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lets start off with my emo comics. emo was one of many themes for the tbag long weekend, thanks in part to raymisemo. these guys rolled with it. rye even penned his own emo character called emo emu.

then i ran out of emonergy and just tanned in the burning sun on the hammock. so nice.

my hair is sticking to my face tears from the wind too, not joking. i got a little sad. this is us on our way into the real Tbay to eat, see some sights and put me on the plane.

some creek rye and steph are gonna float around on tubes with beers. bastards.

listenin’ to the bob dylan sirius show. his voice is really funny.

awesome gas/lcbo/gift store. i was worried i wouldn’t make a wolf shirt shop in time so we stopped for me to browse this place. no dice. the building is covered in a wildlife mural the whole way ’round.

haha check the volleyball ones behind these to the left. when in rome i guess no?

love it.

i know my parents have/had one of those 7up bottles. plenty of antique junk adorned our home growing up, full on OCD about it. i can’t wait to have our own home so i can obsessively fill it up with knick knacks and vintage crap. i don’t understand how some people would want to live in a sterile modern minimalist surrounding. hi do you like hospital rooms too?

hey um do you guys sell food?


check that sky eh. brilliant.

whenever anyone “defies the odds” going above and beyond on top of a physical disability it makes me feel super duper lazy. like when those little people drive, or that one guy without arms drives steering with his feet!

bear-proof garbage cans are everywhere, they lock them at nite, some of them?

neil young lived here for awhile.

unintentionally pretentious. oh, strip clubs are called showbars in thunder bay. hahaha.

don’t they have these in some malls? i know erin mills town centre has/had one.

hair is finally drying can take it out of its braid now.

on friday nite we were hanging at the legion with a bunch of people, one of which was set to get blasted cos he was leavin’ for army training the next day in quebec so they kept givin’ us beer. anyway, we left with one and walked home like dazed and confused with it then ryan led us into a cop trap, and two pass us on foot. he chucked the beer onto someone’s lawn. he said the cops probably started kissing once they passed us, and hugging. hahahaa. yesterday was national aboriginal day, so the streets were closed to traffic for street jammin’ vendors dancing beer gardens and other crap.

a bar ryan likes. it was closed.

we did not hit that. we were in search of the finnish district to get food. (there’s lots of fins in t-bay cos the lay of it is exactly like home to them).

it is? i thought it was sad. aw i just remembered we forgot to go to the casino.

this is what you call a party with younger people.

almost bought one of these for fil then realised he wouldn’t give a shit.

my next collection obsession will be these vintage stuffed things fyi everybody.

i wanted the guy on the left, some sort of beaver rat deer, not sure, but it was 65 bucks.

and what the hell are you looking at?

can the attitude you little dandy, i will fight you.

i will also have a collection of blue glass in my windows.

have you heard of this band, have i for that matter? anyway, girls were lining up to hug them after they were done. hahahahaa.

bought a necklace, tried to haggle down to ten from 12 bucks. they weren’t havin’ it. fine whatever good cause. then i learned it was made in uganda and not in fact aboriginal. the other side of the wood might be bone maybe, i have to look at the ticket i have for it.

lips still plump, no need for collagen yet.

why does that name gross me out so much. reminiscent of squishy. barf word. fully.

oh get over yourself do you think you’re better than me cos you’re a virgin, mary?

gay. one of these guys drinking a cup of coffee was in this pretentious weird white people coffeehouse we visited after supper.

legendary. you have to be a fin or speak finnish to work here. our waitress had a funny voice, well inflection mostly. at the end of each sentence her voice shot right up like that woman in office space on the phone in her cubicle hi thank you for calling initech please hold thaaank YOU. ryan says that’s how they talk.

i just had a cheeseburger cos i felt like a goddamn whale. stephy had the hoito burger. ryan had the saltfish (salmon).

blurry but pearl jam sat over there. some other big celebs have graced this place too. apparently they send anyone who’s anyone here.

