A beautiful day in the Raymbohood

Remember this? I covered all of my favourite Queen & King Street terrain to University and back again to show you what’s up in my world plus the girls covered their favourite naybe hang spots too. We smooshed it all together and voila: a professionally shot and edited video sponsored by Menkes (thanks guys!) that is how we roll. ENJOY!

Big-ups to my Camera girl Heather for her amazing camera and her skills also her assistant Crystal. It was fun filming, being filmed and producing my part in this. I want to lend a special thanks to Brassaii and Spin, they treated Raymi to the VIPLEASE treatment. I didn’t want to just ambush everyone so on the second day of shooting I DM’d Zanette ahead of time on a whim to see if she’d nibble (She does their pr) and while that coverage didn’t make the final cut I think HKD and I can do something with that footage, likewise the photos on the patio with Stella the dog who also makes her vlog debut in the Menkes video.

Fun fun super fun.

I’d love to get better at hosting, well, scrap that, I AM better now. Thank yew *takes bow*.

Stella and I went on an adventure together. Her first cab ride! I think? Also, I look like Eileen (my nana) huge time.

I had a drink here, no, two, and thank you so much Brassaii ILU. Then we had on the house tacos at Spin. I love Spin. LOVE. I took my mom Lois and Bech there afterward (after dinner at Habits) for ping pong so it was worth their while (it always is with bloggers) and next women’s tourny mom and I are def attending. We’re uber competitive.

This was the very beginnings of summer, okay spring. Now that we are in the throes of it this video helps me stop, reflect and appreciate it. I am a major sun worshiper. Is there a god? No. But there is a sun and that is enough for me. Shamon-RA! (Sun king chant that Heaven on BBUK sang out to the sun every time she was out in the yard haha she so cray).

It was a closed set shoot on the patio so Stella was allowed. We had a nice tour of the inside of Brassaii and learned about the history of that old-ayse building. So grand.

Stella loves her mummy.

I made papillon hair.

Divalicious. Now I’m like okay lets go do what we just did at Brassaii but at Spin. Remember when Susan Sarandon wouldn’t pose for a photo with me (a story that is now infamous and oft-repeated) at the opening gala? I really wish she did now, haha, but anyway life is funny and I keep going back so her Rocky Horror powers worked on me.

Intern stayed out with the dog while Heather and I had tacos and I played a Spin employee (kitchen guy or bus boy lol) in a round of ping pong. He was good, but so was I.

There she was justa walkin’ down the street!

Singing doo wa diddy diddy dum diddy do. Not to give in to “the man” or anything but I play for team Starbucks. I like Second Cup but there’s less of them to go around it feels.

Beer sample line-up. I didn’t imbibe, Brassaii hooked it up enough for me on that front ;).

Glad I wore these shorts and that they will be forever encapsulated in corporate film now that they are gone the way of the forgotten bag in a taxi cab. Can I get a count on how many times I’ve blog mentioned that to date? I’d say 3 times now. A super fan LR (Little Raymi)(or a Lauren Raymi haha) has gotta know.

Look how clothed everybody is also look how gorgeous this neighbourhood is in spring. I love running along King (or Queen) and checking out all the peeps, smiling and singing my way through them. Yesterday a guy ran backwards with me while I sang No Reply (practicing for a future Dr. Robert gig) and pretty much every single person I blazed by loved it. Gotta love a cray. I look forward for going for a jog or two in Aruba. You get to let your freak flag fly on vacays, hurray.

Angelo knows the owner of this place. They do grilled cheese sandwiches too. The mural in there is tres adorablah.

I love british culture, the awning here is reminiscent of little candy shops. I am into buildings and architecture, bricks, seriously. Why am I going here ahaha. Anyway, there’s a reason King st. is so populated with movers and shakers, yuppies, chic elites, revelers because it is a great stretch of playground and there is something for everyone. When I used to see an older man when I was twee I never forgot this bit of advice he told me about getting rich and it is to live and be around rich people, live amongst them, it rubs off on you. I didn’t really understand what that really meant at the time other than nursing a martini in Yorkville as slooooowly as I possibly could but now I get it. Start hitting up those joints because they’re more grown-up. I’m an adult now (but don’t tell my younger demographic brands please shhhhhh).

