Embrace the embrace

Yo that sh- is weak, LAST week. Just kidding it’s not weak, it’s just aged like a fine wine to perfection but truth be told It’s hard to focusalamagocus at the moment. I’ve extended my long weekend one more day, why not bro? I can internet from anywhere so I’m getting back to work in the kitchen overlooking a pool and it’s uber hard to concentrate when a big lagoon is staring at you from your peripheral vision and the skimmer is just aching for you to pick it up and meditate while skimming out adorablah little purple flowers and it still has not rained! Most brilliant weekend weather ever each new day of sunshine, a blessing. I seriously went back in time this weekend and it was a blast from the past.

But anyway enough about that lets talk about this! In part responsible for why I am so ty-ty still this week, or was. On Thursday I combed the rest of King street west, ate and drank and filmed it, then I went out with the gals and ate and drank the rest of the night away, it was a great week spilling in to long weekend and well here I am now clicking over three hundred spam comments from my blog and catching up on email. I never really take weekends off including email, and it all piles up. I can recall late night facebook correspondences with this brand or that, offering this or that but wanting THIS and why are you sending this late on a Sunday when tomorrow is a holiday, well not in America but we are on Canadian time now and acknowledge all important statutory holidaze especially when they involve drinking and explosions, duh. Your pitch is in peril of dying in a black hole of forget when nocturnal emails get sent, the best is if it’s a tail end one sandwiched between drunk texts from friends and random cray blog fans. If you received an I’ll get back to you on this from me or let me think about it you should probably email me again tomorrow or in a few days and say what’s up? (ps. check that chick’s dance move back there).

Habits certainly turned it out for us like I knew they would and for the rest of the night my mom repeated “how amazing that meal was.” Thank you for being the perfect backdrop for our belated mother’s day girls night + mom meeting Bechnique for the first time. She asked me about her this weekend, the same questions (mom has a repetition memory problem) with the, yes, same answer. No change. yes she still lives near me, yes I like her, yes “she is good for me” and of course Bech stuck up for my mom when I lost my patience a couple (hundred thousand) times like they’re besties now. Fine. Ps. don’t I look like a nice little girl in this get-up. Double ps. why is my mom red?

Mum had the steak special. We all had a piece. That’s truffle butter ah gad ah gad ah gaaaaaaad yes.

Exactly. I find myself pulling similar goofy faces I’ve seen in my parent’s photo-albums of their friends and themselves partying back then. The nut does not fall far from the tree.

Charcuteraymi. I honestly will eat anything if it’s presented like so on a charcuterie board, pickled fish lips, fermented parking lot garbage, bear testicle pate. Food is so futuristic and ridiculous right now the sky’s the limit, it’s hip to be disgusting. However this charcuterie borders on normal high-end fare. No monkey eyes today folks.

When you’re done taking in my lovely essence you’ll note from right to left, we have the wild boar apricot (yum, tried that one the week before) some foie gras, then a bunch of meats and mustard. It was hard to pay attention being one of four cray ladies but trust me they have good meats, Luis is portuguese. Those are the rules.

Thank god for a pretty mum. Something to aspire to and compete with.

Oh hi! I let Bech have that necklace, cruise jewelery and black beads aren’t my thing. It looks great on you though.

Who eats grilled calamari and octopus. Rebecca.

And sardines with roasted tomato balsamic relish (deadly delicious!) it’s smokey and sumptuous, everyone loved it.

My friend the carpaccio and I, sweet sigh. Next time I am getting this for myself. I’ve sung the praises of other carpaccios before even finding one to be unrivaled until I met this one. Yes those are crisp onions.

Muppet Raymi.

Gluten free personal app for Rebecca the diva who will die if she eats bread or wheat. guac and chips. I was jealous.

Jeremy said he’d never been called eye candy before. Own it bro! We all had secret crushes but were well behaved. The drunker mom got she was like, where is that guy bahaha.

Now that I’m out of team platinum Tracey gets all my hair doodads for blond chicks. She wore this braid headband (from Sephora) on the boat this weekend, looked cute with the braid on her dress. Quite gladiator looking.

Another dress from Lois. Michelle saw me trying on the mint one and was like, what are you doing? Mother’s Day presents.

My arms are more toned than they look here, it’s also the cut of the sleeves so looks like I’m doing triceps like a motherfuh- tonight. Photoshoot tomorrow morning.

For my business cards. Yes I have business cards. Yes I have a business. Idiot. Thank you Lois for glitzing and glamming me up. The black shirt you picked out looks adorable with shorts I wore it to the variety store yesterday. Must be worn with a bikini top though. It opens completely in the back, no tie or button clasp at all, va va voom.

That’s me opening it. I should curl my hair more often eh.

Bech liked this picture haha.

Ooh what’s this. Okay yes I gather we all know now.

