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< < < < happy father’s day < < < < < <

made my amends and peace and apologies, relax. wadup madonna.

nicey nicey.

had a killer nap with damp hair and it gave me mountain hair. fil’s favourite.

weekend theme drink.


tres sad.

we climbed a mountain yesterday!


time to hit the tan hammock later guys. thicker fuller update comin’ soon.

oh here’s something skidly for you – i had a huge glob of mud on my leg from the hike which i noticed once we got to the truck and the only thing feasible to wipe it off with was a cigarette butt. HOT.

someone eyeing up ryan‘s truck while walking their dog with their own truck. so lazy. how hilarious would it be to watch your ride getting jacked from up top of a mountain. or your house even. oh there goes my laptop and stereo. wicked.

6 thoughts on “< < < < happy father’s day < < < < < <

  1. canada IS beautiful.

    hi sharpie so much fun, but i’m home now and it’s great to be back.

    yes krista i found us shirts at the airport, one for me and fil.

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