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Raymi the moocher

Sprinklin’ the world with love a heart sprinkles.

Dancin’ with the world…

Hi George!

Blowin’ kisses to the world. You know, just another day.

Shawn Hawaii is my homeboy. He bought me last year. Par-tay-Har-tay!

Shan you’re amazing thank you for helping me back in to my dress.

Hot times indeed.

Thank you Julio for the snaps. Okay fine I will put up the money shot one. In the future turn around while looking down. They totally wanna pop off I was twirlin’ them like cray. The girls in the bathroom loved watching me decide which pair of pasties to wear. That was a fun long party rock star night excellent!

Thank you bye bye! This one (above) makes my childhood teenage (chick) girl babysitter/family friend/mom’s friend want to convert. I don’t know how to feel about that. Superstar? I likes ta keep it NYC as much as can be. What can I say. Lots!

HAw ha Raymi the moocher yes we all get it. HARLEM RENAISSANCE. Look it up.

Back to The Rum Diary now.

Can’t recall if this is Max or Cab Calloway’s version halp!

3 thoughts on “Raymi the moocher

  1. do you get to keep the dress? sorry i am tipsy and catching up i realize i am maybe commenting too much. i also realize that you don’t have a comment subscription thingy where you can subscribe to a post you comment on. whenever i comment i never know if you comment back bc i’m too lazy to come back a day or two later to check.

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