The one that got away. I see.

There’s your friend the CN Tower. I walked on it and don’t you ever forget it!

Cooler than Bueller. I was most proud of passing the breathalyzer test. HA.

Stella and I were pooped and my feet hurt. But we were satisfied with our hard work. Lets do it again sometime @menkesLife and welcome to the neighbourhood!

Stella rewarded herself with…

A nice crap! Doesn’t she look like a little reindeer? When we cuddle on the couch she looks like a kangaroo. If you can marry a dog I would marry her.

Then I got dressed like a gold digger and prepared for dinner. What an action packed day.

Nail party tomorrow night at Magic Pony!

Embrace the embrace

Yo that sh- is weak, LAST week. Just kidding it’s not weak, it’s just aged like a fine wine to perfection but truth be told It’s hard to focusalamagocus at the moment. I’ve extended my long weekend one more day, why not bro? I can internet from anywhere so I’m getting back to work in the kitchen overlooking a pool and it’s uber hard to concentrate when a big lagoon is staring at you from your peripheral vision and the skimmer is just aching for you to pick it up and meditate while skimming out adorablah little purple flowers and it still has not rained! Most brilliant weekend weather ever each new day of sunshine, a blessing. I seriously went back in time this weekend and it was a blast from the past.

But anyway enough about that lets talk about this! In part responsible for why I am so ty-ty still this week, or was. On Thursday I combed the rest of King street west, ate and drank and filmed it, then I went out with the gals and ate and drank the rest of the night away, it was a great week spilling in to long weekend and well here I am now clicking over three hundred spam comments from my blog and catching up on email. I never really take weekends off including email, and it all piles up. I can recall late night facebook correspondences with this brand or that, offering this or that but wanting THIS and why are you sending this late on a Sunday when tomorrow is a holiday, well not in America but we are on Canadian time now and acknowledge all important statutory holidaze especially when they involve drinking and explosions, duh. Your pitch is in peril of dying in a black hole of forget when nocturnal emails get sent, the best is if it’s a tail end one sandwiched between drunk texts from friends and random cray blog fans. If you received an I’ll get back to you on this from me or let me think about it you should probably email me again tomorrow or in a few days and say what’s up? (ps. check that chick’s dance move back there).

Habits certainly turned it out for us like I knew they would and for the rest of the night my mom repeated “how amazing that meal was.” Thank you for being the perfect backdrop for our belated mother’s day girls night + mom meeting Bechnique for the first time. She asked me about her this weekend, the same questions (mom has a repetition memory problem) with the, yes, same answer. No change. yes she still lives near me, yes I like her, yes “she is good for me” and of course Bech stuck up for my mom when I lost my patience a couple (hundred thousand) times like they’re besties now. Fine. Ps. don’t I look like a nice little girl in this get-up. Double ps. why is my mom red?

Mum had the steak special. We all had a piece. That’s truffle butter ah gad ah gad ah gaaaaaaad yes.

Exactly. I find myself pulling similar goofy faces I’ve seen in my parent’s photo-albums of their friends and themselves partying back then. The nut does not fall far from the tree.

Charcuteraymi. I honestly will eat anything if it’s presented like so on a charcuterie board, pickled fish lips, fermented parking lot garbage, bear testicle pate. Food is so futuristic and ridiculous right now the sky’s the limit, it’s hip to be disgusting. However this charcuterie borders on normal high-end fare. No monkey eyes today folks.

When you’re done taking in my lovely essence you’ll note from right to left, we have the wild boar apricot (yum, tried that one the week before) some foie gras, then a bunch of meats and mustard. It was hard to pay attention being one of four cray ladies but trust me they have good meats, Luis is portuguese. Those are the rules.

Thank god for a pretty mum. Something to aspire to and compete with.