Blogging is so indulgent, I get to re-experience things all over again when I blob. Thanks be to blob. Lois was looking dynamite this night, we all did. My mom said her personal trainer saw our pics in his feed and didn’t realize they were of her he said oh I saw pictures of some young chicks at the same restaurant as you and she goes D- that WAS US. Lolz.

The Habits caesar comes with a shrimp maybe that’s why she had two of them but no horseraddish which is a cryin’ shame if you ask me (thank you for asking).

I found those other glasses of mine with the pink side frames, I likey.

Do I look tired?

Do not ask questions if you can’t handle the truth which was a lie anyway because I do not look tired it’s just proof that she doesn’t listen to me. EVAR.

Little miss scarf a lot. Wrap it again bro.

Lois had the salmon. mmmmm. She loved it. She has a restaurant too so she knows good when when she eats it and poses with it. my mom’s photo of this is nicer, she makes the colours pop more me I am lazy and don’t edit my photos.

Octopus! I had a bite too, very yum.

I had the caesar and it was delectable and rich with a brioche crusted egg, pancetta, regianno cheese, red wine vinegar & roasted garlic dressing. If the dressing is right it makes the whole salad and this caesar dressing killed it. Sometimes when I do weird diet restrictions I will only live off caesar salads so I make a point to road test one everywhere I go for the day when I have to pack in my foodie pants and go on a low cal diet of some sort.

The mac and cheese I shall tell you again, is magnificent. This is what you bring out to a thing like Brickworks to show off your menu. Let Lois take the rest to go. This mac consists of woodland mushrooms, smoked bacon, black truffle, asiago and parmesan cheeses. It’s super gooey and creamy, exactly what you want. I don’t normally eat pasta but if there’s a sharesies on the table, I do. Break your food rules sometimes to balance out all that restricting.

Being the VIPLEASE table we got to try this interesting concoction of a beverage, can you guess what it is? I can’t! It was for mom she likes to Carrie Bradshaw it when out on the town, her and her cosmos oh my.

Is this a booze drink or a dessert I forget. I was feeling eater’s guilt so I held off the desserts and let the ladies sabotage their diets on their own lol.

Okay this is when it gets a little cray, I’m using my mom’s pics and mine. Here we are walking to Lois’ car.

Here it takes four people to figure out the parking machine. Four tipsy people. Rebecca is helping most obviously. That parking garage on King by Spadina is a godsend.

This is what Rebecca looks like in pictures. Lois nailed it.


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12 tasty pics volume 2.

Last night was the tits. Yesterday was incredible, I ate and drank all of King west, went up to Habits for more then back down again. Party machine. So naturally, I’m calling it quits early for today as it’s coming upon tan o’clock. It’s been a crazy non-stop 2 weeks and now it’s long weekend hurrah! I’ll check in later. Keep it sleazy.

12 tasty pics vol. 1

Why not make it a Habit


Yesterday Baby BooBooDooDoo (that’s me) took Teach to Habits Gastropub for a VIPLEASE good ol time. It’s amazing how much just simply “having plans” after chores and errands can change your entire mood and help you get through an Ikea line-up. I was giddy once this impulsive plan came to fruition. Happy ME Monday ruled.

Hope you’ve eaten cos it’s going to get tasty. Hope you’re not thirsty cos it’s gonna get dranky.

I LOVE TO BLOG necklace from Jenn cos I stood on the CN Tower with her and I think she’s buttering me up to babysit her triplets someday haha more like other way around. I thought it would be a funny photo addition, this necklace.

Guess how many drinks boozy mc boozersons had off the martini and cocktail menu (plus a few others heheh). Well between the two of us I mean. I’ll have to come back to reference this card I am sure.

As well the chalkboard. Foodieatathon posts are like school, all this paying attention and remembering (I have good recall BTW) or my readers will ask questions about my report, “Is that duck?” “Is that herring.” “Was it poached?” Lol shut up and just enjoy it keener, it’s about the ride too bro which sometimes if you’re cray fungry can be an icy crabby silent waiting period. Not for me though, I love a pre-cuisine cocktail (BLOGIOUSLY) it compliments the feast splendidly so, makes you ravenous and helps you eat more if you unfortunately became full too quickly. Take time to dine and everything will be just fine. #lifestyletip.

The layout of Habits sold me immediately. It’s like a shotgun house, long and lean but not claustrophobically narrow it’s still very expansive and inviting to move further in to the restaurant with a patio out front that is twice the size with the front doors open lending an inside/outside high-end roadhouse quality that I LOVE. If a resto can remind me of a fantasy place I’ve only experienced in of mind before I will make it a regular spot to haunt. Plus their BRUNCH menu is ballin’ Alyssa went over it with me and pointed out things I could not finish on my own and rotating daily Frittata mmm. I didn’t ask what a frittata was, I think I know but with this foodie thing I just nod and pretend and pick it up as I go.

