Raymi the moocher

Sprinklin’ the world with love a heart sprinkles.

Dancin’ with the world…

Hi George!

Blowin’ kisses to the world. You know, just another day.

Shawn Hawaii is my homeboy. He bought me last year. Par-tay-Har-tay!

Shan you’re amazing thank you for helping me back in to my dress.

Hot times indeed.

Thank you Julio for the snaps. Okay fine I will put up the money shot one. In the future turn around while looking down. They totally wanna pop off I was twirlin’ them like cray. The girls in the bathroom loved watching me decide which pair of pasties to wear. That was a fun long party rock star night excellent!

Thank you bye bye! This one (above) makes my childhood teenage (chick) girl babysitter/family friend/mom’s friend want to convert. I don’t know how to feel about that. Superstar? I likes ta keep it NYC as much as can be. What can I say. Lots!

HAw ha Raymi the moocher yes we all get it. HARLEM RENAISSANCE. Look it up.

Back to The Rum Diary now.

Can’t recall if this is Max or Cab Calloway’s version halp!

Am I eating this pizza or is it eating me?

I was amused by my Santa Claus likeness here.

Loving this set. Wearing it for a dance.

Confronted by these Simply You jewels upon arrival in our VIPLEASE section. I love my new necklaces and whatever else I threw in to my purse. Kidding! Reg got away with the earrings I chose.

Love a heart lovelies.

Harsh eyebag there White. Not much sleep this week plus eating garbage and whatever you guys think I look like shit, mehhhhh. This is what hurt feelings does, tires me right out.

Please no more burlesque oh whatever Stella you love it.

Photo bomb. Didn’t get many pictures in this dress I hope I don’t look stupid in the ones Kate was taking.

One of my props from last night, might have to buy another one. Well I want to get bigger ones, any tips?

Love BD. Big open quiet space (with music but it can never penetrate my thoughts) good for thinking. My routine hair appts are a god send and guess what, my next visit I’ll be going darker. You can all sigh a huge collective sigh of relief now. Don’t ask me about it yet I am too busy with other things to waste more time talking about it. Keeping blond but doing some multi-tonal roots things I don’t know how to explain it but it’s Shawna’s fault aahha.

I’ll go back and forth about it every day until it happens of course. My hair just needs more life. I love it don’t get me wrong but, it just seems to offend people too much when it’s pure platinum, people can’t get the fuck over it. We’re going to make it look even better.

It’s going to be difficult saying bye to this though.

Maddie missed her flight to South America so she got her hair done, small world BD is also her salon and I indirectly got them a client for the day. See I am good for something. We hung out two nights prior and I was like hey dooods this is a continuation of the party haha. Those pics will also be featured in this post that is taking me a long time to write because your hero had a big night last night (what else is new?) actually I stay in more than I go out which is probably why I go on like an escaped zoo animal wild and great decision making! UPDATE: I will have to blog the rest later I have to get a move on to the recording studio. I’m a hip hop singer now! HAHAHAHA.

The amount of pics I took in this shirt has made it so I can’t wear it again for a long time. I wish there was a 365 outfits club that you can get rid of things and get new things in their stead so that my shirt can get spread around then comes back to me? This idea sucks nevermind I think women are hoarders of their clothing collections. THAT’S MY SCARF I INVENTED THAT SCARF! Business idea failure.

It was fun meeting Kat at starbucks and doing this in the line up area as no other places were available but we weren’t in line we were using the line up bar as, a bar? Everyone kept lining up behind Katrina and it was infuriating trying to have a conversation with 400 yuppies clearing their throats and repeating, “we aren’t in line.” Seriously LOOK at what is in my hand, it’s a tea, why would I be in line again, facing the opposite direction and having a conversation ugggggh.

Smooth legs day!

Smooth move Strombo day too!

Just when you think you’ve had enough of someone, they have a twin! Kidding, Michael is awesome and so is his brother and I kept hallucinating one for the other as the night grew long and then I had to interrupt life and comment on it.

Please Come to this or “you are dead to me” “We are through” “I will pay you back in some secret bitchy way I haven’t decided yet” “I will never help you with your event/product/link/whatever” thanks. Ron will be wearing a top hat A TOP HAT, PEOPLE! Jamba juice samples, heart shaped shasha cookies, and a magic pony prize to give away to the best romantical dressed person!

I will never stop being Asian. NEVER!

Jules all sorts of awesome.

Raymi everyone looks retarded here in their own special way!