Oh hi! I let Bech have that necklace, cruise jewelery and black beads aren’t my thing. It looks great on you though.

Who eats grilled calamari and octopus. Rebecca.

And sardines with roasted tomato balsamic relish (deadly delicious!) it’s smokey and sumptuous, everyone loved it.

My friend the carpaccio and I, sweet sigh. Next time I am getting this for myself. I’ve sung the praises of other carpaccios before even finding one to be unrivaled until I met this one. Yes those are crisp onions.

Muppet Raymi.

Gluten free personal app for Rebecca the diva who will die if she eats bread or wheat. guac and chips. I was jealous.

Jeremy said he’d never been called eye candy before. Own it bro! We all had secret crushes but were well behaved. The drunker mom got she was like, where is that guy bahaha.

Now that I’m out of team platinum Tracey gets all my hair doodads for blond chicks. She wore this braid headband (from Sephora) on the boat this weekend, looked cute with the braid on her dress. Quite gladiator looking.

Another dress from Lois. Michelle saw me trying on the mint one and was like, what are you doing? Mother’s Day presents.

My arms are more toned than they look here, it’s also the cut of the sleeves so looks like I’m doing triceps like a motherfuh- tonight. Photoshoot tomorrow morning.

For my business cards. Yes I have business cards. Yes I have a business. Idiot. Thank you Lois for glitzing and glamming me up. The black shirt you picked out looks adorable with shorts I wore it to the variety store yesterday. Must be worn with a bikini top though. It opens completely in the back, no tie or button clasp at all, va va voom.

That’s me opening it. I should curl my hair more often eh.

Bech liked this picture haha.

Ooh what’s this. Okay yes I gather we all know now.

Blogging is so indulgent, I get to re-experience things all over again when I blob. Thanks be to blob. Lois was looking dynamite this night, we all did. My mom said her personal trainer saw our pics in his feed and didn’t realize they were of her he said oh I saw pictures of some young chicks at the same restaurant as you and she goes D- that WAS US. Lolz.

The Habits caesar comes with a shrimp maybe that’s why she had two of them but no horseraddish which is a cryin’ shame if you ask me (thank you for asking).

I found those other glasses of mine with the pink side frames, I likey.

Do I look tired?

Do not ask questions if you can’t handle the truth which was a lie anyway because I do not look tired it’s just proof that she doesn’t listen to me. EVAR.

Little miss scarf a lot. Wrap it again bro.

Lois had the salmon. mmmmm. She loved it. She has a restaurant too so she knows good when when she eats it and poses with it. my mom’s photo of this is nicer, she makes the colours pop more me I am lazy and don’t edit my photos.

Octopus! I had a bite too, very yum.

I had the caesar and it was delectable and rich with a brioche crusted egg, pancetta, regianno cheese, red wine vinegar & roasted garlic dressing. If the dressing is right it makes the whole salad and this caesar dressing killed it. Sometimes when I do weird diet restrictions I will only live off caesar salads so I make a point to road test one everywhere I go for the day when I have to pack in my foodie pants and go on a low cal diet of some sort.

The mac and cheese I shall tell you again, is magnificent. This is what you bring out to a thing like Brickworks to show off your menu. Let Lois take the rest to go. This mac consists of woodland mushrooms, smoked bacon, black truffle, asiago and parmesan cheeses. It’s super gooey and creamy, exactly what you want. I don’t normally eat pasta but if there’s a sharesies on the table, I do. Break your food rules sometimes to balance out all that restricting.

Being the VIPLEASE table we got to try this interesting concoction of a beverage, can you guess what it is? I can’t! It was for mom she likes to Carrie Bradshaw it when out on the town, her and her cosmos oh my.

Is this a booze drink or a dessert I forget. I was feeling eater’s guilt so I held off the desserts and let the ladies sabotage their diets on their own lol.

Okay this is when it gets a little cray, I’m using my mom’s pics and mine. Here we are walking to Lois’ car.

