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12 tasty pics volume 2.

Last night was the tits. Yesterday was incredible, I ate and drank all of King west, went up to Habits for more then back down again. Party machine. So naturally, I’m calling it quits early for today as it’s coming upon tan o’clock. It’s been a crazy non-stop 2 weeks and now it’s long weekend hurrah! I’ll check in later. Keep it sleazy.

12 tasty pics vol. 1

14 thoughts on “12 tasty pics volume 2.

  1. Thanks so much to Habits Gastropub
    The Food was delicious, the atmosphere very relaxing
    Love it love it love it!

    Can’t wait to try it again!

  2. nipple shot on 1. Is it cold in this establishment? your friend is sporting the most layers of scarf i have ever seen.

  3. Binky binky bo binky, banana fanna fo finky. Pee pie poe pinky. Its a binky! You really shouldnt be angry when u decide to take a nap bechnique. Is that appellation pronounced in the same manner as technique except with a t instead of a b?

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for a few yrs now, and I just wanted to say- you get more gorgeous with age. You pull off anything you try- dark, blonde, red, and your many outfits. You’re an inspiration in confidence and keep doing your thing.

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