we went to oakville this afternoon, fil had a dentist appointment i killed time at second cup had a coffee and a humous wrap i miss oakville i love it especially when it is covered in snow it reminds me of living in maine except ten times more beautiful, i would like to buy a home there maybe one day or one in wychwood. we drove past my dad’s/grandma’s house and there is a zoning sign on the lawn it is only a matter of time until it is bulldozed and turned into a modern monster home. everytime we go to oakville i make fil drive by and then i get really sad.

then we stopped over at martin’s for some beers and catch up he bought a historical house and he is flipping it, it’s really sweet. his girlfriend’s dog and cat are adorable. martin gave fil a bunch of old beers that he’s had for a couple years for some reason fil is into drinking ancient beer he said you get an extra drunk-high from them i didn’t really understand that anyway i am sipping one now and it is gross.

on the highway we got stopped behind this huge rig that wiped out and was facing backwards i don’t think anyone was hurt it’s a minfuck to be on the highway and see a backwards truck in front of you.

ok leaf game bye

so we went to bayview village to that source store that is closing forever and there weren’t any digital cameras THANKS FOR THE TIP. ha. then we went to henry’s and i ordered a new battery for my pentax, seeing the newer ones with 8 megapixels that are even smaller than my pentax and its whopping 3.34 megapixels i felt, lame, obsolete. anyway i will just use it until the newest pentax comes out. fil was looking at the digital SLRs or whatever i can’t believe my pentax three years ago was $900 fuck.

fil’s camera that i broke is beyond repair he took it apart again and the pieces are all over the bathroom.

LISTEN TO THIS VOICEMAIL!! when answering machine messages go bad

here are a list of nationalities that i am not but people have once asked if i am in no particular order:


basically every one that ends with an ian.

phew i was tired of holding that in.

so we didn’t go to fil’s work party because “i was sick”

more like i couldn’t find my shimmer bronze powder that cid smacked away somewhere and i felt like fil wasn’t helping enough to find it so we got in a fight and i went to eat sashimi by myself and read my howard hughes book then came home watched the game and snl and went to bed the end. that sashimi was incredible and there were four other girls all sitting by themselves at the restaurant too, funny.

cid owes me six dollars i need that bronze powder to not look like a fucking ghost cos when a flash hits me i am just lips and nostrils not cool.

we are going to go get a camera today.

fil did however find the headband i bought over the summer so now i am lips and a headband.

how much does hair weigh specifically my hair? 1 pound, 2 maybe? i need to know.

who gives a shit about the oscars tonite? i don’t but i will watch them anyway.

this morning fil and i laid in bed looking at the ceiling then i said


to which fil went mmmmmmmmmmmm and said


then did a disgusting lip smacking mmm mouth watering noise then said


then i said




then we talked about mcdonald’s for ten minutes until we couldn’t take it anymore and i nuked some microwave butter chickens, i only ate my chicken and gave fil my rice adding it to his butter chicken and it looked ridiculous how much food it actually was. they’re the president’s choice light menu things totally low in fat totally delicious.

tonite is fil’s work xmas party, they have it in february cos i dunno people go away i am excited cos my hair is longer this year and i am not a heffer. last year i saw a couple escort looking chicks in long cheesy game show spangly gowns i hope they are there today. i am not allowed to give out my blog address or tell any personal stories about fil no problem you’d think people would be tired of fil stories by now i will regale them with how lazy and ignorant i am. oh when fil says we have to leave then that means we have to leave. last year i cried at the table cos he wouldn’t dance with me but also cos all these old couples were cutting a rug and i was sad cos i never have boyfriends who dance. i was also pretty cut. i’m going to dress like a total teenager, fil doesn’t care.

the show was great last nite, but short. fil was swooning non-stop like a nerdy teenage girl EMBARRASSING but cute. it was good to see johnny he was looking good though his shoulder was busted. then we met samir sharpie stefan and angie at the paddock and hung there til they kicked us out around 2 then all came back here for obnoxious guitar hero party, the entire condo smelled like samir’s onion meat pita and i kept being noise control nazi, the neighbour’s have never complained about the noise to us and i feel like it is only a matter of time and i don’t want to be the one to talk to them at three in the morning wasted with four other people over, anyway it was good times. stefan thinks cid is bigger than bizo (samir’s cat) i dunno bizo is fatter but cid is longer if that makes sense. too bad it was sharpie’s last nite out sigh. everyone was WASTERSSSSSSSSS it was good.

i hated not having a camera i felt anxious obligation all nite long like i always do when i’m out i have to capture everything and i would go to do that and then remember, oh right. stefan made fun of my computer and made me feel poor he couldn’t believe the pices of shit i work with, it is missing 6 buttons and it is ancient it may as well have a trackball. samir said hank and mike is a big deal movie and was impressed i had something to do with it go me.

what else about me oh yeah everyone told me i looked great and glowy and amazing and something else it was a good me three minutes probably the highlight of the nite.

oh i also had infinity beers last nite but two of them were lights.

hypnotized, fleetwood mac

old picture i prolly used already

and now for some important information

we are going to see sparklehorse tonite a band fil has a huge boner for, long ago before i knew about fil the fossil i use to buy Q magazine and one time i got a free cd and on it was a sparklehorse song it was when i was in grade seven and yes i was an advanced cool youth anyway tonite will be interesting to see a band that i was into independently of fil it feels like i formed them despite fil obviously being way more into them than i am he has all their cds and when they are on i say WHO IS THIS?! everytime. i know one song and i can’t even tell you the name of it and i have known it since however old i was in grade seven.

me: ok please consider my suggestions
u can get a small thing of vodka and get cran juice

Phil: ok bye

me: ok bye
oh get a lime too

Phil: ill try

me: ha
cos a lime is so hard

shitty and mesmerizing