Here it takes four people to figure out the parking machine. Four tipsy people. Rebecca is helping most obviously. That parking garage on King by Spadina is a godsend.

This is what Rebecca looks like in pictures. Lois nailed it.


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12 tasty pics volume 2.

Last night was the tits. Yesterday was incredible, I ate and drank all of King west, went up to Habits for more then back down again. Party machine. So naturally, I’m calling it quits early for today as it’s coming upon tan o’clock. It’s been a crazy non-stop 2 weeks and now it’s long weekend hurrah! I’ll check in later. Keep it sleazy.

12 tasty pics vol. 1

Shit for the bon vivant

don’t worry I bought new stockings, changed when I got there. Legend.

Half past six or so we took a cab to spin toronto. I didn’t want to go, but he said Susan Sarandon would be there so I did and I threw on ol purple. Which won in the polls. I’ll take goldy out tomorrow for a spin at the Thompson party. I only wear sparkle dresses to the Thompson now. I ran into Susan again in the Thomson lobby a couple hours later, after talking about her with my dinner crew, she flicked her eyes at me, made me feel like shit! Then we made it a thing for the rest of the night. It sucks because I love that woman but anyway you can’t win ‘em all Lebowski but you can certainly die blogging about it, I mean trying. Trying is for losers though, I just do.

The weather was shit. snp said I looked like a witch (and “that’s awesome.”) when she walked in to the party, Katherine Keener was standing to my left gushing to Susan about her new hot spot (co-owner) as Teacher and I were ducking out. It was supposedly a compliment. She’s gone as Cruella for Halloween, we both play villains.

That society prop of a purse is a Kate Spade. Britt said it was ugly. Stew got it for me from her official film fest party at Harbord Room. Everyone knows emerald and purple go together, also, auburn. Susan wore a green emerald city mayoress jacket, I was on to her about that much as she was on to me for my outlandish dress.

Argo guys over there to the left. We made friends with them later based on a self-imposed dare (I was proving a point to two nice chicks we be-friended) of throwing ping pong balls at them. The older I get the more I regress, they’re just lucky we weren’t in an actual playground. Actually, that’s pretty much what all bars and drinking establishments are nothing but kissing tag in disguise.

We got polluted. The drinks were great, very foodie cocktaily? What’s the word I’m searching for? Shit for the bon vivant.

Candied bacon. My cholesterol must be ridiculous.

Is it just me or is everyone hotter lately?

Jessica said I knew Raymi back before she was famous. I said HEY I was famous back then too! ha. But it’s true me and this girl got mad stories, back in Heather and Eric days and I was seeing the Spaniard. Mod club, Tequila lounge at Bathurst and Bloor, lots of bands. I saw Gogol Bordello there. Euros are crazy at shows, the co-singer babe chick wore a raccoon tail hat and military stuff. A.R.E. Weapons, Peaches, Ladytron, MC Paul Barman, you name it I saw it at 19. No wonder I went insane at 19.

Like Lisa, she is hotter too and her hair is longer and she’s thinner. We are in a competition now. I will show you a picture that Lisa took of my tits in San Diego now that I “stopped caring”.

Blogher lol. We all make mistakes, right ScarJo? Now that was a party. I made Lisa drag me out before I came on to a drag king. You “found” me Lisa. ps. if you want an actual review of spin toronto her post is up.

I like to keep ma face hues Geordie Shore. Wot uv it ma?

Can’t! Blackberry went to shit. Got my new phone and my contacts are all gone, so I have to make time to go back to my old phone and blaaaaaaaaah :(. Well I can tweet but I don’t have your numbers so email me or text me your name and i’ll add to contacts thanks! I lost all my sexting partners baha.

That little Lady Gaga was playing like a professional madwoman with an adorable older man, assumedly her dad, they were the same little height, fun to watch.

This is the back room. Picnic benches line the middle.

I recognize some faces.

Really love the bunker feel and the sharp stark utility metal bottle shelves. Classy bomb shelter, can get to the bar from either side and hide from people.

Even though Lisa is asian I was better. Ha no, equal. We worked up a sweat. Fun.