so basically all the commie fins fled to canada and were bummed they couldn’t find a decent meal like home and for cheap, cos they’re cheapskates (ryan sez). so they started the hoito, which is a co-op. the end.

upstairs is a bar.

hoito gets their amazing bread from here.

guess who’s goin’ on a hunger strike this week?

the only redeeming feature of the pretentious coffeehouse.

unintentionally hilarious art, the guy was being serious about it, not ironic, therefore we got the giggles. if the names for each one weren’t tacked up it wouldn’t have come across so desperate, could easily show in a gallery along queen. ryan says they were rippin’ me off. oh and the artist had a TYPE-WRITTEN mission statement on a single piece of paper taped up by the milk sugar station. PRETENTIOUS blowhard. F.

full house?

oh whatever paul shaffer.

airport bar. there isn’t one after security so you have to make it quick.

global monies.

had a grand ole time but it’s great to be back. more tbag to come later, so so much more to share.

airplane jams.

look it’s me and terry. hi terry. very moving and humbling to visit this guy. you throw coins on the map of canada beneath him and try to land on your favourite province. mine landed on one of the great lakes and another on a bunch of nothing. i guess i was too humbled to aim properly.

hi guise i’m back. brb in a bit though with a long ass post k so bai for now. found these shirts at the TBag airport. it was a tough call between wolves and hunting dogs in marshes, moose, and other forest shit. fil says he shoulda got the one i chose for myself cos when he smoked weed once he thought he heard wolves howling. i tried it on in small to see how the sizing went (sometimes smalls are kinda big) then i fell in love with it and decided to be greedy FOR ONCE.

if you want to go through all of my tbay photos i made a set.

35 thoughts on “T-Bayngin’

  1. it was a hard choosin’ – there was one of three hunting dogs sitting in a marsh lookin’ all gay and the shirt was beige. i coulda sold it for 200 bones to a hipster in the city haha.

  2. Ballin! Nothing says I was in the fucking country like a wolf shirt. Kind of reminds me of my brother Drew’s tattoo that I always privately laugh at.

  3. its true, Fins are tight. All dates with Ilkka commenced at the local ”half price if you pay cash’ Indian restaurant dive hole, with buckets on the tables to catch drips. And I paid my half. For 5 years.

  4. i don’t knwo if my brain is a little strange but that blow up man jumpy thing seems suggestive and creeps me out a little.

  5. The emo cartoons are hilarious.

    Also, you fucked up. Fil would have definitely cared if you got him a Rudy Migay hockey card.

    It’s Rudy Migay, for Christ’s sake.

  6. “i don’t understand how some people would want to live in a sterile modern minimalist surrounding”…I agree. Those people are boring! This post was hilarious!

  7. calico’s is like any fair-trade coffee, strong and good. they bake something new every day, populated by laptops and hippie-types, extensive choice rivals like..starbucks. new local art all the time.

    i’m more to robin’s donuts though it’s a local chain, predates teemu hortonen’s, same thing but better.

  8. oh fuck that’s what he meant sorry. ok that place would be like hmm, this place in toronto doesn’t even exist, thankfully we shunned every douchestablishment trying to be like this out i feel. somewhere new englandish, there. cable knit sweaters and dopey white people whining about the honey running out.

  9. i was just kiddin, you guys did help make it fun and i do love toronto enough to break a girl on outta there, anyway. loved the ..teal room and the concept of loud zeppelin, patio and paying for all your drinks at once.

    calico’s CAN be a little douchey and pretentious, but also, right next door from where we were.

  10. nk – never been show me a picture.

    you have to pay as you go for drinks in tbay cos they’re all wicked drunks? it’s called the green room.

  11. Yeah I live with my pal Charlotte now, it sort of rules. Ikea and I will remain good friends, no animosity to see here. Slight resentment on the Indian Restaurant front, however.

  12. Do it! Long time no guides. Lol @ ”no animosity to see here” swiftly followed by ”…most lackadaisical motherfucker on the entire planet.”

  13. That little dude in blue on the plate: my aunt totally had him in a huge painting AND in a little statue. He is everywhere.

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