Frittata – an egg-based dish similar to an omelette or quiche, enriched with additional ingredients such as meats, cheeses, vegetables or pasta. It may be flavored with herbs. YOU HAD ME AT MEATS AND CHEESES.

See how much colour I got this weekend? Tanned in two days and I’m still a bit burny and of course a white shirt will always make it pop.

That’s Ben (foreground) the sous chef (call him Beignet Ben) and Luis (back there) is owner and cook of Habits, what a team they are I love seeing the camaraderie of the servers staff owners blabbity blah, total family right there and no bad vibes period.

I had a caipirinha which is wild blueberry-infused Cachaça, fresh squeezed lime topped with soda. I love this drink, very refreshing but has a boozey flavour kick. Teacher ordered one of the Martinis, a Canadian Kiss: It has a lychee in it + vanilla infused vodka, Canadian rye, peach schnapps, jasmine syrup and grenadine. They infuse their own spirits too btw!

At some points you can’t tell if I’m wearing my napkin or not I started to treat the shirt as if it were a napkin, bad idea. I came out unscathed by spills miraculously.

Ahh yeah cha cha cha Cachaça blahaha. Am I drunk still? No, no hangover at all! I did a lot of situps and tricep extensions when we got home so needless to say I am sore today from that.

The eat and drink myself to death chronicles of Toronto continue. (drink responsibly friends).

Fried oysters. Never had them before and while eating one “fried oysters” became FRIED! OYSTERS! the taste blew me away because they’re breaded with breadcrumbs in a moroccan-style preserved lemon aioli and those little slimy bastards suck it right up I did not expect that crispy delicious crisp I almost ate Alyssa’s thinking it was for me too because, well, I’m me. I knew a lot more was in store for me so, FINE, here.

Photographing the merchandise makes it taste sweeter too, one should take in their food with the eyes as well I say. Presentation is key in foodie world I think it would be obnoxious and rude to just swipe at a plate of piled gorgeousness and stuff it in your mouth before all the foodie geeks got a chance to take a picture for their blogs LOL. I’ll stick that hidden camera pranking in my bonnet for a future stunt. Should be keeping it to myself really but who even reads this little-o thing anyway? (hint: everyone).

Jeremy, our handsome writer/server’s sleeve was just aching to be commented on, which, I did and now you gals know where to go for some eye dining candy (you’re welcome). Just wait til my mom and godmother get their hands on him next week oh brother.

Charcuteraymi time! Feat foie gras (meat butter ah gad straight to my heart) better yet read it yourself in a more fun way so I can get a transcribin’ break.

We shared some foie gras with Jeremy who did not even hesitate when I offered it to him. Some servers would say no but I liked that he said yes, it’s more real and less formal or uptight when everyone is on the same level and all food champions (pigs). I get uncomfortable if a server turns down my offer of a french fry and then I obsess about it all night long and feel rejected. Just eat the bloody french fry okay!

I liked the stuff beside the boar the best, also I loved the boar, but the sausage sopresata has the oily strong flavour, I like spicy salamis because they remind me of Streetsville and all the pork chops and Italian kids I grew up with and as it turns out Luis is portuguese and he is such a sweet guy very nice I know Lois will have a nice chat with him (she runs her own restaurant too) and she’s Italian, oh what a cute little clash in the makings of Lois & Luis j/k they’re both sweethearts, it will be a peach of a time anyway back to meats, all the euro kids had meat sandwiches at school and would gladly trade them up for my peanut butter mungacakey lunches by third recess when we were starving again, what is that mortadella pass it up Jackie Calisto! Yo Cabral, give me an egg custard tart and I’ll do your religion questions for you.

That’s the foie gras. I AM SO FAT.

Classic Raymi. That’s what it tastes like.

Spicy tomato mussels. YUM. Demolished and polished them off pretty quickly. Loved the tomato chunks and big mussels bloated from the broth, lots of steamy big mouthfuls blowing and taking in air to cope with the heat. I am a happening when I eat oh for sure things are definitely happening it is inherited greed from competing with my brother at the dinner table for the best portions. If his bacon looked better than mine or my kraft dinner was cheesier looking there would be whining until everything was equal. Siblings are hilarious this is getting me angry right now just writing about it I can’t wait to rip on my brother this weekend. :)

I love mustard seeds this much! I never used to like mustard before. See how people can change? I do not respect stubborn or finicky eaters who won’t try new things or eat only one thing always, it’s representative of how regimented they are in other life areas too. Man I can get offended by anything if you let me.

Jeremiah and Raymiliah.

Teacher got a lot of sun too this w/e and in half the time, he’s more ginger than I am.

You’ll note my aristocratic roots from my automatic pinky raising that sh- is real son.

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