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the show was great last nite, but short. fil was swooning non-stop like a nerdy teenage girl EMBARRASSING but cute. it was good to see johnny he was looking good though his shoulder was busted. then we met samir sharpie stefan and angie at the paddock and hung there til they kicked us out around 2 then all came back here for obnoxious guitar hero party, the entire condo smelled like samir’s onion meat pita and i kept being noise control nazi, the neighbour’s have never complained about the noise to us and i feel like it is only a matter of time and i don’t want to be the one to talk to them at three in the morning wasted with four other people over, anyway it was good times. stefan thinks cid is bigger than bizo (samir’s cat) i dunno bizo is fatter but cid is longer if that makes sense. too bad it was sharpie’s last nite out sigh. everyone was WASTERSSSSSSSSS it was good.

i hated not having a camera i felt anxious obligation all nite long like i always do when i’m out i have to capture everything and i would go to do that and then remember, oh right. stefan made fun of my computer and made me feel poor he couldn’t believe the pices of shit i work with, it is missing 6 buttons and it is ancient it may as well have a trackball. samir said hank and mike is a big deal movie and was impressed i had something to do with it go me.

what else about me oh yeah everyone told me i looked great and glowy and amazing and something else it was a good me three minutes probably the highlight of the nite.

oh i also had infinity beers last nite but two of them were lights.

hypnotized, fleetwood mac

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