not at all phased there are some cat fans on the scene.

fil is so blasted and he hid it well.

fil said the school living thing was very much like a hostel.

you are not allowed to see what’s inside. i dunno why though, it’s pretty funny and cute.

made a very nice pasta sausage veggie dinner with coconut milk and an indian spice i forget. it was brilliant.


yesterday’s hair day did not rule.

fil accused the girls of watering down their gin cos there were frozen bits. yuula said no it was just in a deep freeze for ages.

mmmm ok round 2 later on we’re goin’ up north today! right now! must shower!

guess who went to the island yesterday despite the ferry strike, that’s right, not you. it’s snowing cotton trees over there right now, so beautiful and whimsical and magical. we had a gay old time at yuula‘s. we’re thinking of subletting a studio for a month and a half over renting a b&b for a weekend on the island. what to do what to do.

be back in two hairs of a tit with more.

just got a recycling bin delivered by the super’s wife and she was very pumped by how pumped i was over it. cute moment.

one step closer to zeesy.

this will have to do for now.

RIP farrah <3

19 thoughts on “don’t get mad get sad

  1. I am allergic as fuck to that poplar fuzz. Cottonwood, too (which apparently is the same thing, I just found out, but Americans don’t use the word poplar, I guess?)

    Funny, we used to have a whole mess of poplars by my house in the sticks, but they never seemed to snow like that. Lucky for my nose. But I used to stick the catkins ( ) down my brother’s back and tell him they were caterpillars, because he’s a wuss.

  2. Heard about Faucet over the radio while working, all the older ladies were talking about how their bf’s and one gf had crushes on her heh. What a babe.

    Always love your out of the city photos.

  3. reading that stoned and listening to mexican radio in the background was so awesome! i am intrigued by this mystical arty school/aparment/studio thing. i would fake talent to get in there!

  4. That would be SOOOOOO amazing. I hope you guys decide to go so we get to live the whimsical island life vicariously. So lucky!

  5. “basically what i’m doing already is fine enough, painting, writing, being insane”…don’t forget AND LOOKING GORGEOUS!

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