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Heaven and Hell

I am Bjork’s yin. Platinum Bjork. I’d love to be in a video of hers. HUGE fan. I knew this was my dress from just loading the website before we even got there. These are emu feathers by the way.

This is quite a high-end dress. There is a thing called dress insurance thank god for that.

Shannon said we were heaven and hell. Finally I get to be the good girl.

Being dressed is awesome. Considering I’ll have to buy some outfits for Valentine Vamps.

She has better ones tell her to hurry up and get me them.

We are both size 2s. After this weekend we will see if that will still be the case lol. Hibernating!

I only tried on two dresses. I was fast.

I’m so blown away by it haha.


So small may as well be a tie.

I could have tried on everything but I knew the white was the one. Dream dress.

And all the dates are sponsored too, tickets to leafs game, $150 on dinner at a nice joint. I don’t care take me to the moon.

Shankell is wicked.

You fill that out very well babe. I wanted this one, didn’t try it on cos blabbity blah WHITE DRESS. But this pink one is SO Raymi right. When did I ever start talking like this ew.

This was really a lot of fun.

We get to try them on in these tents, so fun. I made bird calls to get their attention to help zip/unzip me. I am funny. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Someone was having difficulty raffling his girlfriend off and I was having just about enough of it lol seen here. We made up at Mildred’s Temple, got polluted, fought again, then I went out aaaall night long ah heheh. We are cool now don’t worry, can you imagine dating me? I get it. It was Bechnique’s actual birthday and you are a crappy friend if you bail on that stuff.

I am about to lose my cool here.

Go have a time out in the wino section thank you very much RFR! That’s my dress on the flyer there. I can barely bend over in it please don’t make me pick up a pencil or tie your shoe. Pfft as if, people tie MY shoes.

Dude where is unit 35?

Some of these as well of course.

OK sit ups and jersey shore time bye bye almost through winter.

10 thoughts on “Heaven and Hell

  1. Lovely dress. It’s going to be a magnet for spills tough! Be careful. I can’t wear anything white because inevitably I always end up spilling something on it. Murphy’s law I guess.

  2. OmfGAWD.
    Been looking for a style to wear for the reception part of my wedding.

    Don’t have your legggs, but ehh, I’ll still rock that bitch…who’s the designer & where can I see it?

    I really Like the pics on this post more than ones I’ve seen, very classy, and timeless…

    Hey, just curious, do you ever think you’ll go back to black? (Haha) but really…ever wanna be a brunette again?

  3. Whoever invented that tent is a genius. Like, what if you’re in the wilderness and you need somewhere to change? That tent is vertical and amazing. Which is more than I can say for myself right now.

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