Rebecca I love that scratch in the mirror that look like a horn mustache.

Raymi and you are singing in a little boy choir too rebecca

hilarious! I was just about to say that…seriously, I can’t stop laughing!

do you like priests

Rebecca no, they like me

Jules bahahaha, you guys are cracking me up

Raymi crack is whack!

Raymi jules is our new baby girl. then when im forty she can take care of me like grey gardens.

Rebecca I love that you are wearing your little red knit bonnet tied in a bow around you neck Raymi.

Raymi im glad i didnt lose it last night. i have so many goodies in my huge bag. im also glad everyone who liked this pic is in another thread and not this one hahaha

I always get a cute tone finish that washes out after two shampoos.

Lois got me this shirt. I point to the model and say look guys I’m a model now and EVERYBODY FALLS FOR IT HOW STUPID! I come clean don’t worry. Notice how everyone is platinum now? Yeah sorry for that ahaha.

So blurry. Yes all life moments ruined by blackberry blur filter THANKS FOR NOTHING.

Nice hat there friend pillow.

Bad take out sush. I never learn. I was suffering for my art (the size 2 dress). To be continued. RAYMBOTAINMENT BYE BYE!

ice white lightning

Because who knows if I will ever marry, right? No one wears white cos no one trusts themselves or has confidence. Well I do and I do. Plus the dress insurance confidence ha ha.

But I don’t want to keep talking about it and jinx it in to happening. I am a minx not a jinx, yes we get it no red wine or anyone touching you period. The dress itself will act as a force field from others. I almost power-slammed a chick not too long ago for clamping her grubby hands on the back of my hair touching and fondling it eugh. It was brief. It was not the sort of place to say my hair is more expensive than your life, so I didn’t. Rob Lowe said that to Chris Farley in Tommy Boy and then he died so I guess what we learn from this is don’t fuck with people’s shit.

Casie is the breast in that dress.



Here it is posing with suggestive fruit!

Those look like wedding bands. You can marry it too speaking of marriage!

NAME & EMAIL Simple. Cheers!

Don’t forget to rsvp to Valentine Vamps FEB 11 I can’t invite everyone on Facebook because I don’t know half of who would or wouldn’t go and blindly clicking over 2000 people is tedious but I randomly chose lots and I am certain left out the wrong people. This is why I need a Little Raymi helper monkey. Anywhoo, it’s two Saturdays from now so I got some dancing to do. (flyer will be changed soon with updated information!) Magic Pony is giving me a prize bag to give away now. Toys, Cabaret, Comedy! I am so generous. I know, it’s me, it’s just me this is how I do ;).


Heaven and Hell

I am Bjork’s yin. Platinum Bjork. I’d love to be in a video of hers. HUGE fan. I knew this was my dress from just loading the website before we even got there. These are emu feathers by the way.

This is quite a high-end dress. There is a thing called dress insurance thank god for that.

Shannon said we were heaven and hell. Finally I get to be the good girl.

Being dressed is awesome. Considering I’ll have to buy some outfits for Valentine Vamps.

She has better ones tell her to hurry up and get me them.

We are both size 2s. After this weekend we will see if that will still be the case lol. Hibernating!

I only tried on two dresses. I was fast.

I’m so blown away by it haha.


So small may as well be a tie.

I could have tried on everything but I knew the white was the one. Dream dress.

And all the dates are sponsored too, tickets to leafs game, $150 on dinner at a nice joint. I don’t care take me to the moon.

Shankell is wicked.

You fill that out very well babe. I wanted this one, didn’t try it on cos blabbity blah WHITE DRESS. But this pink one is SO Raymi right. When did I ever start talking like this ew.

This was really a lot of fun.

We get to try them on in these tents, so fun. I made bird calls to get their attention to help zip/unzip me. I am funny. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Someone was having difficulty raffling his girlfriend off and I was having just about enough of it lol seen here. We made up at Mildred’s Temple, got polluted, fought again, then I went out aaaall night long ah heheh. We are cool now don’t worry, can you imagine dating me? I get it. It was Bechnique’s actual birthday and you are a crappy friend if you bail on that stuff.

I am about to lose my cool here.

Go have a time out in the wino section thank you very much RFR! That’s my dress on the flyer there. I can barely bend over in it please don’t make me pick up a pencil or tie your shoe. Pfft as if, people tie MY shoes.

Dude where is unit 35?

Some of these as well of course.

OK sit ups and jersey shore time bye bye almost through winter.