Dress up ping pong, keep it fabulous ladies. What have we learned from ANTM? Model sweats like a ball gown and a ball gown like sweats.

Jessica was going to Barbados the next morning. Jealicious!

Keeping the flow going when the cameras would come around and see how much I sparkle? How could you not zero in on that? Christine said she saw me on ctv and city pulse highlights. SEND ME screenshots if poss.

I never got to play when we went to the spin TO party at burroughes building cos of all the hipster hoggers. It really was an amazing party. Considering I was not in the mood at all to totally shamelessly enjoyed myself, that’s gear.

To my right (your left) that little alcove where you can check your coats, is where Teacher first spotted Judd Nelson. !!! O_O! What? Seriously? I spread it to 40 people.

Faaabulos time dahlings mmmyes.

Almost went through this, so fast. People were slamming balls down 4 at a time. Mental!

I keeps it game show.

This side room was very boys club. Fun clusters of bromance.

Whomever did the PR for this jam should give themselves a pat on the back, packed all night, with billions of notables, fashion elites, it-people, you name it.

She works for msn. HI!

Ping pong chick vs. Judd Nelson. I felt like I was hallucinating.

And why is he dressed like he forgot it was civvies day? Teacher went out for smokes with him and they became friends. You know how you can tell someone your life story in the time it takes for a smoke? Oh man! It’s all my stupid dress’ fault.

Whatever man, I am stealth incarnate.

Whatever, the chick in the purple? Hated me. Ping pong model/athlete? Her too. WTF right? It’s my dress it announces me and I don’t get a fighting chance. We’ll see how gold goes over tomorrow.

Look how much he is sweating. His hand is on me too. I could retire now.

My mom said what she would have said to Susan had she had the chance oh shit here we go…

She’d have commended her for leaving Tim Robbins and to not be embarrassed like Demi Moore right now. Uh but Tim is like infinity and leads prisoners in a drama class and does good plus their age gap is like way smaller than Ashton’s and Demi’s and it’s Demi’s fault anyway for copying Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake in the cougar race.

She’s like why didn’t you tell her that? My mom asked. Because that is wicked TMI and personal and you think I don’t have a filter, friends, have you met Tracey?

All I did was try too hard to make her like me and gave her my business card, she denied me a photo meanwhile my new best friends the Argonauts whom I played ping pong with show me their cell phones with like slide after slide after slide of Susan posing with them for photos!! HAhahaha.

And this is the story about how Susan Sarandon hates me. That’s her there. Breathtaking! And oh whatever guy you’re standing beside Judd Nelson and Susan Sarandon I’m trapped in the doorway (it was dumping rain out still, trying to get my umbrella in order), Katherine f-ing Keener is broadcasting IN TO MY EAR over to Susan, “Hey you’ve got a really popular club here…” wait is that Judd’s son? My friend said it’s cos she didn’t want to look old beside me, Stevie Nicks does the same thing to chick fans. AWW!

And then as another coincidence (after running IN to Susan Sarandon again in the Lobby of the Thomson) our friend has this up in his office, he has come in to possession of it by way of the W. Dear Susan please don’t ban me from your ping pong bar, I loved you in Step mom and I told you that I admired you for protesting and shit, Also I’m friends with a hippie musician you and Tim adore that had you known I’m sure you’d have posed in a photo with me. Kthxbye.

Now hold hands with her.

Some of these are out of order I thought this post was just about done ughhhhh.

Time to get a new camera.

Ok is this Katherine Keener? She had the same voice and she hit me with a ping pong ball and then gushed apology to me twice at two separate party intervals and I was still in party shy mode so I never really looked her in the face but now I am wondering…

First time wearing hoop earrings ever in my life. I am 28 years old. I was kidnapped by a cult and lived in the mountains for many years is why I dunno I’m a tom boy.

This is when KK look-a-like pinged me and I pretended it really hurt. Hit my shin.

I’m so glad I have reconnected with this chick.

Buhhh. K Happy Sunday!